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Friday, May 26, 2006

and now, some actual great news...

the bill for net neutrality, house resolution 5417, was passed by the house judiciary committee yesterday, 20-13. now it goes to the full house. the c-level heads of soulless telecoms who have dumped hundreds of millions of dollars into their efforts to screw up the internet for their own enrichment will just have to wait a little longer. pity that.

oh, which reminds me: at&t is one of those soulless telecoms. the same at&t that happily hands its customers' phone records to the nsa. the same at&t that has been my long-distance carrier for fourteen years. and this is how at&t treats me. it might be time to sign on with a new long-distance carrier. anyway...

the fourteen democrats who did the right thing: edward berman, rick boucher, john conyers, sheila jackson-lee, zoe lofgren, jerrold nadler, linda sanchez, adam schiff, robert scott, chris van hollen, debbie wasserman-schultz, maxine waters, anthony weiner, and robert wexler.

the six republicans who did the right thing: chris cannon, bob goodlatte, robert inglis, william jenkins, daniel lungren, and james sensenbrenner.

the twelve republicans who did the republican thing: spencer bachus, steve chabot, howard coble, tom feeney, randy forbes, trent franks, elton gallegly, mark green, john hostettler, ric keller, steve king, and lamar smith.

and the one democrat who voted "present": william delahunt. his d.c. office phone number: (202) 225-3111. or, if you prefer, you can visit his website and voice your disappointment in him there.

for phone numbers and websites of all the other committee members, go here.

enjoy your day...
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