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Friday, April 14, 2006

god told me to hate you: the theoretical

the idea that disallowing ruth to argue loudly against homosexuality would limit her religious expression is something of a straw man. the conservative religious right's opposition to homosexuality is not inherent in the christian religion. what ruth is arguing is not dogma, but doctrine.

dogma is a basic tenet of a religion, which is accepted as true without proof. examples of dogma are: christ being son of god, the omnipotence of god, the existence of the holy spirit.

doctrine, however, is a law or set of laws, teachings or instructions. examples of doctrines are: orthodox jews not eating pork, the eucharist of the catholic church, the refusal of the amish to use electricity, and, fred phelps' belief that god hates fags.

more times than not, these instructions are subject to various interpretation throughout history. granted, conservative evangelists are not the only christians to denounce homosexuality. the new pope fester is adamant on condemning homos to hell (and we hear he's working on re-ex-communicating galileo, while he's at it).

but still in all, the catholic church does not actively preach intolerance of homosexuality, at least not as much as ruth and her lawyers are insisting she has the right to express. and that brings us to the second problem we see in the premise for ruth's lawsuit, contextual.
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