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Friday, June 30, 2006

the sun's going down

Oil Rig Silouetted ..
Originally uploaded by Danarah.
on mexico's oil bonanza....and the u.s. had better take notice.

from sfgate:

...like much of mexico's giant oil production apparatus, this area, known as the bellota oil field, is in an apparently unstoppable decline. at current extraction rates, the nation has only 10 years of proven oil reserves remaining. and as mexico prepares to vote in sunday's presidential election, the leading candidates disagree bitterly about what, if anything, can be done to halt the impending collapse of the industry that forms the backbone of the national economy.

...because mexico is the second-largest source of u.s. oil imports, the outcome of this struggle will have a huge effect on u.s. energy security in the coming decades. oil income accounts for more than 40 percent of the mexican federal government's annual revenues, so the decline of oil output could leave the country's next president with a nightmarish budget crisis.
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say hello

to pooponpolitics.
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classic skippy from the vaults of blogtopia*

[ed. note: we use the term "classic" in the sense that tv land and soft rock stations do...it's a re-run of old stuff, but we want to use nicer sounding adjectives]

while working on the post below, we find glenn greenwald waxing resignedly about the complete lack of support by most major lefty organizations for his excellent new book, how would a patriot act?:

the nation has published an interesting article by jennifer nix regarding how books can be used to force ideas and arguments into our national political dialogue, and it uses how would a patriot act? as its model. jennifer notes that the book succeeded even though it "has received very little mainstream coverage" [despite remaining on the new york times' best seller list for 4 weeks (and counting), not a single newspaper or magazine has reviewed it] and, more surprisingly, it "has not received help from the big membership groups." despite being the only book focused on the bush administration's abuses of executive power, moveon, for instance, has explicitly refused -- in response to numerous requests -- even to mention the book to its readership or promote it in any way.

many on the left seem to have some sort of instinctive aversion to promoting products which are for sale or ventures which generate profit, as though such activities are impure or even wrong.
upon reading this, we immediately thought "well, moveon has no problem promoting products for sale to generate profit...especially if it's their own."

our minds wandered back (with the help of the search feature on blogger) to the day two years ago when we received an email from moveon...which prompted us to write this editorial: note to moveon: you can't spell "progressive" without "e-g-o":

we got an email from moveon.org today promoting their new book moveon’s 50 ways to love your country: how to find your political voice and become a catalyst for change...

but our complaint with the email was the heading, and the thrust of the missive: take the moveon book to #1.

the gang at moveon asked us to order the book from amazon, so it could move up the best seller list, from the current (as of this afternoon) #2 spot all the way to #1!

our problem with that was, at the time we received the email, the #1 book was richard clarke's against all enemies.

it seemed to us at the time (and still seems to us, even though, indeed, the moveon book is now #1) that there was a tiny bit of hubris at work here. begging people to make moveon's tome #1, thus pushing clarke's book out of the top spot, would only be for bragging rights. and what good is bragging that you're better than another person on your own team?...

we're all on the same side here. perhaps this is a molehill of badly worded press releases that has spurred us on to pulling out our mountain-scaling gear. but still, we were bothered by moveon's insistance that we buy their book so they could displace the most important witness to the 911 commission, if not the most important voice of dissent in the past three years.

ok, if it was sean hannity or bill o'reilly's book, we would have pulled the credit card out immediately. but now, we have to be candid, the next time a moveon email graces our inbox asking us for more money, we'll take it with a grain of salt, and wonder if there isn't some other, less egotistical, progressive website that could use our cash.

let's not eat our own. let's be happy that there are a plethora of leftist voices now being heard. let's not insist that our voice be the loudest. you don't see us going to everyone's blog, begging for hits so we can displace the kos, do you?
ok, we admit that our policy has changed since we wrote that last sentence, and we do go to everyone's blog begging for hits, but not necessarily to displace kos (but duncan...watch your back!), however, we think the sentiments we expressed back then are appropos to glenn's situation today.

if the lefty organs can't all chip in and help each other, irrespective of personal gain or profit to our own individual causes, then there is no way we will get our messages out to the country. success is not a zero sum game, and the rising tide lifts all boats, and first they laugh at you, till the fat lady sings. ok, our metaphors broke down there at the end, but you get the idea.

the more books glenn sells, the more people will absorb the ideas of the progressive movement that glenn is writing about. and the more people aborbing those ideas, the more people who will want to buy more good books, like the ones moveon promotes.

success for glenn is success for us all.

*yes! we coined that phrase!
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from the "from your mouth to god's ears" department

knight ridder states the obivous...well, it would be obvious if we weren't all living in bizarro world...supreme court ruling may ripple through other bush policies:

the supreme court's ruling thursday that the bush administration can't use ad hoc military commissions to try suspected terrorists may have sweeping implications for other aspects of president bush's war on terror.

the court's decision has ignited a fierce debate about its full impact among lawyers, legal scholars, administration officials and members of congress.

some believe that the opinion could challenge the administration's claim the national security agency is the right to eavesdrop without court approval on americans who are suspected of having ties to al-qaida or other terrorist groups.

the high court's embrace of a central provision of the geneva conventions on war could also bolster challenges to u.s. interrogation techniques and the use of secret prisons to detain suspected terrorists. it also could help detainees who are being held without charges, lawyers or trials contest their situations, experts said.

"at this point, almost everything that could be affected by the decision is going to come to a screeching halt," said neal sonnett, the chair of the american bar association's task force on enemy combatants, referring to the treatment of detainees.
we have to say that no one is more suprised than we that the heavily-right-leaning court took a stand in favor of 200 years of constitutional law, as opposed to what most of the elite ruling/pundit class has been doing for the past 7 years. glenn greenwald explains the sort of person that would throw in with the commie pinko liberal america-haters, and why right-thinking persons all over justifiably hate the supremes:

the hamdan majority is composed of some rather unlikely traitors. one of the justice is a devout roman catholic appointed by ronald reagan. another is a justice appointed by george bush 41. and the author of the court's opinion is a bronze star winner from the combat action he saw in world war ii. isn't it amazing how many american combat veterans and war heroes become pro-terrorist traitors and enemies of the united states in their next job? and it's equally amazing how so many one-time conservatives turn into socialist allies of america's enemies. it reminds one of those lovely days of the schiavo controversy when life-long conservative southern baptist state court judge george greer overnight became the symbol of secular-liberal-godhating-judicial-activism because self-proclaimed "conservatives" did not like the results of his rulings.

for all their talk of judicial activism, bush followers reveal themselves as the ultimate judicial activists whenever they discuss judicial decisions. the crux of the decision yesterday turned on relatively obscure and legalistic questions involving the legal effects of congressional enactment of the ucmj, rules of statutory construction as applied to common article 3, and the retroactivity of jurisdiction-stripping statutes. among most bush followers purporting to condemn this decision as an act of judicial tyranny, you won't find any discussion of those legal issues, because they know nothing about them and don't care about them.

all they know is that the court reached a result they don't like, and worse, it is a result that contradicted the president's will, so it is, by definition, the by-product of pro-terrorist judicial activism. within hours -- and certainly without even having the time to read the opinions -- bush followers who never thought about the ucmj or statutory construction issues concerning article 3 were able instantaneously to condemn this decision as the by-product of judicial overreach. as always, "judicial activism" has no meaning other than "the reaching of a result by a court which those who wield the term dislike."
those damn activist supreme court justices!

addendum: talkleft points out, while trying to stifle a laugh, that trent lott thinks the supreme court didn't have the jurisdiction for this ruling (plus, lott didn't even read the decision).
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unfortunately, we do understand her

you may have recently seen ted baiamonte's recent writing which lists ann coulter's virtues, point by point, in coordination for the release of "godless." we were never able to actually finish it without regurgitating our lunch, so we couldn't rebut any of the talking points.

luckily, welcome to pottersville has a stronger stomach than we do.

example -- talking point #2:

her latest book, which caused the "9/11 widows controversy" is 300 solid pages of sophisticated arguments befitting a sophisticated attorney, that virtually all of those who hate her can't understand, let alone respond to except with obscenity or silly, childlike ranting.
to which wtp retorts:

300 solid pages is right, if by “solid” you mean the light of truth cannot penetrate the hard cover. ms. coulter, in her characteristic sophistication that allows her to wish death on supreme court justices, former presidents and unconverted muslims, saw fit to use as an expert one william dembski, the famous open-minded skeptic who isn’t swayed by that faux “evidence” of evolution foisted off on an intellectually inferior american public. naturally, coulter’s law degree and ivy league credentials and 1300+ intelligence quotient (on the terman index, of course) make her ideally suited to expound on complicated pseudo-scientific disciplines such as anthropology and the myriad of other sciences that are associated with it. lawyers. is there anything they don’t know?
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something to think about at your 4th of july picnic this weekend

via newscoma, the story of the farmer who found the secret to growing huge vegetables was right between his legs.
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voting townhall addendum addendum

politicky bitch sends us a personal correction about our reportage on last tuesday's voting accountability townhall meeting.

we had incorrectly identified a poll worker in the clip from the film "votergate" as patty newton. bradblog graciously provided a correction.

and politicky bitch identifies the real names of the poll workers shown in the film:

jim and shar hamilton, and their daughter jennifer. generational poll workers. they were in the movie talking about having the machines before the elections, and the stickers. i met them, they seemed to be nice people, and they've been trying to raise awareness for what seems like forever.

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give us a handbook

toby chaudhuri of the campaign for america's future alerts us that there's a how-to book available for progresives to steer the national debate:

washington -- with nearly two-thirds of americans convinced the country is headed in the wrong direction, the campaign for america’s future today released a new handbook designed to help progressives make the case for a bold new direction in the national political debate. key initiatives in the handbook were presented at the group’s “take back america” conference in washington last week that brought together more than 2,000 progressive leaders, activists and thinkers from across the country.

the campaign for america’s future’s “straight talk 2006” (http://straighttalk.ourfuture.org) handbook provides activists and leaders with a manual to argue the positive progressive case for a new direction. the manual details the progressive argument on the economy, on security and on strategic initiatives from energy independence to health care to reclaiming our democracy.

campaign for america’s future co-directors robert borosage and roger hickey also released a new opinion survey conducted by stanley greenberg of greenberg quinlan rosner that shows majorities of americans are not only turning against the signature issues of the bush administration – the war in iraq, privatization of social security, top-end tax cuts – but are now questioning the basic tenets of conservative thinking – from deregulation at home to unilateralism abroad.

greenberg joined borosage at last week’s conference to talk about the findings of the new poll.

“we were asked, with this poll, to find out if the country has reached a tipping point,” said greenberg. “the answer is yes. the conservative worldview is in the deepest possible trouble at its very core philosophical underpinnings.”
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like a flute at a jethro tull concert

the stranger over at blah3 thinks that after swallowing and passing on the administration's lies, only to be accused of treason, the media has been played.

(thanks and a tip of the bush kangaroo hat to carol at makethemaccountable.com)
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bradblog's fifteen seconds of fame

the bradblog did a great job on lou dobbs tonight last night, adding his two cents about the dangers of possible hacking of e-voting machines. bradblog was able to finish a complete sentence during his brief showing during kitty pilgrim's report of "democracy at risk":

kitty pilgrim, cnn correspondent (voice over): in an election, wireless voting machines are at the biggest risk for voter fraud. according to the recently released brennan report, someone with a hand-held device like a palm pilot or other personal digital device could alter a vote in a computer on election day.

voter activists are concerned.

brad friedman, bradblog.com: you can change the software, you can infect the system with a virus. there's all sorts of ways that you can affect these machines using these infrared ports and other wireless devices.

pilgrim: some e-voting machines use commercially available computer components that have a wireless feature included. experts say if that...
yes, brad looked good, if brief.

one thing we learned from kitty was that two states, new york and minnesota (progressive much?) have signed legislation to ban wireless e-voting machines.

but as readers of this space and the bradblog know, there are other ways to hack other e-voting machines, so banning the wireless is not a fix-all.
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30 june - remembering the marshall islands

Marshall Islands
Originally uploaded by Povilas Redko.
from jane goodall's article on sfgate:

in 1952, the first hydrogen bomb was tested -- at 10.4 megatons, it was some 750 times larger than the hiroshima bomb. in 1954, an even larger hydrogen bomb was detonated. on the eve of this test, code-named bravo, weather reports indicated that atmospheric conditions were deteriorating, and on the morning of the test, the winds were blowing strongly toward a number of u.s.. ships as well as several inhabited islands, including rongelap and utrik. nevertheless, despite the clear danger to the people on these islands, the bomb, 1,000 times the strength of the hiroshima bomb, was detonated. great clouds of gritty, white ash rained down on several atolls, affecting many people, including some american weathermen.

..before staging this ghastly series of tests in the marshall islands, home of a gentle people with an ancient culture, the united states, in its role as administrator of the area, undertook to "protect the inhabitants against the loss of their lands and resources". unfortunately, this promise was hardly fulfilled.

....nor was nuclear testing the only horrifying test program inflicted on the marshall Islands. project shipboard hazards and defense was part of a united states chemical and biological warfare test program that was conducted during the 1960s. project shad was designed to test the vulnerability of u.s. warships to attacks by biological and chemical agents and to develop procedures to respond to such attacks. In 1968, biological agents, live staphylococcal enterotoxin type b, bacillus globigii and uranine dye, were sprayed in aerosolized form, not only over six military ships, but also over part of the enewetak atoll. those tests were linked to a sudden nationwide outbreak of a very severe flu-like disease in the marshall islands, which caused some deaths.
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Junior Plays Dirty

Junior Kean, Republican candidate for Senate in New Jersey, has been exposed in the New York Times today for funding a sleazy, swiftboat campaign of lies in a new series of campaign advertisements. In a stunning display of ignoring reality, the campaign intends to go forward with the lying ads in spite of the fact that two major area newspapers, the New York Times and the Star-Ledger, have already discredited those lies.

Now for those of you who have been wondering what chutzpah means...

(Tip o' the Beaver to Bluejersey for the story. This story cross-posted at Blanton's and Ashton's, the only combination Pizza and Funeral Parlor in the country. Come for the funeral, stay for the pie.)
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on oldie but goodie

a tribute to ray harryhausen.
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couldn't have said it better myself...

dear media,

i hope you all enjoy lying in that bed you made.

all those years of making excuses for george w. bush's ineptness, inadequacies, and illegalities have earned you absolutely nothing. you brushed aside his lack of experience and intellectual incuriosity in 1999 and 2000, mostly because you didn't like al gore. your behavior gave him a much better position from which to steal the 2000 election.

you bought the spin from bush's minions, ignoring the crisis that was taking place in florida after the election. you believed every lie they came up with, from 'the votes have been counted and re-counted and re-counted' to 'al gore is trying to steal the election,' and you decided that letting bush take office (in the most literal sense possible) was 'best for the country.'

you papered over the fact that he was scared out of his mind on septemner 11, 2001 -- to the point where he flew to idaho to hide -- in favor of painting him as a 'resolute leader.' you swallowed, hook, line, and sinker, every lie that came out of the white house in the run-up to the invasion of iraq -- in many cases embellishing the lies to make them sound more plausible.

you let the elite members of your profession use their positions as opinion-shapers to shove cooked intelligence down the throats of the american public. you placed that cooked intel on the front pages of every newspaper and magazine in the country, and you played that cooked intelligence at the top of every hour on your cable news outlets.


and after all this, bush and cheney and congress and coulter and every wingnut pundit, whom you've coddled and accomodated every step of the way, show their appreciation how?

they want to muzzle you. they want to imprison you. they want to try you for treason... {stranger at blah3}

come on now, you members of the "media"... how yummy can a cocktail wiener be?

(big hop for bartcop...)
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we already believe a man can fly

so why do we need another movie to prove it to us?

we shouldn't judge a film before we've seen it, and we'll be really happy to eat crow and enjoy this movie, if it's actually enjoyable, but we just can't see the reason they decided to re-re-re-re-re-make superman.


aside from reeve and reeves, dean caine and a number of animated cartoons and black and white serials that preceded this year's model, there is still the stylish smallville currently running on the cfupwb or whatever they're calling that network these days. smallville is, in our estimation, a valid and entertaining telling of the superman story (and we not only love the kitsch pleasure of watching annette o'toole and tom wopat john schneider (the other duke of hazzard, per rook's rant and the one true tami, thanks, guys!) as clark's
adoptive parents, we also insist that michael rosenbaum is a brilliantly-conflicted lex luthor).

so why go pay for it at the movies when you can see it for free on tv?

plus, in our estimation, there is no finer character actor alive than kevin spacey...except...for gene hackman! damn! just kevin's bad luck that the one guy better than him already played lex luthor!

now, we're always happy to see kate blanchinsalesworth or whatever her name is, she's easy on the eyes and did a bang-up job as sandra dee (with the afore-mentioned mr. spacey as bobby darren) in beyond the sea. but she's got to fill not only margot kidder's but terry hatcher's shoes as lois lane.

and talk about lazy casting, apparently the film simply re-uses the old footage of marlon brando as jor-el in some kind of holograph gimmick. at least they could have gotten ian mcellen or kelsy grammar or somebody!

(one nice touch: the new film uses noel neill and jack larson, the lois lane and jimmy olsen from the 50's tv show, in cameos. props for that)

and to be quite honest, after the depths of complexity found in the x-men series of films, as well as spiderman and the recent batman begins, we find the superman story just a bit, well...quaint. ooooh, bullets bounce right off him! we're sooooo impressed! and nobody has x-ray vision, unless they sent away for those cheap glasses advertised in the back of the very same superman comic books that were already old when we were reading them as kids in the 50's.

perhaps we are jaded. perhaps we just have more sophisticated tastes. and, tho the movie broke 21 mill the first day, and promises to set off some fireworks this weekend, it can't catch spidey.

well, we're still waiting for...

addendum: left i on the news tells us that superman originally started out as a liberal social crusader in the early action comics!

and boxofficmojo tells us that sr pulled in another $11 mill yesterday, for a domestic gross of over $32 mill in the first 2 days. luckily for warner brothers, america isn't as jaded as we are.
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

it's not net neutrality if you say one thing and advertise another

reader eric sends us to buzzflash's editorial today, which not only urges everyone to support sen. wyden's efforts to preserve net neutrality, but once again chastizes the big blogs whose motto seems to be "do as i blog, not as i advertise":

a senate committee, on a tie vote, failed to pass out a measure that would preserve the pro-democracy concept of "net neutrality." the house has already defeated "net neutrality" and opened the net up to the predatory practices of telecom companies.

buzzflash wrote several commentaries and headlines denouncing the progressive websites who took money to post misleading and deceptive ads from the telecom lobby. many of them not only posted one ad, but posted two or three in succession, for weeks. many of them responded to critics with inane and self-serving excuses that were as ludicrous as the double-talk that these same sites denounce the right wing for making…

but the issue of net neutrality is different. it is a life and death issue for all of the pro-democracy forces on the internet. if we lose this battle, the net may see itself fade into a pale version of cable tv. remember when cable tv first arrived and we were assured that it would open the way to wide citizen participation and a diversity of viewpoints?

senator ron wyden of oregon is signaling that he is prepared to filibuster for a net neutrality provision in the overall telecommunications bill before congress (which, by the way, will give large companies even greater latitude to profiteer cable tv, as well as not prohibit them from carving up the internet as we know it).

some of the websites who ran the ads argued that they wrote editorial content supporting net neutrality, but that was undercut by blatantly deceptive ads that misled readers about the issue. for all we know, the ads are still up.
[ed. note: it doesn't appear to be on dkos, atrios, mydd, or fdl. but it was, within two weeks ago]

(it doesn't really do much to support net neutrality in a commentary that disappears quickly, while the "hang the internet" ads stay up day after day.) that's a shameful sign that some members of the progressive net lack the spine and sense of strategic responsibility that they decry the centrist democrats for not having.

but at this point, the only recourse we all have is to contact as many senators as possible and tell them not to support the telecom bill unless it includes the net neutrality provision. encourage them to join senator wyden in holding the bill hostage (and there are plenty of goodies for the telecom companies without letting them destroy democracy on the internet). you can reach senator wyden's office and the offices of other senators by finding their contact information at http://www.senate.gov/.
readers of this space will know that skippy refused the ad (the second time...he was totally fooled by the first ad and placed it, and he feels really, really bad about that!). also refusing the ad: loaded mouth, and square state, who put it up at first, and then took it down after discussion amongst the editors.

readers also know that skippy issued a challenge: he donated 3 months worth of ad revenue on skippy to savetheinternet.com, and dared the bigger blogs to either (a) donate the ad revenue from that bogus grass-roots ad, such as steve gilliard and annatopia did; or, at the very least, (b) post a permanent disclaimer next to the ad, like the agonist and my left wing (preferrably as demure and reserved as maryscott o'connor's declaration).

to date, nobody has taken skippy up on the challenge. but, when you get right down to it, nobody's returned skippy's emails since ykos, either!* (that damn blog teaser!!)

*actually, jane and lindsay and shayera have, but that ruins the rhythm of the joke.
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got my skippy shirt...

it had been sitting in the post office for many a day, uncared for, unnoticed, and unloved. someone apparently forgot to slip a yellow "there's a package here that's too big for your tiny mailbox, you cheap little runt" card into my tiny cheap-ass runt mailbox, else i would have claimed the package sooner. i believe this because i checked the box this morning, found no yellow card again, went to the main desk anyway, and made an inquiry.

sure enough, the postal worker emerged from behind a wall with a package for me. "you sure you didn't get a yellow card?" she asked. "positive," i answered. she handed me the package, i thanked her very much, and left the building promptly, hoping the visibly befuddled postal worker wouldn't... uh... go postal, or anything.

(not kidding. i spent fifteen uncomfortable minutes in line thanks to a phenomenally obtuse customer who was both holding up the line and making the clerk explain again and again why he wasn't receiving the forwarded mail he hadn't actually requested forwarding for. everyone but me was growing testy. all i wanted to do was inquire about the package i was waiting for and leave, with or without it -- before the shooting began. sometimes, postal workers go postal for very good reasons...)

i gotta be honest. the shirt makes me look good, but i make the shirt look bad. i tried telling skippy, "you need to offer another size -- 'extra extra extra medium'," but nooo...

[editor's note: only $20! cheap! and, as bradblog's girlfriend said when skippy gave her one, "wow, these are high quality tee shirts!" yes! they are!]


and the punchline on the back!

email us with your order, with the words "skippy tee shirt" in the subject line, and we'll do the rest!

* * *

(contributor's note: see? capitalism ain't so bad... -- mp)
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New Contest! Pick The 2008 Erotic Presidential Campaign Slogan

Come on over and place your suggestions in the box.

Fun! Prizes! (Well, hopefully fun, anyway ...)
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when bloggers get televised

the bradblog, who has been doing a yeoman's work of spreading the word about the potential dangers of e-voting, will be appearing on lou dobbs on cnn tonight to talk about voting accountability.

the bradblog has just wound up his series (ok, two) of townhall meetings on the subject here in socal. skippy attended the first one in los angeles, and we assume last night's rally and meeting in san diego was a rousing success, if the la gathering was any indication.

we'll be watching, bradblog!
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net neutrality: kick save and a beauty

let's hear it for senator ron wyden (d-or):
ron wyden announced this afternoon that he has placed a "hold" on the telecommunciations legislation just passed by the commerce committee until clear language is included in the legislation that prevents discrimination in internet access.

at least someone is trying to look out for our interests.

and a tip o' the lid to gordon at alternate brain for the link.

(cross-posted at Blanton's and Ashton's, where, if it ain't broke, we break it, then we fix it, then we charge you a lot extra for the repair if we don't like you)

UPDATE: Here's a link that could help clarify remarks made in comments. Also, this is why Senator Wyden's remarks are especially important. And your phone calls. Net Neutrality is balanced on the edge of a razor. Your support for Net Neutrality and for preserving Internet freedom could be the difference.
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the times they are a changin'

at least, scoutprime's attitude about the nytimes is changing. she tells us she's been pissed at the gray lady occasionally, but now all the dumping on the times is pissing her off even more.

and so she made this video (for all you nixon and dylan fans).
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supremes say "no" to tribunals

the u.s. supreme court on thursday strongly limited the power of the bush administration to conduct military tribunals for suspected terrorists imprisoned at the u.s. navy base in guantanamo bay, cuba.
i'm personally very happy to see the way this shook out, even though the close numbers are alarming (5-3), because to me it means that we're not thinking hard enough about the consequences.
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repubbblican family values

our pals at resident bush send us to the armchair subversive who lists all the gop officials who have been arrested for child molestation.
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mad about peter king

mad kane, that is!
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

where's edward r. murrow when you need him?

wasn't there any real news today??
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we never thought of that

via captain dyke, we find blue gal, who thought of the perfect way to raise traffic for her site.
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proof the stupidity is not the exclusive domain of repubbblicans

the moderate voice finds a democrat who is doomed to repeat history, because apparently he didn't learn from it:

sen. ron wyden, d-ore., who won approval of the ban in the senate finance committee, said he didn't want the internet to fall victim to taxes like the telephone tax enacted for the spanish-american war.

"that war ended two centuries ago, and congress is just now getting around to getting rid of the tax," wyden said.
senator wyden apparently thinks that there were telephones around in 1806 and that the spanish-american war (you know, the one with teddy roosevelt charging san juan hill) predated the war of 1812 (the one with andrew jackson and the battle of new orleans). either that or he thinks it's the year 2098.
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some housekeeping

we are quite honored to exchange blogroll links with glenn greenwald, the man who single-handedly destroyed the recent tnr lies about markos and blogtopia (and yes! we coined that phrase!)

glenn, who led the privacy rights panel at ykos, is an amazing lawyer and pretty swift blogger, to boot. we are happy to have his great blog unclaimed territory on our roll (especially considering that our blog buddy maha of mahablog is one of his co-bloggers).

and, speaking of additions to our blogroll, we're also happy to add peripetia to our roll. karen mcl's blog is also well done, and we suggest you go remind yourself of the lyrics to "grand old flag."
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the little energy company that could....

just got some good news.

from the ap:

"The Snohomish County Public Utility District does not have to pay more than $120 million for canceling its contract with bankrupt energy giant Enron Corp., federal regulators declared Wednesday.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said in a news release that it was denying Enron's claim because the company's "financial fraud induced Snohomish to enter into the contract."

The decision ends a years-long struggle by the utility that helped reveal the extent of Enron's misdeeds. It was the Snohomish PUD that uncovered and transcribed profanity-laced audiotapes of Enron traders conspiring to steal money from "those poor grandmothers" in California during the energy crunch of 2000-01.

"All this time, Snohomish County rate payers have had a big $120 million bill hanging over their head," Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., said Wednesday. "To finally get relief, it's a great victory."

As a Western drought and California's deregulation plan drove energy prices sky-high, Snohomish in 2001 entered into a nine-year contract with Enron to buy power at $109 per megawatt hour, more than four times as much as the utility had been accustomed to paying for such contracts. Customers, including Cantwell, saw their rates increase drastically.

That fall, as Enron collapsed, Snohomish canceled the contract, saying it was voided by Enron's fraudulent practices. Enron sued in 2003, arguing it was entitled to the profit it would have made had the contract been fulfilled.

Snohomish officials expected federal regulators to jump to their defense and were frustrated at what they perceived as foot-dragging or outright opposition instead. FERC officials initially opposed the PUD's attempts to get access to the audiotapes and other evidence.

"Their audiotapes became a path for helping to explain the books and the schemes," Cantwell said. "It was incredible investigative and legal work by a little utility."

In addition to the audiotapes, Snohomish went on to search Enron accounting sheets, documenting that Enron gouged Western customers for $1.1 billion during the crunch. In one instance, Enron pocketed $222,000 in three hours by shipping power from California into Oregon, and then back to California at wildly inflated prices. Blackouts were rolling across California at the time."

snohomish pud....we thank you! the country should thank you.
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these people should be hanged for telling us something we already knew

as gideon starorzewski points out, all this brouhaha about the latimes talking about the administration's bank data base mining is pretty disengenuous, considering the administration itself told us all this stuff a few months ago:
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one man margin, one vote margins

a little reality is a little cynical about these one vote margins, thinking they might be orchestrated to placate as many special interest groups as possible.

gee, dya think???
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that damn lefty lou dobbs

as we reported earlier today, skippy learned last night at the voting accountability town hall meeting that the hippie commie tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist, lou dobbs, is publically on the case of electronic voting machine vulnerability.

the brad blog, who hosted last night's (and tonight's) townhall meeting, provides the results of lou's latest cnn online poll, which asks "do you believe that e-voting machines should be disallowed until their integrity can be assured?"

97% of the respondents say "yes."

now, that's what we would call a "solid majority."
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barack to the future

chicago dyke at correntewire has a few words for barack obama, who is obviously pandering to the religious right: "blow it out your ass!"
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Honestly, Baby, That's Not Mine!

wherein I 'milk' the limbaugh story for one last time ...

I was falling asleep last night when suddenly I started imagining the scene at Palm Beach International Airport, as officials brought out that bottle of Viagra from Rush's luggage. All I could picture was the scene in the Austin Powers movie:

Quartermaster Clerk: One Swedish made penis enlarger pump.
Austin Powers:
That's not mine!
Quartermaster Clerk: One credit card receipt for Swedish made penis enlarger...signed by Austin Powers.
Austin Powers:
I'm tellin you baby, that's not mine!
Quartermaster Clerk: One warranty card for Swedish made penis enlarger pump...filled out by Austin Powers.
Austin Powers:
I don't even know what this is! This sort of thing ain't my bag, baby!
Quartermaster Clerk: One book...."Swedish Made Penis Enlarger Pumps and Me: This Sort of Thing is my Bag, Baby!", by Austin Powers.

I know it's juvenile, but this is Limbaugh.

"I don't know how that got in there, baby," Rush is saying to the religious right. "I thought it was downers. Honestly!"
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Pastor of the street hit the sweet suite's sheets

Pastor Dan got lucky in Las Vegas.
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"i'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me"

via atrios, comes this report from tvnewser that beck is a loser for headline news:

poor glenn beck. while glenn beck is on the road having a mid-life crisis, the radio-turned-headline news host's ratings are sinking.

in the q2 ranker, beck doesn't show up until the second page -- below every other cnbc program. he has averaged 78,000 demo viewers since day one, and 165,000 total viewers.
also, via atrios, we already believe a man can fly. do we need another movie to prove it? oliver thinks so.
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voting townhall addendum

the brad blog sent us a note of thanks for skippy's participation in last night's voting accountability town hall meeting. tho skippy was taking notes fast and furiously, he managed to get a few minor details wrong, which bradblog was happy to correct:

thanks for turning out...great to see you there. wish we had a few more progressive bloggers (like, say, all of them!) who understood the importance of this and what the hell is going on here. yes, even more important than net neutrality as you aptly noted in your fine coverage!

a couple of points, for accuracy, in re: your blog item which you may wish to correct as you see fit...

the pollworker you reference as patty newton, from the votergate film, isn't named patty newton. i forget her name, but bev's scene with that poll worker was from just prior to the 2004 election in san diego, as opposed to this past election.

the clip i played from lou dobbs, however (with almost the identical information) was with poll worker patty newton and her experience in the june 6th 2006 election.

brad blog originally reported patty's story (one of several poll workers who reported the same thing, taking voting machines home for days and weeks prior to the election) here.

re: the numbers on the harri hursti hack in leon county, florida. this one's likely my fault because i mucked up the numbers last night, and had to do a "second take"...but the real numbers in that mock-election were:

no: 6 yes: 2
...but when those ballots were scanned, the reported results from the diebold optical-scan system were:

no: 1 yes: 7
the election was completely flipped without a trace left behind save for a manual hand count of the paper ballots (as must be done in the busby/bilbray race to determine if the results are indeed accurate).

and because accuracy counts (but only apparently for blogs and not ap or ny times, etc.) in re: this graf:

more problems with the san diego elections: cal. sec. of state bruce macpherson re-certified diebold machines, even tho the software contains "interpretive code," which is strictly forbidden by section 19250 of the fec guidelines. of course, skippy has reported on macpherson's sneaky re-certification.
it's actually the fec voting systems standards that prohibit the use of "interpreted code" in electronic voting machines. california state election code 19250 says that ca may only certify systems if they are both federal qualified and adhere to all federal voting system standards. since diebold systems (both op-scan and touch-screen) contain the banned "interpreted code", they should never have been qualified federally in the first place, and they certainly don't conform with the federal voting system standards which prohibits it.

thanks again for all my friend! loading up the democracy train and heading down to san diego momentarily! hope to see a bunch of skippy roos there!

---brad friedman
the brad blog - the uprising continues..
velvet revolution - the revolution begins...
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say hello

to parrot cage.
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the grey lady didn't commit treason

New York Times
Originally uploaded by Felipe Scuciatto dos Santos.
the information about financial tracking has been out for years...but since this administration doesn't actually read the papers or go on the internet(s) anyway....

from the boston globe:

...but a search of public records -- government documents posted on the internet, congressional testimony, guidelines for bank examiners, and even an executive order president bush signed in september 2001 -- describe how us authorities have openly sought new tools to track terrorist financing since 2001. that includes getting access to information about terrorist-linked wire transfers and other transactions, including those that travel through swift.

``there have been public references to swift before," said roger cressey, a senior white house counterterrorism official until 2003.

``the white house is overreaching when they say [the new york times committed] a crime against the war on terror. it has been in the public domain before."
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marcy winograd, bradblog, dharma's mom & skippy! - at the voters' townhall meeting

skippy the bush kangaroo attended the townhall meeting for voting accountability tonight in venice, calif, hosted by the lovely bradblog, and featuring a plethora of speakers who had a strange combination of both a lot of bad news and inspiration for the 100 or so citizens who showed up.

rob cohen, documentarian of the film votergate (name change imminent...tho we kind of like "de-voted," the crowd went for "hacked") showed a small clip of his movie, currently in production.

in the clip, bev harris of black box voting was seen visiting patty newton, a poll worker in san diego for the recent california 50 busby-bilbray election. patty told bev that after a brief afternoon of training, the poll workers were literally handed the voting machines and told to take them home and store them there until the election a few weeks later.

patty showed bev the garage where she stored her charges, and explained that all the poll workers had to do to receive the machines that would decide the fate of san diego county's senatorial concerns was sign a piece of paper. but don't worry, folks, there was an official seal over each of the voting machines: a xerox of the county registrar's seal stuck on with sticky paper. talk about security!

the lovely bradblog gave some good news: that looney tinfoil hat wearing lefty communist lou dobbs has been reporting on the widespread problems with election machines, under the banner "democracy for sale."

as an example of the problems inherent with electronic voting, bradblog told the story of harri hursti who proved the diebold machines were hackable with the mock election held in leon county, florida, in december of 2005. 6 mock voters voted "no" and 2 voted "yes" to the question "can diebold machines be hacked via their memory card?" the voters retained their paper ballots. but when the results were run thru the optical scanner, the machine tallied the votes as 1 "yes" and 7 "no's." no, there's no problem with diebold!

more problems with the san diego elections: cal. sec. of state bruce macpherson re-certified diebold machines, even tho the software contains "interpretive code," which is strictly forbidden by section 19250 of the fec guidelines. of course, skippy has reported on macpherson's sneaky re-certification.

next, the wonderful actress and chair of the progressive democrats of america, mimi kennedy, took the microphone (you know her as dharma's mom). mimi warned everyone that the propaganda will start coming hard and heavy against all our efforts, such as the la times completely unsourced and citeless sunday column "the gop knows you don't like anchovies." mimi pointed out how incredibly difficult it would be to have accomplished, over one weekend, the voter outreach and absentee ballot distribution that the column attributed to the gop, even with a data base and plane tickets. she warned that the media will be doling out propaganda to make voting activists depressed, and feeling as if our efforts were not worth the trouble.

but, mimi mocked the very imagery that the paper ascribes to the gop's efforts. "the voter vault?" she asked. "it sounds like a superman comic book. with dick cheney in his fortress of solitude!"

"but," mimi concluded, "they are not invincible. the rule of law is their kryptonite." she received a standing ovation.

next marci winograd, who gave jane harman a run for her money, let everyone know the "help america vote act," the registrars of every county is obligated to hold quarterly meetings with any citizens who want to attend and ask questions (skippy plans on being at the next one for los anageles).

marci also warned against the concept of "voting early," which is being offered in some parts of the country (for instance, here in los angeles). tho voters are asked to believe that coming into the polling place and voting a few days early is more convenient, what they aren't told is that the diebld tsx machines being used have a 30% failure rate.

this issue affects everyone. during the course of the evening, bradblog played a clip of the roger hedgecock radio show he appeared on, during which ultra-conservative roger (who subs for rush) agreed 100% with bradblog, "that if we have any bedrock notion in this country, it ought to be that the votes be fully and fairly counted."

other speakers were jeeni criscenzo, darryl issa's upcoming opponent, who said that when someone steals a vote, they steal the essence of democracy; they're not a thief, they are a traitor, and judy alter who told of the various lawsuits being brought against the various registrars who violate election laws.

this townhall "train," as they so metapoorically put it, will be chugging down to san diego on wednesday, to convene at the oceanside civic center on 330 n. coast highway at 7 pm (with a rally at 6pm). we urge anyone and everyone in so socal to go there and hear these speakers. it will make you angry.

when all is said and done, this issue could be primarily the most important that we are facing today (even more than net neutrality). all the blogging in the world about all the political machinations is not going to do any good for anyone if our votes are not accurately counted. skippy international is proud and happy to stand with the blogs who insist on talking about this elephant in the room.

(at this point we must also give bradblog a big thanks for using his podium on the townhall stage to single out skippy in the crowd and plugging our humble blog as one of those working on this issue. we are happy to do our part. but don't worry, skippy reciprocated by giving bradblog and bradblog's girlfriend each a complimentary skippy tee shirt!)

we must have accountable elections, we must have methods that are auditable, we must have a process in which the entire country can trust, and most of all, we must make sure democracy is safe for future generations.

addendum: skippy made a few minor errors in the details. for a complete correction, read this addendum.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

wherein i invent the johnston reverse double blogwhore

from skippy, i will link to my blog, where i predict abu gonzalez is the republican 2008 presidential candidate. what makes this a reverse double blogwhore is that post refers back here where i posted about the bushesque abu gonzalez photo-op about catching terrarists trying to blow up the sears tower with combat boots. i, of course, could be wrong about abu being the repuke 2008 pretzelnut candidate. if i am wrong, i expect to be hit with the full weight of the pundit penalty. what is the pundit penalty for being absolutely wrong and making stuff up? absolutely nothing.
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abu gonzalez photo-op

will the torturer in chief's attorney general inherit awol's merdes touch for photo-ops? condi might be serious about not running for pretzelnut (so she can spend more time with her husband) which means abu may now have the inside track...
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what is up with republican's fascination

"No Prostitute" sign in Germany
Originally uploaded by forester401.
with sex...

kinky (scooter libby's book that had girls getting it on with animals...animal hybrid bush)...gay (mrs. darth vadar cheney's book...hello!!) or otherwise (tush limpballs...et al.)

an ap story found on rawstory.com

pimps and sex traffickers could soon find themselves being chased by tax collectors, not just the vice squad.

sen. charles grassley, chairman of the tax-writing senate finance committee, wants the internal revenue service to chase after pimps and sex traffickers with the same fervor it stalked gangster al capone for tax evasion.

grassley, r-iowa, would hit pimps with fines and lengthy prison sentences for failing to file employment forms and withhold taxes for the women and girls under their command.
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imagine bombing this

Iran-Esfahan-shahabbas hotel
Originally uploaded by ali reza_parsi.
it just may happen....and we'll all pay.

from the beebs:

world oil prices could triple if the west's stand-off over iran's nuclear programme escalates into conflict, the saudi arabian government has warned.

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breaking news

awol says report on bank data was disgraceful - says the new york times should stick to reporting names of undercover cia agents. cheney is prepared to let reporters whose bank records or phone records are "dicey" to experience "extraordinary rendition" first hand.
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ted barlow disease strikes again

claiming another victim...this time, dc mediagirl.
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don't bank on this administration

mahablog explains why the massive bank data base (along with all the other massive data bases) is not a good thing...espcially for business.
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anybody care what *I* think about all this blog controversy?

No? Well, here it is anyway.
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Democrats, Rally 'Round the Flag - And the Purple Heart

should there be a constitutional ban on this republican?

Russ Feingold made an excellent statement on flag burning , continuing his fine run since Sunday's Meet The Press appearance.

OK. Now what? The debate's scheduled to go on for days. Why allow the Republicans to set the terms of the debate? Why not name their tactic and challenge them on it? Why don't the Senate's Democrats issue a statement like this?

(full post here)
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blog teaser - a skippy rant

skippy is quite upset at the number of unreturned emails that he has sent out since ykos to all the wonderful people he met there (or, so he thought...they apparently aren't so wonderful, if they can't be bothered to hit the "reply" button an on email).

but the one that hurts the most is garance franke-ruta of the american prospect.

aside from being a hot babe (at least, in terms of attendees at ykos), garance allowed skippy to buy her a drink and chat her up. skippy assumed (incorrectly, as it turned out) that he was forming a relationship with a "real" journalist.

[ed. note: yes, the last sentence is purposely vague; was it the supposition that skippy was forming a relationship that was incorrect, or the adjective "real" to the noun "journalist"? read on and decide]

upon returning home, skippy emailed garance (among many, many, many, god knows how many others) asking if she would like a complimentary skippy tee shirt.

(for the record, only jane of fdl and lindsay of majikthise returned skippy's emails. we know who our friends are).

garance never returned skippy's emails. nor did leaving comments on tapped (urging ezra klein to talk to garance about returning her correspondence) get her attention. eventually, skippy became resigned to never hearing from garance ever again. the reason, he decided, was that he was a mere lowly blogger and she was a big time hot shot senior editor and bona fide journalist.

till he read this:

the fight between tnr and daily kos made the hop to the mainstream media over the weekend, and both news outlets had their single most blogged-about days this year, according to technorati. having gone "berserk" mid-week with his declaration of war against tnr, according to this newsweek profile, markos moulitsas zuniga appears to have thought the better of it and decided to try and capture some of the controversy-driven traffic by highlighting a welcome to the first-time readers. most other responses on the site are now tending toward satire or works with lighter touches, while tnr, for its part, renounced one of the e-mails it had published, citing sources who misled its reporter. so perhaps both sides are stepping back from the brink.
yes, an entire post by gfr maintaining that markos came out the loser when the new republic's jason zenergle (whom garance even fails to mention in the piece) wrote an unsubstantiated rumor that kos controls what is written in blogtopia (and no! none of them correctly pointed out that we coined that phrase!)

garance didn't even mention that zengerle's piece contained patently false information (in our day we called them "lies"), and yet she implied that mark warner's chances for president could be hindered (because jerome armstrong reads astrology), and that "the broader story has now had a negative impact on daily kos' credibility."

skippy was beside himself, which is hard for a bush kangaroo to do (there's not that much room in the office to begin with). his rationale for why garance didn't write him, e.g., she was a journalist, was dashed to pieces. no journalist would write about the national review's piece without mentioning that it was part fabrication, part innuendo, part cockamamie conjecture. ok, they wouldn't have to use alliteration, but a real journalist would have pointed that out.

and a real journalist would have done some research. as anyone who reads dkos on even a semi-regular basis knows, markos doesn't highlight the diaries, unless he chooses to put them on the front page, which was not the case with the "welcome" to "first time readers" (by goldberry).

this diary was recommended by the community, and in a complicated algorythm that we don't even want to know about, was promoted to the top of the "recommended diaires" section (standard operating procedure on all community blogs).

but by implying that markos took a lowly diary and "highlighted" it as some kind of "damage control," garance is helping to perpetuate the "kos as godfather" meme that tnr ineptly tried to introduce in zengerle's original hit piece.

garance, garance, garance, we hardly knew ye. you have upset skippy. he is so upset, he wrote this comment on your piece at tapped, which we have good reasons to assume will never let it see the light of day over there. so we reprint it, en toto, and dorothy, too, here:

all right, garance, i've had it.

i've emailed you twice (at tapped@prospect.org) since we met at ykos, asking if you'd like a free skippy tee shirt, and you don't even have the civility to email me back, even if to just refuse?

i was hurt, i admit. you let me buy you a drink. you let me chat you up. i thought, well, here i am making a relationship with real journalist, how nice!

but noooooo! you never emailed me back. you are a god dam blog teaser! that's what you are!

abbi tatton of cnn takes my calls! but you're too good to email me?

after a while i thought, well, it's because she's a big time journalist and i'm just a blogger.

but after reading this drivel, that argument went right to the 404 page, babe!

first of all, you blog teasing journalist, i won't bother to reiterate the obvious factual error you made about markos "highlighting" the welcome diary, as it would only embarrass you by revealing how little you bothered to learn about the very subject you purport to be reporting on.
but add that to the lack of zengerle's name in your piece, plus your ridiculous assertion that this story "made the leap" to mainstream media (google doesn't seem to think so), and i can only assume you are not a reporter at all, but a mere gossip monger.

which brings us back to my original complaint. if you're a gossip monger, i love to gossip! why don't you return my emails? there's a tee shirt in it for you!

you blog teaser!
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be afraid

be very afraid.

addendum: josh marshall rightly points out there is a big difference between being a fascist and just being a dick.
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when bloggers get work

firstly, we must once again thank the indefatigable peter daoy for linking to our humble site from his little piece of salon real estate.

but more importantly, we offer huge congrats! to peter for getting work with the hillary clinton campaign as, well, we suppose, as mister internet guy:

since launching the daou report in december 2004, i have written extensively about a ‘triangle’ comprised of the traditional media, the political establishment, and the blogosphere. i have argued that “closing the triangle” (i.e. enhancing the connection between the three entities) is imperative for the democratic party and the progressive netroots…my aim has been to seek ways to build bridges between the democratic establishment, the media, and the blog community.

which brings me to the point of this blog post: i have been offered – and accepted – what i believe is a unique opportunity to help close the triangle: joining senator clinton’s team as a blog advisor to facilitate and expand her relationship with the netroots. there are endless possibilities for clinton-netroots collaborations, from net neutrality to the privacy bill of rights to voting reform to so many other critical issues.
it's always good news when a blogger gets work, so congrats, peter!

hopefully he will be able to inject some common sense into that campaign.
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Busby/Bilbray Election Fraud Townhall Meetings

With cries of "Fraud" and allegations of misdeeds on the part of election workers now running rampant, townhall meetings are being scheduled in the California 50th, where earlier this year an election was held to replace bribed and convicted congressman Randall "Duke" Cunningham. The Brad Blog has the details on the townhall meetings.

(Cross-posted at Blanton's and Ashton's, where beer isn't a beverage, it's a way of life.)
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rush limbaugh and the soft bigotry of low expectations

I'm not going to add very much to the Rush Limbaugh/Viagra story. This whole controversy must be making it hard for him.

I will speculate for a moment, though: Why did the authorities release the name of the drug in question, Viagra, when it wasn't necessary to do so and they knew it would embarrass him? I have only one possibility: that they feel he got an overly cushy deal on the Oxycontin charge, and they're getting back at him.

Any accomplished attorneys or law enforcement types like Jeralyn want to comment?

P. S. Jeralyn thinks that using Viagra won't hurt Rush with his conservative constituency, since Bob Dole's the corporate spokesman. There's a difference, though - Dole's married. Theocons should be outraged that Rush, having partied on hillbilly heroin, is now getting pharmaceutically, er, pumped to have extramarital sex.

If they weren't hypocrites, that is.

P.P.S. Rush also said he found Lynndie England sexually stimulating. So why did he go to the Dominican Republic for his sex vacation and not, oh, Guantanamo?

(P.S x 4: Since the artist formerly known as Mimus is revealing his name, I'll show my face. I co-hosted "The Young Turks" yesterday, June 26 -- thanks, Cenk! -- and there's video here.)
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middle east redux

mine, over at my blog. i've called it "impossible to read", which is perhaps counter-intuitive, as i would indeed like you to read it.

basically, yesterday we hear about kidnapping a soldier, today we hear that an agreement has been reached between fatah and hamas. are people trying to play rough, or play nice?
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like the pine trees linin' the windin' road, i've got a name, i've got a name...

my real name, senoras and horsemen, is james yeager. not too many people call me james, probably because i refer to myself as jim. i'm called jim more than anything else. some people call me jimbo, maybe more than those who call me james, i'm not certain. my late grandfather called me jimbo most of the time, even though the rest of my family calls me jamie. most of my friends, and a number of co-workers over the years, have called me yeager. all of this is fine with me.

but i'm keeping the name mimus pauly, just as duncan black still answers to atrios. jim, jimbo, james, yeager, pauly, mimus, bird-brain -- call me whatever you will. it's all the same to me.

til further on...
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this might be news in sugarland, tx

Tom Delay is a Prostitute
Originally uploaded by Romana.R.
former rep. tom delay testified monday that he lives and votes in virginia, bolstering the republican party's claim that he is ineligible to appear on the november ballot in texas. - ap
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the discovery of politics over safety

Shuttle Returns Home
Originally uploaded by hodad66.
marketing over reality. spin over truth. more of this stuff from this administration. they seem to forget that people's lives are at stake.

top nasa officials on saturday cleared discovery for a july 1 launch, despite objections from the agency's chief safety officer and engineer who wanted more time to address the launch debris threat. - houston chron - june 18th

the johnson space center's director of engineering said monday that nasa has removed him from the management team for the space shuttle flight scheduled for saturday after he expressed support for workers who questioned preparations for the flight.

charles camarda, 54, a former shuttle astronaut and veteran aerospace engineer, said in an e-mail to colleagues that his removal from involvement in the scheduled launch of discovery, on which he flew last year, was against his will. the e-mail was distributed to others, including reporters. - houston chron - june 27th

i work for him. he was just fired yesterday as the engineering director. - comment from blogger - june 27th
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mad about limericks

mad kane, that is!

including mad's blogger of the week, our very favorite dr. avedon carol.
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Monday, June 26, 2006

we like what you've done with the place

along with the afore-mentioned mia culpa, bob harris has a new design!
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does this mean greta van sustern has to get more plastic surgery?

uh oh, roger ailes is mad at the entire faux news network, because apparently they're losing viewers. broadcasting&cable:

slackers at fox news channel, you’re on notice! your boss is not pleased. fox news chairman roger ailes is on the warpath following his network’s recent ratings slump, and he won’t hesitate to clean house to turn things around.

so far during the second quarter, the no. 1 cable news channel’s primetime schedule has dropped 22% in its core 25-54 demo and 8% in total viewers. the first quarter was even worse…

insiders say that, even though fox news remains no. 1, ailes is fuming over the complacency he senses among staffers…

a full-page "now hiring" ad that ran recently in a trade magazine asked, "can you make the cut?" says one fox staffer, that question was not addressed to outside applicants: "that was aimed inside."
yikes! it looks like studio b better start working its way up to 'a.'
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it's not medianeedle theater

but an incredible simulation: meanwhile at the pundit bar...
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pressing their luck

the creature over at state of the day writes the news of the senate's vote on withdrawl from iraq as would have been written if the media was balanced.
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with dr. vinnie boom bah as the surgeon general

mediabloodhound speculates that, at least in the media, the dems get no respect.
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paging mr. crow...mr. jim crow...

our buddy allison of hartsongs sends us this greg palast piece: voting rights act nailed to a burning cross:

don’t kid yourself. the republican party’s decision yesterday to “delay” the renewal of the voting rights act has not a darn thing to do with objections of the republican’s white sheets caucus.

complaints by a couple of good ol' boys to legislation has never stopped the gop leadership from rolling over dissenters.

this is a strategic stall — meant to de-criminalize the republican party's new game of challenging voters of color by the hundreds of thousands.

in the 2004 presidential race, the gop ran a massive multi-state, multi-million-dollar operation to challenge the legitimacy of black, hispanic and native-american voters. the methods used broke the law -- the voting rights act. and while the bush administration's civil rights division grinned and looked the other way, civil rights lawyers are circling, preparing to sue to stop the violations of the act before the 2008 race.

therefore, republicans have promised to no longer break the law -- not by going legit … but by eliminating the law.
we urge everyone to read the article, and then to contact congress and demand they renew the act.

addendum: sailor at vidiotspeak weighs in.
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town hall meeting for the whole state

the brad blog alerts us to two town hall meetings this week concerning the recent california 50 election between bilbray and busby.

los angeles
tuesday, june 27, 7:30 pm
venice united methodist church
1020 victoria

san diego:
wednesday, june 28, 7 pm (rally@6pm)
oceanside civic center
330 n. coast highway
aside from brad himself, speakers will include rob cohen of "votergate, marcy winograd (who just gave jane harman a run for her money), and mimi kennedy, cahir of progressive democrats association (and dharma's mom).

we'll be at the los angeles meeting! see you there!
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you can take the hillbilly out of heroin, but you can't take the heroin out of the hillbilly

via mia culpa (and believe us, we love saying "via mia" as often as possible), we find out that rush "yes my first name is ironic" limbaugh has been busted again for drugs:

sources have confirmed to cbs4 news that conservative talk show host rush limbaugh has been detained at palm beach international airport for the possible possession of illegal prescription drugs monday evening.

limbaugh was returning on a flight from the dominican republic when officials found the drugs, among them viagra.
guess those feminazi's are more powerful than we thought.

[ed. note: no, we don't get that last one either. but it sounds like a joke]

addendum: according to radio equalizer (who says the lefty blogs are "filled with hate" and links to us on the word "with"...that's right, we are the "with" in "filled with hate") limbaugh's lawyer roy cohen black has released a statement:

while going through routine customs inspection of luggage at palm beach international airport upon his return from an international trip, rush limbaugh was detained by customs agents after they noticed a non-narcotic prescription drug, which had been prescribed by mr. limbaugh's treating physician but labeled as being issued to the physician rather than mr. limbaugh for privacy purposes. after a brief interview, mr. limbaugh was permitted to continue on his journey.
or, should we say, "continue on his trip"?

double addendum: welcome to our humble blog, radio equalizer readers!

that's right, skippy the bush kangaroo is the "with" in "filled with hate!"
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call your congressjerks today!

mcjoan at dkos reminds us that s.2917 (promoting net neutrality) will be up before the senate commerce committee tomorrow or the next day.

she has graciously provided (and we have surreptitiously stolen) the numbers of the members of the committee.

call them! tell them to support net neutrality today!

gop members

chairman ted stevens (ak): (202) 224-3004; (202) 224-2354 fax

john mccain (az): (202) 224-2235; fax: (202) 228-2862

conrad burns (mt): 202-224-2644; fax: 202-224-8594

trent lott (ms): (202) 224-6253; fax: (202) 224-2262

kay bailey hutchison (tx): 202-224-5922; 202-224-0776 (fax)

olympia j. snowe (me): (202) 224-5344; fax (202) 224-1946

gordon h. smith (or): 202.224.3753; fax: 202.228.3997

john ensign (nv): (202) 224-6244; fax: (202) 228-2193

george allen (va): (202) 224-4024; fax: (202) 224-5432

john e. sununu (nh): (202) 224-2841; fax (202) 228-4131

jim demint (sc): 202-224-6121; fax: 202-228-5143

david vitter (la): (202) 224-4623; fax: (202) 228-5061

dem members

co-chairman daniel k. inouye (hi): 202-224-3934; fax: 202-224-6747

john d. rockefeller (wv): (202) 224-6472; (202) 224-7665 fax

john f. kerry (ma): (202) 224-2742 - phone; (202) 224-8525 - fax

byron l. dorgan (nd): 202-224-2551; fax: 202-224-1193

barbara boxer (ca): 202-224-3553

bill nelson (fl): 202-224-5274; fax: 202-228-2183

maria cantwell (wa): 202-224-3441; 202-228-0514 - fax

frank r. lautenberg (nj): (202) 224-3224; fax: (202) 228-4054

e. benjamin nelson (ne): tel: (202) 224-6551; fax: (202) 228-0012

mark pryor (ar): (202) 224-2353; fax: (202) 228-0908
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some housekeeping

we are pleased as a platypus to add louded mouth to our permanent blogroll.

loaded mouth has been linking to us for some time, and, as well as agreeing with our stand on net neutrality and not taking ads which undermine same, is an all-around good, snarky blog. read it often!
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"no, i am sparticus!"

peripetia spoke with jason leopold, and then analyzed the entire joe lauria/mark corallo accusations of false identities being used for quotes.

according to peripetia, jason insists that he never identified himself as joe lauria when he spoke to corallo, in spite of lauria's published allegations thereof.

peripetia reprints in their entirety the emails to and from leopold and lauria.

you be the judge.
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David Brooks, the near-sighted pundit

Tom Tomorrow on David Brooks. Could Brooks be any more wrong or irrelevant? Apparently accuracy and insightfulness are not necessary at The New York Times.
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not too smart

half sigma studies the general social survey in relation to the 2004 election, and finds that the regions inhabited by folks with the higher iq's voted dem.

we could have told you that.
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help the blog, help the cats

kevin of the american street tells us that poor melanie, who blogs just a bump in the beltway, has been sick as of late, and has no health insurance. even worse, her kitties are also sick, and they also have no kitty health insurance.

so poor melanie (quite literally poor) is facing mounting doctors and veterinarian bills. kevin suggests and we second the motion, that you surf on by just a bump in the beltway and hit her paypal button to contribute a little to the cause of healthy blogging (and healthy cats). as kevin puts it:

for someone as dedicated as she's been in combatting the potential pandemic of the avian flu, there's a cruel irony in her predicament.
get better soon, melanie!
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Sunday, June 25, 2006

your supermarket wants you fingerprinted

Chopping off my little finger
Originally uploaded by timtak.
the frequent shopper cards are freaky enough...but the next thing on their list....they want your fingerprints to buy food. i'll give'm "a finger" alright. a one fingered salute, if you catch my drift.

from sfgate:

within the next four months, a major bay area supermarket chain plans to introduce a payment system that uses biometric fingerprint authentication to verify customers' identities. under this system, shoppers in checkout lines won't need to use cash, checks, debit cards or credit cards. instead, they can place their fingers on scanners that read fingerprints, and once the device links to their bank or credit card accounts, they can buy groceries, get cash back and do everything else shoppers do.

...americans' rights to privacy will be tested even more in the next few years as biometric technology creeps increasingly into everyday arenas. for example, on the campus of uc san diego biometric experts are testing a soda machine that uses both fingerprint and face-recognition technology. the machine is in a lounge for grad students in uc san diego's computer science building.
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information superhighway

rocketboom explains net neutrality with the fetching amanda congdon on a bumpy information unimproved road. net neutrality in blogtopia(y!sctp!) is a hot topic for skippy
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what the hell

junior goes mental
Originally uploaded by hkvam.
is a "rabid lamb" anyway?


(p.s. - markos told me to add the link)

(p.p.s. - not really)

[ed. note: hi, dkos readers! thanks for surfing by. be sure to read some of the other great posts we have, and buy a skippy tee shirt!]
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watertiger quite nicely summarizes the week that was in blogtopia in her new series.
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beckham (181)
Originally uploaded by dazzles.
you "bend, boy!" you bend!

the apwire reports:

david beckham bent the ball over the wall and squeezed england into the world cup quarterfinals. beckham curled a trademark 25-yard free kick just inside the post in the 60th minute, giving england an ugly 1-0 victory over ecuador on sunday and a berth against the netherlands or portugal.

..the england captain, whose free kicks inspired the 2003 movie title "bend it like beckham," hooked the ball ever so carefully over a defensive wall of four ecuadoreans in bright yellow shirts.
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the "lead" lead story of the day

People are fragile things, you should know by now
Originally uploaded by wiseacre photo.
from the cincinnati enquirer...the story you should read today and take action with you elected officials tomorrow....

"researchers knew lead poisoning could be deadly to children and cause brain damage in the late 1970s.

what impact that had on the children's behavior was unclear.

that's why kim dietrich, a professor of environmental health at the university of cincinnati, spent from 1979 to 1984 recruiting 305 children with lead in their blood from cincinnati's poorest neighborhoods for a study that's allowed him to study the children as they grew.

now, 22 years later, one thing is clear: the more lead in a person's system when they're young, the more likely they are to engage in delinquent behavior such as assaults, property crimes and disturbing the peace - acts that carry the risk for arrest, experts say.

"we all know there is a relationship between lead and lower iq, but there is an extension to criminal activity," said dietrich, who is director of uc's division of epidemiology and biostatistics program and conducted the study with a team of four others. "and this has terrible implications for not only the individual, but for society as a whole."

while the national institute of health estimates that lead-poisoned children cost the county an estimated $17.2 billion every year just in medical costs, lost work days and reduced productivity, dietrich's research means it also potentially costs millions more in criminal justice costs and medical care for crime victims.

..."i was interested in this because we know lead attacks areas of children's brains that are involved in aggression and impulse control," dietrich said. "it was logical to examine this relationship between lead exposure and incidents of delinquent behaviors."
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