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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

how about greta van sustern as attorney general?

rumor has it that tony snow is taking the job as white house press secretary. bloomberg:

tony snow, a fox news radio host and former presidential speechwriter, has informed associates at the network that he's decided to accept the job of white house press secretary, a fox colleague said.

snow, 50, told coworkers he expects the white house will make a formal announcement today, according to snow's associate, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

the washington post, citing people familiar with the discussions, reported that snow accepted the job after he was assured that he would be able to participate in policy debates. cnn also reported snow was taking the job.
we love 21st century journalism, where a reporter can be considered a reporter by reporting what other reporters are reporting.

snow was treated for colon cancer last year. the post reported that one obstacle to his taking the job is getting the results of a test taken last week to see whether there was any recurrence of the cancer.
wow, we knew the white house vetting process was tough, but there ought to be be some places your prospective employer just shouldn't need to look.

meanwhile, media matters is compiling a list of all the times tony snow lied while working on faux news.

as if that's not in the actual job description for "white house press secretary."
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