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Saturday, April 22, 2006

you take the blue pill, the story ends...

you take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. fixer of alternate brain wants to know how deep the rabbit hole goes:

the criminal-in-chief, his minions in congress, and the bought and paid for 'news media' are doing their damnedest to desensitize us to their crimes. they want us to come to the point where they'll drop a nuke on someplace in iran 'intelligence' tells them is a wmd site, and we'll all just shrug our shoulders, just as we did when they invaded iraq.

we've set up camps in eastern european nations for the sole purpose of torturing human beings, many innocent. we have secret courts in guantanamo and american citizens are detained for years without charges filed. shades of hitler and stalin but we just shrug our shoulders.

once was a time when americans could say, 'no, my country would never do that,' and be reasonably certain he was justified. not saying we're angels, but americans generally did the right thing. an allegation of torture (especislly torture of innocents) would shock us all and we'd demand congress get to the bottom of it. now, as long as it doesn't confront our sheltered lives, we don't much give a shit...

back in the 80s, i watched disturbing made-for-tv movies about what a nuclear war might do to civilization, movies like the day after and threads. i think now is a good time to re-air those movies, if only to get the following points across to people who still think awol is doing a splendid job:

* nuclear war means you can't drive to the mega-mall in your sport utility vehicle anymore.

* nuclear war means no more whoppers, slurpees, ben and jerry's ice cream, or all-you-can-eat buffets.

* nuclear war means you can't watch american idol, fox news, and south park reruns on the 72-inch television in the living room of your half-a-million-dollar home sitting on your precious little patch of pleasant valley sunday suburbia anymore.

* nuclear war means no more male bonding with your golfing buddies.

* nuclear war means no more prozac, xanax, ritalin, or nascar.

* nuclear war means you can't go to the hospital if you become seriously ill -- or, if you're about to give birth, you and your soon-to-be child are on your own, 'cause there ain't no hospital to go to.


* nuclear war means you had it made, you didn't appreciate it, you lost what you had, and you have no right to complain, never mind howl like a whipped cur to have it all back.

if this administration drops one nuke on iran, that's it, we've crossed the point of no return. there will be no such thing as "homeland security" after that -- awol and co. will have forfeited it. if you wonder bread republicans want to hold onto your stock portfolios, monday night football, deer camp, cuban cigars, and personal porn collections, then start raising hell...
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