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Friday, June 09, 2006

ask doctor science

hi kids, skippy the bush kangaroo here, live blogging from the science and why we need it panel at ykos.

right now gen. wesley clark is speaking about how cool science is. he was in eighth grade when sputnik was launched, so that dates him. and i'm pretty sure there's lots of girls here who would like to date him. hell, there's plenty of guys from the gay&lesibian caucus that would like to date him too.

darksyde from dkos is moderating the panel, which includes a couple other science bloggers i never heard of, but most importantly, for my money, also dr. pz meyers of pharyngula fame. i got a chance to talk with him a bit before the panel, where i also met maha of mahablog and majikthise of majikthise, who are rooming together. maha is, she admits, of another generation than majikthise, so maha gladly lets majikthise do all the heavey lifting. they are both fine ladies, and pz is charming.

oh oh, gen. clark's talk has just turned dark, warning us that science is in danger from today's climate, and he doesn't mean the hot stuff al gore is making movies about. science teachers all across the nation are keeping silent on matters of fact, out of fear of reprisal from the fundamentalists. yikes! scary stuff for the first thing in the morning.

this "crisis" between science and religion is a manufactured crisis, the general says. manufactured by those in charge to keep their power. ok, this is hard to blog as he speaks, because it's worse than taking dictation, and i stopped doing that when i quit temp jobs years ago.

will blog later.

(update: one of the bloggers i never heard of is not a blogger, but rather chris mooney, the author of the republican war on science. he makes a good point that science is a good thing for business, so repubbbs really ought to enjoy it. he also points out tom bethell's book, "the politically incorect guide to science, had an original jakcket blurb that said "liberals have hijacked science for long enough, now it's our turn." he also points out that the christian right's "experts" on abortion are all men, and have mustaches.

(talking about repubbb's approach to science, he also says that it's easier to spin the media than to correct errors put out there, and it's easier to just make shit up. he also says there is no scientific controversy over either evolution or global warming, and the journalists have to stop the he said/she said we're clueless approach to journalism. in conclusion, he says that misleading the public about science is a political act.)

one more update: pz meyers: humanity is this huge delicious petri dish for the micro organisms of the world. re: pandemics, there’s more religiosity in government today, with less “can do” and more “let us pray.”

addendum: linkmeister correctly points out that chris mooney is indeed a blogger. thanks, linkmeister!
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