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Saturday, June 10, 2006

absolutely nuthin but net neutrality

adam green of moveon.org moderates,

the save the internet campaign. net neutrality means that people on their computers can view the smallest blog as easily as they can the biggest corporate website.

now big communications companies, at&t, verizon, bell south, want to essentially put toll booths up on the net. you pay to have sites open more quickly.

canada has none. telis (the phone company of canada) was in a labor dispute, and shut down access to every web site favorable to the workers.

these telecommunications companies have been showering congress with attention. but a funny thing happened a couple of months ago. savetheinternet.com started. diverse groups like moveon and christian coalition, craig of the list, all joined the coalition, because we all agreed the net needs to remain neutral. we're on the verge of a million people.

google, ebay, amazon are on our side. the internet is fighting back to save itself. now is the time, because its before congress now.

tim karg from free press, nancy scola, antoine royce, on the panel.

adam says call your senator today and tell them to vote for net neutrality!

tim: we're facing down "hands off the internet" and "freedom works" which present themselves as grassroots orgs, but are really pr flacks, lobbyists and lawyers for the big companies.

two things: first the internet is the most democratic medium in the history of all media.

caveat, there are still vast swaths of population without access.

secondly, the internet is democratic because it's end-to-end. the internet was designed with no gatekeepers. it's based on a layered end-to-end model with no central control (inventor of the internet said that, no not al gore, but i didn't get the guy's name).

consumers take it for granted that every application and website are treated equally because it's always been that way. title 2 of the communications act provides for non-discrimination of information.

the problem is that these rules are about to change in the communications language moving through congress.

the communications company want to get into video over broadband, and turn the internet into a cable tv model.

communications companies think tanks poured billions into washington to convince congres that net neutrality is bad for business and for consumers.

matt stoller is instrumental in getting blogs interested in this.

nancy: the work being done is giving the folks on the hill confidence to stand up for this. we all make fun of bush when he talks about the internets but it's true, it's thousands of networks all together.

when i think about neutrality i think about china and arabia and cuba where its censored and cracked down. the fear is the internet will be broken down into little feudal internets with lords and keepers.

net neutrality fits into broader issues of digital rights and censorship and data brokering.

we tend to, in dc, think about all these issues as telecomm issues. but online community needs to reframe it. is it information policy, internt freedoms? something different than telecomm issues.

we can think about either becoming decision makers or communicating better with the decision makers.

antoine: some of the context around net neutrality. he runs a research dept at an it firm.
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