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Monday, April 24, 2006

lunch is all around

we were unable to attend a los angeles blogger lunch with sen. russ feingold last saturday. but luckily for us, brad blog made it. on his resolution for censure, the senator expounded:

once he'd felt the dems had again lost their resolve to fight, and once the information concerning the warrantless nsa spying had come to light, he'd decided the right thing to do was to simply take action. and he did.

"yes," i followed up, "and don't get me wrong, i strongly support your effort there, but might you have gotten more support from your democratic colleagues had you consulted with them first before announcing the resolution publicly?"

he explained that had he done that, the matter would have then been vetted by "democratic consultants" who would have decided to kill the idea entirely before it could even be proposed on the floor. "our party," he said, "is too beholden to democratic consultants."
unfortunately, brad blog didn't go into the important questions: what'd you guys have for lunch, and did the senator pick up the check?

addendum: more on the lunch from some other bloggers who attended:

steve audio, rj, and howie klein.
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