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Monday, June 12, 2006

all's fair in love and warner

our good friend dave johnson, whom skippy was lucky enough to meet and talk with at yearlykos, has an interesting take over at seeing the forest on gov. mark warner's "stratosphere for the blogosphere" party (note to gov. warner: it should have been "stratopia for blogtopia") last friday in vegas:

so upon reflection, i think governor warner has pulled off a brilliant maneuver all the way around. by making himself important to the blogs, and at the same time increasing the importance of the blogs to the national political process, he is making himself a front-runner. at the same time, by increasing the credibility of the blogs now, he is strengthening their power and effectiveness as a channel for use by the eventual nominee.
we'd have to agree with dave that it was a smooth marketing move on the governor's part...for a few thousand bucks, he positioned himself, if not as a top presidential contender in the minds of blogtopia (y!wctp!), then at least he's the guy who sprung for drinks, and that puts him in good with bloggers, who tend to be poor and drunk anyway.

one of the best parts of yearlykos, according to skippy, was the ability to finally meet so many of our long-distance friends, and put a face to the name, and a name to the pseudonym.

skippy is looking forward to ykos2007, and maybe then he'll let the editors of this blog go, too!

addendum: emptywheel blogs about warner's party, and remember our liveblogging of the gov's stump speech the next day at the conference.
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