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Friday, April 21, 2006

out of touch and their minds, to boot!

brad blog analyzes the latest faux news poll and discovers that repubbbs are...wait for it...out of touch with america:

a review of the 13 questions asked in the survey where republican majority responses differed completely from democratic majority responses to the same question, finds that those identifying themselves as independents agreed with the democratic majority opinion nearly 100% of the time.

for example, on the question "do you think it is appropriate for retired military generals to openly criticize secretary of defense donald rumsfeld during wartime or not?," 71% of democratic respondents said yes and just 24% said no.

on the other hand, republicans had the opposite opinion - yes: 36% and no: 62%.

breaking the tie then, were those identified as independents who agreed with the democrats on the matter by answering yes: 64% and no: 32%.

in virtually every single case where republican majority opinion disagreed with democratic majority opinion, the independents agreed with the democrats -- suggesting that republican voters, even in (or especially in) a fox "news" poll are completely out of touch and out of step with mainstream america.
what a surprise.
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