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Friday, June 09, 2006

avoiding the plame

plame panel live blogging part seven:


remember kids i'm a blogger not a secretary this is all paraphrase, not ver batim.

joe wilson still has great faith in our democracy and its institutions. he knew those who exposed his wife were violating laws, and a process kicked in a process that in in place to protect the great document of our country (constitution) and when pat fitzgerald was named, it reinforced that officials are dedicated to make sure this country remains a country of laws and the rule of law will be implemented.

murray: an appearance before a grand jury does not mean an idictment, and idictment does not imply guilt. the story is not covered well, then suddenly the washington post has a gyration, where a guy says a friend says he might be indicted, and speculatin reigns supreme, and if blogger did that, the washpost would be all over them.

what we saw in iran contra and we're seeing again here is the executive (prez) has vast authority under the constitution to get away with crimes (bush sr. pardoned everybody in iran contra). sure there's that power, but there's also freedom of the press, and did the press cover that? the washpo applauded bush sr. for that.

in this case, what's interesting is there has not been any major columnist that has covered the pardon issue. not a single news organ covered when the dems asked bush to not close down the process with pardons (murray also chides blogtopia (ywctp) for not doing a good job covering that either.

christy interjects, mary matalain's holding a $500 a plate fundraiser for scooter libby this weekend if anybody wants to go (big laugh).

murray: he doesn't think repubbbs will contribute to bail us all out of the las vegas jail.

david boyle points out that the lowest kind of school yard bully is the kind that beats up on girls. but should plame run for office, or wilson?

joe says neither valerie nor him have plans other than returning to private lives.

emptywheel: there is one journalist whom she trusts on this story and he's sitting here (waas). so she thinks that christy and jane and herself are very very skeptical on anything coming from "sources." so be skeptical.

k, kids, i'm wrapping up the plame panel here, will blog more later.
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