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Sunday, April 30, 2006

more denizens of blogtopia who know yes! who coined that phrase!

more bloggers who know, unlike yearlykos, who coined the phrase "blogtopia":

atrios - general j.c. christian - pen-elayne on the web - meme-orandum - our own mimus pauly at mockingbird's medley - colorado luis - vanessa the plucky punk - roger ailes - our very good friend steveaudio - eric at antidotal - carl at washington state political report - maru the crankpot at wtf is it now? - semiquark - the jew of (what else?) the jewish blog - the disgruntled chemist - the grumpy forester - the zen yenta - alternate brain - mark foxwell of a freeway in hell - the blogtopus - jill of brilliant at breakfast - ayn clouter - shayera at excuse the mess...that was just my head - erobin at dkos and at the refugees - elyse of after school snack commenting at rox populi - the green knight - the biomes blog - lurch at main and central - simply left behind - ravings of a semi-sane madwoman - hank of hank's place - you are a tree - as i please - the left end of the dial - spontaneous arising - the higher pie - vidiot speak - the mad prophet - politicky bitch - froth slosh b'gosh - vern's blog - milk river blog - the estimated prophet - efficacy - rj at whazzmaster - factesque - eccentricity - mary at naked furniture - stradiotto - swanksalot at b12 partners solipsism - no more apples - two ton green blog - michael bersin at mydd - absent mindful of the divine invasion commenting at low on the hog - angie at blogs by women - an old soul - truth at main st. usa - emma of late night thoughts - the burned over district...

and the one, the only, the man for whom ted barlow's disease was named - ted barlow!
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bloggers who know what yearlykos refuses to acknowledge

tho yearlykos refuses to publically acknowledge skippy as the coiner of of the phrase "blogtopia," we point to, aside from the aforementioned joe gandelman, the lovely mb over at wampum, the pontificator, and the always loyal dr. avedon carol.

addendum: even more bloggers -

jeralyn merrit of talkleft - tom tomorrow - jane hamsher of firedoglake - tom burka of opinions you should have - the heretik - eli of left i on the news - nathan newman - guy andrew hall of rook's rant - blogamy - jack k. at ruminate this - ben and alex of bluegrassroots - the american street - why now? - our own carnacki - devra of blue streak - mad kane - sadly, no! - leah of correntewire - peace tree farm - our own rj of night light - just a bump in the beltway's reader thomas ware - the blogger formerly known as gd frogsdong commenting on the ndn blog - other plans - bop news reader john - the talking dog - alan bostick of as i please - mary at the left coaster - ian at expose the left - martin wisse - m prophet at american samizdat - julia of sisyphus shrugged - this blog is full of crap - tom at the funny farm - scrutiny hooligans - entartete kunst - rodger a. payne - kevin drum's reader babba - making light's reader michael - debitage - no blood for hubris - our own pundentilla - katherine of cut to the chase - our own george of the old fashioned patriot - eric, formerly of the hamster - more to come, we have to go to a party....
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no wmd's, but avoid the cafeteria's meatloaf

the democratic daily's pam leavey reports on a talk former u.n. weapons inspector scott ritter gave to her daughter's school:

scott ritter, who served in the marines for 12 years, opened his talk with same group of students from north hollywood high school, by telling them he had been talking to high school students across the country since before the war in iraq started. “four students” ritter said, “who were at events before the war in iraq, have died in the war since then.”

“the cost of war” ritter said, “goes beyond the thousands in the hospitals around the country” who’s lives will never be the same, living with lost limbs, and ptsd. “the other cost of war” he told the students, “is that you have to shoot someone and they have lives just like you. you have to live with that. when you go to war, you are scared to death.”

on his flight to los angeles, ritter said he spoke with marines coming home from iraq. they told him, it was now as if, “we’re going to war for the sole purpose of keeping our friends alive.”

“we are now heading towards a war with iran,” ritter told the students and it’s going to be ‘your war.’” “gas and oil prices are going to get worse. my generation let you down. hopefully, you are going to get up and fix it” because he explained, “it’s your future.”
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Saturday, April 29, 2006

skippy looks at books - festival edition

today was a perfect day to attend the latimes 11th annual festival of books on the lovely ucla campus. so, that's what skippy did.

aside from vicariously feeling the joy of reading from the thousands of bookphiles that criss-crossed the quad, skippy spoke at length with some interesting authors and attended some fine panels.

one such panel consisted of original saturday night live writer alan zweibel and noeveau novelist seth greenland, talking about satirical fiction (moderated by snarky be-hatted patt morrison).

patt asked about keeping satire contemporary, especially with lag time in publishing to be considered. alan shot back with the observation that when the president of the united states declares in public 'i'm a decider,' and when the vice-president shoots someone in the face, and the victim apologizes to him, there's no way satire can keep up with reality. alan mused that if the great monotheistic religions of the world had more stand-up comics, things would be better. "if mohammed had a good ten minutes," he said, "the front pages of the newspapers would be quite different."

as hilarious as that panel was, it was just a warm-up for gore vidal talking with arianna huffington. mr. vidal opined on various subjects, most of which were related to the terrible shape the world is in, and most of which was the fault of the current administration.

arianna asked what the opposition party could do, and gore corrected her with a glib "you're assuming that there is an opposition party." he went on to tell how, in the 60's, he and dr. spock attempted to form a third political party, a "people's party," but he soon realized that for there to be a third party, there first had to be a second party.

vidal pointed out that a good way to approach politics now is at the lower levels, and he endorsed marcy winograd, who is currently running against jane harmon for congress in the primaries in skippy's own district in west los angeles. vidal mentioned targeting the lower seats in politics is how the repubbbs started to gain power 20 years ago.

he also, at arianna's instance to say something about al gore, who might be running again for president, opined that "cousin albert is intelligent, which would be a welcome break from what we have now."

the audience which filled royce hall (one of the bigger auditoriums at ucla), interrupted the two speakers with spontaneous applause several times. but reaction was mixed at the mention of hillary clinton's name. several boo's and hisses resounded when arianna first spoke of the democratic senator of (not "from") new york, and, conversely, several people applauded when gore spoke highly of her (for her attempt to create a universal health care system when her hubby was prez).

however gore did express the opinion that hillary should have run for congress in her home state of illinois ("chicago is everything new york wants to be" he said, "a truly great city." hey, new yawkers, don't blame us, we're just reporting here). and when arianna asked why gore liked hillary so much, she said that hillary was very bright. "then have dinner with her" arianna said. "don't vote for her for president."

all in all, a great hour spent with two very opinionated, and articulate people (three, if you count skippy).

on a totally non-political note, skippy got a chance to speak at length with actress-turned-murder-mystery-author harley jane kozak, about the difficulties of writing, getting published, acting, and not getting acting work. ms. kozak was charming, and enjoyed much of what skippy had to say. skippy was charmed, and returned the favor.

tomorrow: carl reiner! you can't beat that!
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say hello

to ignorant hussy.
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fun with google

it's easy to do!
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ooooo, i'm quiverin' in my birkenstocks...

the warbloggers are taking the offensive in the war on terrism: they're gonna wrest the term "101st fighting keyboardists" from the lefty bloggers and make it their own. they even have their very own patch:

note that the keyboard is in the foreground, and that the bird silhouette serves as a convenient backdrop. how appropriate. note the catchy slogan, too. it remains unclear, though, whether they behead, de-feather, gut, prepare, and cook the chickens themselves, or if they just pick up a bucket at the kfc drive-thru on their way to the paint ball range...

(big hop for amanda marcotte...)
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skippy looks at books - the party edition

mr. and mrs. skippy were quite honored to be the guests (along with about 1,000 other people) of the lovely arianna huffington at her brentwood home in honor of the publishing of kathy freston's new book "the one."

the skippy's saw a lot of people there, including diane keaton, david steinberg, army archerd, tom shales, david geffen, jeffrey katzenberg...and then, some real celebrities, such as john amato, scoobie davis, pam leavey, our own rj eskow and the intimidable steveaudio.

arianna has a lovely home and really knows how to throw a shindig. and the skippy's availed themselves of all the fun offered: free drinks, free food, great conversation, who says blogging doesn't pay?
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the rapture cult considers this as one sign of the apocolypse

via fdl: rush limbaugh arrested.

he voluntarily turned himself in for being a lying douchebag doctor shopping, tho his attorney beelzebub roy black entered a plea of not guilty. and what sort of punishment will windbag be dealt? yahoo press release news:

"i am pleased to announce that the state attorney's office and mr. limbaugh have reached an agreement whereby a single count charge of doctor shopping filed today by the state attorney will be dismissed in 18 months. as a primary condition of the dismissal, mr. limbaugh must continue to seek treatment from the doctor he has seen for the past two and one half years. this is the same doctor under whose care mr. limbaugh has remained free of his addiction without relapse…

"as part of this agreement, mr. limbaugh also has agreed to make a $30,000 payment to the state of florida to defray the public cost of the investigation. the agreement also provides that he must refrain from violating the law during this 18 months, must pay $30 per month for the cost of "supervision" and comply with other similar provisions of the agreement.
$30 a month? ohhhh, the poor thing! that's almost an hour's worth of oxycotin!
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at last! now kids can read blogs!

norwegianity reports they are now f-word free.
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publishing delayed

media needle has a suggestion for the cover of tom delay's proposed book.
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virtually there

matt reading of human rights first sends us this missive:

dear skippy,

this sunday – as you’ve probably heard – people will be speaking out against the violence in darfur at a rally in d.c. we know people will come out in force, but we also know the internet can amplify this important message by leaps and bounds.

for the many caring people who can’t make the trip to d.c., but would like to help stop the slaughter in darfur, we’re organizing a “virtual rally.” people can sign human rights first’s “stand in for a victim” petition – and leave a personal message for peace – at: http://www.humanrightsfirst.org/international_justice/darfur/voices/index.aspx?source=bo

can you help us make this virtual rally happen? please post information on your site about our petition. the petition also provides a two minute movie on what’s happening in darfur.

each petition signer will be assigned an individual victim number – we’re looking for at least 200,000 people to stand in for the victims, to represent those who’ve been brutalized in the fighting. the petition calls for a special envoy for peace – someone of the highest international stature who can galvanize global leadership, attract media attention to the carnage, and make sure all parties are included in peace negotiations.

thank you for helping us bring peace to darfur!


matt reading
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your children's hell will slowly go by

the brad blog recommends everyone listen to neil young's latest, "let's impeach the president."
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vidiot update

the vidiot actually took a walk today, a mere days after her brain surgery. seems like she's well on the road to recovery. details at vidiot speak.
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Friday, April 28, 2006

Gov't PR Manipulates Taxpayers With Their Own Money (Plus, Bin Laden's Bette Davis Moment)

the new face of terror

More of your tax dollars are being used to mislead you than ever before - and the GSA is promising "tremendous sales growth" for publicly-funded hucksterism. Even Congressional testimony is being written by PR firms. And the only tiny satisfaction to be gained from it is the thought that, in trying to deceive you about Iraq and terrorism, the government may have given Bin Laden a "Bette Davis moment."

Continue reading "Gov't PR Manipulates Taxpayers With Their Own Money (Plus, Bin Laden's Bette Davis Moment) " »

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Highway Bribery

The Republicans in Congress propose to handle the gas price crisis by sending every taxpayer a check for $100, ostensibly to cover the increased cost of gas. The proposed legislation includes a rider to allow drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In other words, they are trying to bribe the American people into accepting the destruction of the environment with a Ben Franklin. Yet they still have no plan at all to deal with global warming (except to look for more oil to burn, which, oddly enough, contributes to global warming).

Every spring we wander around the yard and turn over the soil and mulch and stuff; it makes the soil healthier. Congress could use with a good turnover too. Might make things grow better.
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Crony Capitalism Report: Hating on the Small Business Association

CE Petro of Thoughts of An Average Woman (but always an above-average web logger) reports on the latest Bush appointee. Steven Preston has been nominated to head the Small Business Association, an organization whose mission is to strengthen small business in America. Preston's qualifications include no small business experience and employment with a company that destroys small businesses. Oh, and he's a Bush loyalist. We'll be calling this one "Heckuva Job" Preston before long.
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friday cockatiel blogging

skippy proves that a bird in hand is worth two on the couch.
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roving around blogtopia*

talkleft doesn't see how rove can escape a false statement charge;

jane of fdl tries to explain how viveca novak fits into rove's problems;

and the next hurrah thinks it's about more than rove and cooper.

*yes! we coined that phrase! except, apparently, at yearlykos!
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they put the "ill" into "illegal immigration debate"

helen wheels over at just ain't right finds the anti-immigration ferver to be going over the top:

spring, texas - two white teenagers severely beat and sodomized a 16-year-old hispanic boy who they believed had tried to kiss a 12-year-old girl at a party, authorities said.

the attackers forced the boy out of the saturday night house party, beat him and sodomized him with a plastic pipe, shouting anti-hispanic epithets, said sheriff's lt. john martin. he was in critical condition thursday, five days after the attack.
helen goes on to cite alarming examples of organized hate, compiled by the anti-defamation league, in the wake of the illegal immigration "debate."
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economics of ammunition

neil shakespeare gives us anecdotal evidence of what america thinks about awol, when neil chatted with the garage guy who changed neil's tire:

reaches into his toolbox, brings out a pair of pliers. he shows them to me and grins.

"from iraq," he says. "my oldest boy is 19. just got back from an 11-month tour over there. specialty tool. military. he brought it back for me.

i didn't know his politics, so i said something safe. "the military's got a tool for everything, don't they?

"yeah. we got 'em too, but there's are better.

"your son, he ok?

"yeah, he was luckier than some.

"what does...um, what does he think of it?

"the war? bullshit. those people have been fighting each other for centuries. what the hell are we doin' jumpin' in the middle of it? my dad he doesn't understand why somebody hasn't shot bush. i tell him, 'why waste a good bullet? he ain't worth the lead in a .22 shell.
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Thursday, April 27, 2006

happy first blogiversary*

to carrie's bar and grill! she was once nominated for best post at the koufax awards, and was a featured blog at the daou report! keep on blogging, carrie!

*yes! talkleft coined that phrase!
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say hello

to no fish, no nuts.
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everything old is neutrality again

we received this missive from our blog buddy evan at alternet's peek:

i know net neutrality isn’t the sexiest issue (alyssa milano’s passionate outcry notwithstanding), but it’s one of those building blocks that helps opposition to all the idiotic crap already underway: iraq, torture,tax giveaways, threats to roe v wade etc...

basically, telecommunications companies want to be able to decide whose sites will get better access. if they don’t like a site or it can’t pony up the cash, they don’t get the speed. remember dial-up? that’s what could happen to all your favorite sites. and forget political dissent.

read this article and/or just go to the bottom and click on the petition and link to your congressperson. a quarter of a million people are already on board and votes are already shifting in our favor....
the money graph from the article by jeffrey chester:

a growing movement of online users, public advocates, internet "visionaries," bloggers, and online corporations are fighting to have congress enact what are called "network neutrality" safeguards. such rules would preserve the internet's essential democratic structure: all content would be required to flow into our pc's and digital devices in a fair and non-discriminatory manner. network neutrality would help ensure that internet serves the interests of diversity of speech. as the new savetheinternet coalition put it, network neutrality is the equivalent of the internet's first amendment.

but an unfettered open road is directly at odds with the broadband business plans of at&t (formerly sbc), comcast, time warner, and verizon. the cable and telephone industry see enormous revenues as operators of a private internet toll-road. how has the internet -- so diverse and unwieldly -- fallen into their hands? the answer is (of course) the bush administration. heavily lobbied by the cable and phone giants, the bush federal communications commission has been eliminating the rules that required the internet to operate in a non-discriminatory manner.
ok, ok, it's the money two graphs. remember, there are three kinds of people in this world: those who can count and those who can't.
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the voting box is full of rocks (clap clap clap clap) deep in the hearrrrt of texas...

brad blog tells us that the texas director of has advised all state election officials to start creating "emergency paper ballots" in light of the numerous proven failures of the voting equipment.

on monday, texas director of elections ann mcgeehan sent a letter to all state election officials authorizing them to create "emergency paper ballots" in light of statewide failures by election system & software, inc. (es&s) to provide ballots in time for the state's upcoming may 13 runoff elections, the brad blog has learned.

early voting begins on monday for those elections and counties across the state do not yet have ballots and, in many cases, programming for their optical-scan and touch-screen voting machines. es&s has contracts with more than 140 texas counties.

mcgeehan has instructed officials to create and number their own paper ballots, secure boxes to store them in, and hire additional workers to manually hand count ballots as an emergency procedure to deal with the rapidly deteriorating situation.
the brad blog provides a copy of the letter, plus analysis of other voting machine problems in other states.

on a housekeeping note, we are happy to add the brad blog to our permanent blog roll. the brad blog is a good friend of skippy international and, when it comes to the voting machine issue, one of the most tenacious in blogtopia. (and yes, we coined that phrase, except, apparently at yearlykos!)
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"and the legacy you leave your spawn will surely bring 'em down"...*

what is deeper then the ocean,
colder than the grave,
stronger than your armies all,
braver than the brave?
those who know, and knowing-o,
will sew on fertile ground.
those who don't and never would
are those who will go down...

(*: fairport convention, "bring 'em down"...)
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how we know we can take fox news seriously

a friend of one of the duke rape suspects, today on fox news' day side:

i was skateboarding outside my dorm when he was taken away in handcuffs.
fox news: we report. you half-pipe.
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no deliberations today...

still no verdict from the jury in alexandria, va. on whether the blustering idiot zacharias moussaoui will receive the death penalty. one of the jurors had to see a doctor today, so judge leonie brinkema sent the other eleven home:

..."i don't want any juror in this serious a case... working if he or she is not feeling 100 percent," brinkema said.

after the jury and brinkema left the courtroom, moussaoui shouted "moussaoui biological warfare" before he was escorted out.

moussaoui, 37, is an admitted al qaeda member who has pleaded guilty to six counts of conspiracy in connection with the september 11 attacks. the jury has spent about 16 hours so far considering whether he should be sentenced to death or to life in prison... {yahoo! news}

interesting note: no federal jury in alexandria has ever opted for the death penalty...
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blogtopia! yes! we coined that phrase! but not, apparently, at the yearlykos!

we at skippy international are still reeling from the inability to successfully negotiate giving a donation of $1000 to the upcoming convention yearlykos. the committee turned us down, and ended negotiations, because we suggested 7 words to include in the program along with our credit. and what were those 7 words? the seven words george carlin memorialized as those that can't be broadcast? the seven deadly sins? the list of osama bin laden's wives? no, it was those 7 words that every skippy reader knows and loves:

in blogtopia! yes! skippy coined that phrase!

the story, we swear, exactly as it happened

we saw on the yearlykos website an offer for benefits for corporate donors. we at skippy international are not anything if not corporate, so we emailed, asking what we could get for $1000. the committee emailed back:

our convention program costs are going to run about $2,000 - $2,300. would you be interested in donating $1,000 toward it and then we can say, "printing of this brochure generously paid in part by skippy the bush kangaroo" or however you want to list yourself.
and herein the trouble begins. we accidentally took them at their word when they said "however you want to list yourself."

we suggested being listed as "skippy the bush kangaroo @ www.xnerg.blogspot.com, serving all of blogtopia (and yes! skippy coined that phrase!)

we assumed that skippy's signature joke would bring a welcome smile to convention goers, and we thought that having our url couldn't hurt either. so we waited for a reply. it came:

sorry, we need to keep it fairly succinct, especially because we have someone else who is also interested in paying for the other half.

but hey, maybe you can have it printed on your badge at the convention!

so, do we have a deal?

you can't spell "negotiation" without "no go"

so, their email indicated the credit needed to be succinct. again, we made the unfortunate mistake of taking them at their word.

we suggested a different, shorter, version, editing out a few words. then we also explained why the blogtopia joke was important to all of us at skippy international. we told them that markos himself signed skippy's copy of crashing the gate with the inscription "thanks for being a long-time denizen of blogtopia," so we assumed that the joke was known, and appreciated. we also assumed (incorrectly, as it turned out) that we didn't need to explain how important having a sense of humor is.

now, we are not rich 'roos. $1000 is quite a lot of money to us, and we aren't able to throw it around without careful forethought. we edited down our suggestion to a mere 7 words more than the committee's suggestion, and we opined that 7 words is not a lot to ask for in consideration of a $1000 donation.

then the shoe dropped. the next email told us

we do need to keep it as i suggested. if you can't donate to us because you feel strongly about having your joke in, we understand and will seek other opportunities to cover the loss of this donation.
so we were already getting the brush off. apparently the convention is doing so well that they don't need skippy's $1000.

the wisdom of mrs. skippy

at this point, mrs. skippy told us to walk away. keep the $1000 and just attend the convention. mrs. skippy also pointed out that skippy had also (after several emails not being answered)previously volunteered his services for the convention as a host or emcee. the committee first assigned a friday night event for him to host, and then canceled the event, but didn't actually bother to notify skippy. meantime we we had publicized the event on this and other blogs. it wasn't until we emailed to confirm that they told us the event was canceled. c'est la blog!

but, foolish naive optimists that we were, we wanted to still continue with negotiations to see if we couldn't work this donation thing out. we were prepared to suggest eliminating our url from the credit, so it would only read

thanks in part to a donation by skippy the bush kangaroo of blogtopia (yes! skippy coined that phrase!)
but alas, we were not even able to make that suggestion. by the time we got to our computers today, we got an email telling us in no uncertain terms that "it didn't work out" and that we were "bullying" them by "dangling" the money over their heads.

we honestly thought we were "negotiating" with them to reach an accord of getting a credit "however you want it listed." our mistake for taking them at their original words.

they continued to tell us that they had "a right to refuse phrasing which doesn't speak to our mission, which is to promote the blogosphere and good progressive organizations."

so apparently they only promote "the blogosphere," and can't promote "blogtopia." and we guess skippy international is not a "good progrssive organization."

they went on, "our convention is not your platform for showing off how witty you can be."

we guess we failed on that account, too. we thought that our signature joke, which markos referenced, which joe gandelman mentioined on msnbc, which everyone who reads our blog knows, would add a little sunshine to what now promises to be an overly-serious self-imporatant affair.

the conclusion, one we should have reached days ago

we could go on about other emails we received accusing us of not respecting their project (though we wonder, if we didn't respect ykos, why would we volunteer our time and our money?) and of jerking them around (and again, we wonder just who's jerking whom around).

apparently our problem was to not know that when they said "however you want to be listed" they meant "however we want you to be listed," and not be told the reality of that situation until several emails into the correspondence, and then get berated for not taking them seriously.

ah, well. we still plan on attending. just without our name, or joke, in the brochure. (wouldn't want the left to be accused of having a sense of humor, now, would we?)

such is life in blogtopia. and yes! we coined that phrase! at least, everywhere except at yearlykos!

addendum: a complete and accurate reprinting of all correspondence between skippy and yearlykos corporate sponsorship committee (except for the final two, in which things got heated on both sides) are available at our sister blog skippy junior. please read for yourselves and decide if we were out of line in thinking we were in negotiations or in how we approached said negotiations.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Frankenstein on trial in Indiana

Crossposted at The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire.

From the Northwest Indiana News:

VALPARAISO | The chains around the waist of the massive creature clanked noisily as he lumbered through the courtroom. Too large to fit easily into the witness stand, he flopped clumsily into the seat.

"He left me, he abandoned me," the creature said, abdicating responsibility for the four murders in question. All the while, Victor Frankenstein, the creature's creator, sat at the defense table with a blank stare.

The debate over who was to blame -- Dr. Frankenstein or his creation -- played out in the Porter County Courthouse on Tuesday evening.

The mock trial, conducted by the Valparaiso High School Speech and Debate team, was part of the annual "VALPO Reads a Book!" civic event to encourage reading and conversation in the community. Organizers chose Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" as the book this year because of its universal themes.

What a great idea. You'll have to read the full story for the verdict. Before you do though, if you're familiar with the book, is Dr. Frankenstein guilty or innocent of the acts committed by his Monster in your opinion?
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Hit 'em again, hit 'em again, harder, harder

The new meme, I am told, is that the price of gas is so high because of the cost of compliance with environmental regulations.

The Republican governor of Oklahoma a few years ago was a gentleman by the name of Frank Keating. Governor Keating was very friendly to the oil industry, so he commissioned a study to determine what it cost the industry to comply with environmental regulations. The study derived a figure for the entire industry. It was $2.6 billion per year. Exxon, by itself, regularly reports quarterly profits higher than that figure.

Check and mate.

(This information is from a posting that originally appeared in Blanton's and Ashton's in October of 2004. Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in.)
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there's snow business like show business

taylor marsh, who has been on or covering radio for some time now, offers her opinion of the white house appointment of a right wing radio host to the job as white house press secretary.
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say hello

to the race is run. this is a blog concerned with "theocracy, theology, religion, politics of religion." it's written by v.k. holiday, the author of every best gift, which is a fictional "archeological thrill ride" that delves into how the two major religions of the world were shaped by a need for "spin" and control of the faithful...sort of a "da vinci code" for both christianity and islam.

check out the blog, and ms. holiday's book as well (and yes, she is one of skippy's sponsors, so be sure to click the ad for every best gift over on our sidebar!)
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caution: genius at work

Max Blumenthal vivisects David Horowitz today. In the process, he writes one of the best paragraphs I've read in a post for days:
...for someone with no academic credentials who failed to earn a doctorate, academics make for an ironic target. Indeed, unlike the professors he smears, Horowitz's work has never been formally peer-reviewed. He is taken seriously only within the right's pseudo-intellectual hothouse, and if his Scrooge McDuck sugardaddies ever yanked his financial feeding tube, he would immediately wilt into obscurity. Instead of boasting before young, impressionable crowds of his "home in the coastal mountains of California," where he spends days "watching horses and rabbits run across [his] neighbor's yard," Horowitz would be combing Venice Beach with a metal detector in search of loose change.
All things considered, that's going pretty easy on the guy. Way to go, Max - kill 'em with kindness.
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pardon my ridiculous blogwhoring, but...

i do believe i've finally gotten a handle on this blogging business...
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Does Michelle Malkin endorse lynching?

It would appear to be true.
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Crony McSnow Job

"my job is to make decisions. and his job is to help explain those decisions to the press corps and the american people.

he understands like i understand that the press is vital to our democracy." preznit 5150 announcing the new media spokesliar. - ap

apparently preznit 5150 hasn't actually heard some things that crony mcsnow job has said about his "decisions."

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it's not two tall buildings in ny next time

i'm sure the "terrorists" have thought to themselves "why take down buildings when we can take down the 'empire'" with attacks on the black gold teat on which the u.s. suckles.....
u.s. energy giant exxon mobil reinforced security at a major oil export terminal in nigeria on tuesday due to a threat of attack by militants, company officials and industry sources said.

...a four-month campaign of sabotage, bombings and kidnapping by the movement for the emancipation of the niger delta (mend) has cut oil output from the world's eighth largest exporter by a quarter since feb. 18. - reuters

but don't forget the internal "financial terrorists" who are dead set on destroying our democracy, too. they are just as evil as those with firearms and car bombs.
digest these numbers: in the 13 years he was chief executive officer of exxon, lee raymond made $686 million. that's $144,573 a day as top dog. last year he took $98 million in lump-sum pension, part of a $400 million retirement package. his swan song year also included $67,035 for country club dues. because he needs walking-around change, exxon is keeping raymond as a consultant for $1 million. all in all, it is believed to be the most lucrative goodbye in u.s. corporate history. - the sedalia democrat

and what do you think would happen to an individual if they haven't paid a financial judgment made against them 17 years ago? they'd be locked up in jail. why can't we do the same to those at the top of exxon?
victims of the spill have sought payment for punitive damages awarded in 1994. the judgment is now $4.5 billion, but exxon says it should only have to pay $25 million. - the hill and npr

it's time we exxpose exxon.
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forget steroids....

big oil "pumps up" the governator.
no sooner did gov. arnold schwarzenegger call for a state investigation of price gouging at the pump than his critics jumped in feet first -- noting that the "no special-interest money" governor has taken nearly $2 million in campaign contributions from the very oil companies he wants investigated. - sfgate
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dear mom, have gone to heaven, is your flesh burning yet?

the whamstress at the green knight finds the latest in rapture technology: pre-written letters to your loved ones who will be left behind.
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

how about greta van sustern as attorney general?

rumor has it that tony snow is taking the job as white house press secretary. bloomberg:

tony snow, a fox news radio host and former presidential speechwriter, has informed associates at the network that he's decided to accept the job of white house press secretary, a fox colleague said.

snow, 50, told coworkers he expects the white house will make a formal announcement today, according to snow's associate, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

the washington post, citing people familiar with the discussions, reported that snow accepted the job after he was assured that he would be able to participate in policy debates. cnn also reported snow was taking the job.
we love 21st century journalism, where a reporter can be considered a reporter by reporting what other reporters are reporting.

snow was treated for colon cancer last year. the post reported that one obstacle to his taking the job is getting the results of a test taken last week to see whether there was any recurrence of the cancer.
wow, we knew the white house vetting process was tough, but there ought to be be some places your prospective employer just shouldn't need to look.

meanwhile, media matters is compiling a list of all the times tony snow lied while working on faux news.

as if that's not in the actual job description for "white house press secretary."
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sf chron endorses debra bowen for sec. of state

debra bowen's campaign for secretary of state (for california) sends us some good news:

on sunday, californians woke up to great news in our fight for fair and accurate elections:

the san francisco chronicle endorsed debra bowen's campaign for secretary of state, saying that she was the clear nominee and will secure your vote!

here are a few key paragaphs from the chronicle's endorsement editorial:

... for this office, bowen is the clear choice in the democratic primary. in her nearly 14 years in the capitol, bowen has demonstrated her commitment to what we believe should be one of the guiding principles of society: an individual’s actions should be presumed private, while a government’s actions should be presumed public. for example, her bills to help consumers guard against identity theft and block “junk faxes” have set national standards.

as chair of the senate elections committee, bowen has been a determined advocate of bringing more transparency to the political process — such as getting lobbying expenses online in a more accessibly way — and installing more rigorous standards on the use of electronic voting equipment. she has done her homework on technological issues and is ready to make the case that california needs a more aggressive secretary of state to restore public confidence in the electoral process.

bowen is not one to flinch at a challenge. she entered this race at a time when many top democrats were reluctant to criticize the scandal-drenched shelley, who was clinging to office. in her typical straightforward style, bowen explained, "it became clear we were going to need a new nominee."

she was right. and sen. debra bowen should be that nominee.
you can read the full editorial here and discuss this great news on the bowen blog.
we are big supporters of sen. bowen, as she was seemingly the lone voice in the wilderness who pointed out bruce macpherson's underhanded certification of diebold machinery.
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quote of the day

melissa mcewan, aka shakespeare's sister, writing over at alternet's peek:

nevermind what i'm watching on my tv screen. i'm more concerned with reading my president talking like he's an extra from fast times at ridgemont high ii: the rapture.
like, mr. hand's flesh is burning! he must be a heathen!
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the white house shake up is mad

mad kane, that is! here's her latest
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only the employed are worthy

susan g over at dkos muses on awol's housing secretary's new standards for being a good citizen:

“some of the people shouldn’t return,” jackson said. “the (public housing) developments were gang-ridden by some of the most notorious gangs in this country. people hid and took care of those persons because they took care of them. only the best residents should return. those who paid rent on time, those who held a job and those who worked.”

the blunt-spoken jackson, who is black, acknowledged his comments might be seen as racially offensive because virtually all of the former st. thomas residents were african-american. he told a white reporter, “if you said this, they would say you were racist.”

he went on to say, “i don’t care what color they are, if they are devastating a community, they shouldn’t be allowed to return.”

his comments drew a sharp response from housing advocates in new orleans who have accused jackson’s agency, the u.s. department of urban development, of giving public housing residents short shrift as it replaces traditional public developments such as st. thomas with planned, mixed-income communities.
susan g side-steps the "racist" strawman that sec. jackson kindly set up for everyone to whine about, and gets to the meat of the matter:

surely we can agree that criminal gang members shouldn't be out on the streets of any city; this is a law enforcement matter, not one for public housing.

but the definition of "desirables" in jackson's is disturbing: those who paid rent on time, those who held a job and those who worked. by those lights, tens of thousands of michigan workers went in one day from some of the state's "best residents" to "undesirables," not based on their own behavior, but on the ruthless realities spawned by globalization. our value as citizens and residents under this categorization is based solely on the economics of big business, as corporations do their periodic employee bloodletting to bolster the bottom line.

talk about not being in control of your own fate. talk about reinforcing the absolute worthlessness of showing up for work on time, doing your job, playing by the rules.
talk about modern times.
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Time For An Urgently Needed James Brown Break

You probably don't know this yet, but you need some James Brown in your life today.

Start with "Out Of Sight," from the old TV show "Shindig" (click on above). Then go to "Please Please Please" (don't quit before he starts 'trying' to leave), then go to this funk/Afro period "Sex Machine/Soul Power" performance (he's picking up some karate moves, Elvis-style - but of course better), and then his later-era duet with Wilson Pickett.

This has been a Spiritual Public Service Announcement. You may now return to your regularly scheduled life.

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Harvard Student Just A Common Sneak Thief

I was one the fence as to what to think about this Harvard sophomore, this Kaavya Viswanathan, who plagiarized material in "her" big, hit, debut novel, titled How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life. I read her apology for the plagiarism and thought, "Well, okay, she's 19, so she made a mistake." But then I thought about what she said regarding her theft:
When I was in high school, I read and loved two wonderful novels by Megan McCafferty, 'Sloppy Firsts' and 'Second Helpings,' which spoke to me in a way few other books did [Ed. Note: Suck up much?]....While the central stories of my book and hers are completely different, I wasn't aware of how much I may have internalized Ms. McCafferty's words. I am a huge fan of her work and can honestly say that any phrasing similarities between her works and mine were completely unintentional and unconscious.

My problem with those remarks is that I was a pretty smart 19 year old myself, and I was an avid reader throughout my youth. In fact, I read all the time as a kid and my mother used to have to yell at me to go outside and play rather than read all day long. I internalized a lot of books as a kid. In college, I majored in English and took a number of creative writing classes, studying both poetry and prose. I never plagiarized anyone's material and I could not possibly have "unconsciously" plagiarized someone else's material. I mean, come on, does this kid want everyone to believe that she wasn't aware of what she was writing as she wrote it? Did she write in a trance or something? It doesn't sound true at all. In fact, it sounds like a real crock.

My take is that she knew exactly what she was doing, but was either too arrogant or too jejune to think she would be caught. Speaking as someone who writes for a living, I have always felt a special contempt for those who plagiarize the work of professionals, and especially for those who plagiarize for pay. I really tried to let this one slide, too, but when I consider her excuses, which really smell, I can't buy it. She knew exactly what she was doing and her publisher ought to bite the bullet, get the money back from her, and reimburse everyone who bought the book. At the very least there should be ample compensation for Megan McCafferty, who wrote her own books without stealing other people's work.

(Corss-posted at Blanton's and Ashton's.)

UPDATE: This blog posting reinforces my impressions.
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and now, a post for the non-believers...

be they atheists, agnostics, skeptics, freethinkers, or whatever else they prefer to call themselves. skippy opens a door, i walk on in -- can't help myself. a few little things:

the next time you hear someone say officials should be allowed to put a sculpture of the ten commandments on public property, ask them to recite the ten commandments from memory and in order. just for a lark. they'll probably get the first one, but the second one is long and easy to botch. i'll bet they place "thou shalt not kill" in the wong spot. (it's the sixth.)

if someone tells you they are a creationist, ask them which creation account they subscribe to -- the one where god creates man and woman as equals after creating the wild animals and "creeping things" on the sixth day (gen. 1.24-31), or the one where god creates man first, then the animals, and then the woman from the man's spare rib (gen. 2.4-24).

and finally, if someone you have met for the first time asks you if you've found jesus, point out that jesus isn't the one who is lost.

please let me know what happens next.

til further on...
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is your dog getting enough hi-def tv?

will collier's dog is.
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charts & graphs

courtesy of greg saunders over at this modern world:

gas prices

oil company stock prices

their campaign contributions
greg suggests you remember this at the polls.
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Monday, April 24, 2006

counter-intuitive clockwise

what the hell is that weird little clock thingie on your cursor over at the sideshow?

but on the plus side, dr. carol not only brings us the bra of the week but a snarky comment about ana marie cox, so who's complaining?
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we're definitely going to hell

like sunday links us to f*ck yeah jesus!
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gimme shelter

hairy fish nuts directs us to the all headline news report that details how rolling stone mick jagger refused to give up his hotel room for awol:

apparently, president george bush can’t get no satisfaction from mick jagger, who splashed out £3,600 a night for a posh hotel suite days before the u.s. leader tried to book it.

the 62-year old rolling stone star booked the luxury royal suite at the five-star imperial hotel in vienna, austria, for when the stones are due to play a gig in the city in june.

so when president bush’s aides tried to book the same room for a summit meeting, they were told the room was already taken.

jagger, who is a fierce critic of the was in iraq, refused to give up his hotel digs for the president, with a source close to the rocker saying, “bush’s people seemed to be under the impression that they would just hand over the suites but there was no way mick was going to do that.”
bonus skippy contest! use the comments section to come up with the best stones punchline for this story! winner will receive a free week's worth of advertising on skippy!
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update on the vidiot

mr. vidiot tells us how the vidiot is doing after her brain surgery (complete with pic of her scar...eeewwwwww!!!) over on vidot speak.
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lunch is all around

we were unable to attend a los angeles blogger lunch with sen. russ feingold last saturday. but luckily for us, brad blog made it. on his resolution for censure, the senator expounded:

once he'd felt the dems had again lost their resolve to fight, and once the information concerning the warrantless nsa spying had come to light, he'd decided the right thing to do was to simply take action. and he did.

"yes," i followed up, "and don't get me wrong, i strongly support your effort there, but might you have gotten more support from your democratic colleagues had you consulted with them first before announcing the resolution publicly?"

he explained that had he done that, the matter would have then been vetted by "democratic consultants" who would have decided to kill the idea entirely before it could even be proposed on the floor. "our party," he said, "is too beholden to democratic consultants."
unfortunately, brad blog didn't go into the important questions: what'd you guys have for lunch, and did the senator pick up the check?

addendum: more on the lunch from some other bloggers who attended:

steve audio, rj, and howie klein.
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blogger is acting out again. do not adjust your browser. blogger has eaten most of skippy's template, and is due to go out at 7 pm eastern, 4 pm real time, or so they tell us.

please read the few posts left on our blog. we assume things will right themselves in a few hours.

and as bartles & jaymes would say, thank you for your support.
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circular firing squads of the left

now raw story has officially joined the lefty mutual-destruction society with melinda barton's rant against "atheist whackjobs."

as dr. myers points out, melinda does a fine job of providing examples of most of the logical fallacies available, including straw men, false dichotomies, and downright ignoring of one's premise in one's own proof.

the bottom line for melinda is that people who don't believe in religion are nutcases, and people who don't believe that other people should be allowed to believe in religion are dangerous.

the truth of the matter is, of course, that most atheists are not adamant about forcing their beliefs (or non-beliefs) down other people's throats; quite the opposite, they are adamant about refusing to let other people force their religious beliefs down everyone else's throats.

but that's not good enough for melinda. she sets up strawman after strawman, assigning various extreme positions to the atheistic left, and then using bizarro world logic, attacking said positions.

even more, she undercuts her own authority by attributing said "outrageous claims" to the "whackjob" atheists without any sourcing or citing (with the exception of one quote from the atheist foundation of australia and one from the international maniefesto for atheistic humanism. pardon us, but we don't know anybody who's read the international manifesto for atheistic humanism. and, in spite of our logo, we don't know anybody in the atheist foundation of australia).

dr. myers does a better job than we do of deconstructing melinda's "logic," as do several raw story readers in the article's comments section. our misgivings lay in the meta-position of lefties v. lefties...there's no progressive atheist organization that we know of which is calling for destruction of churches and organized religion. there are many that bemoan such institutions, but none that believe separation of church and state is the same as widespread forced eradication of personal belief systems, be they religious or otherwise.

melinda uses the same tactic that is a favorite of the hardly-ever-right wing: ascribe one's own pettiness to one's opposition, and then demonize the opposition for it.

what would jesus write, melinda?
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story time

the emperor's new clothes and the fucking blogger.
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meanwhile, back in iraq

news24: six car bombs explode in baghdad.

six car bombs exploded on monday, killing at least six people and wounding dozens, as politicians met to try to finalise a new cabinet.

police discovered bodies of 17 iraqis - apparent victims of sectarian killings the united states hoped the new government could end.

police said that elsewhere, in baghdad and other areas, a roadside bomb, two drive-by shootings and a mortar round killed six other iraqis.

on sunday, at least three us soldiers and 31 iraqis were killed, and the country's largest sunni arab party raised new allegations of sectarian killings - one of the most urgent issues facing the new leadership.
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Stories, anyone?

I posted this originally at Blanton's and Ashton's last Friday and received enough of a response at my little lunch counter inside the Blogway (y!dbkctp!) that I decided to post it again here for a wider audience (slightly edited to improve it since I often dash posts off with little editing).
I took a moment to see if there were anything special about today, according to the calendar, and found that today is School Librarian Day.

I have a special place in my heart for a very special school librarian who is no longer with us. Her name was Sister Mary Ancilla, O.P., and she was the school librarian at Pope Pius XII High School in Passaic, NJ. She was a little slip of a thing and was quite old by the time I showed up at Pope Pius. What I remember most about her is that she was a very quiet, very kind woman who also had great authority when she wanted. My Sister Mary Ancilla story takes place just a week or two short of my high school graduation. I mentioned to Sister Mary Ancilla that I had admired T.S. Eliot's poetry. The next thing I knew, she went into the back room and fished out a slender, old, but never-before-opened paperback of Eliot's poetry and gave it to me as a graduation present. Okay, so it was no big deal really, but it touched me deeply and I still remember it and remember her with great affection for having done that.

Anyone else have a school librarian story to share for School Librarian Day?
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what does the wsj think about limericks?

mad kane writes some limericks about the wsj's vapors over the lefty blogs' "coarse" language.
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we'd settle for a jumble about skippy

one of bob harris' readers made an acrostic based on bob's blog.
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quote of the day

rude pundit, on a group of photo-op children at the white house easter egg hunt singing awol's praises for fema's help during katrina:

it's a little like a national guard member thanking bush for sending him to iraq 'cause it gets him out of the house. except creepier.
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Sunday, April 23, 2006

look back in kansas

mustang bobby at bark bark woof woof is going to the international william inge theatre festival.
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is it ted barlow's disease?

charles2 at the fulcrum denies he's given up blogging. he's just resting (cue dead parrot sketch reference).
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congratulations to atrios!

for (a) getting his 100 millionth visitor to eschaton, and
(b) for correctly sourcing the joke.
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say hello

to airbeagle.
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music charms the idiot savant

anntichrist s. coulter has a great idea over at blondesense: send pink and neil young to serenade the white house.
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Saturday, April 22, 2006

say hello

to the patriot daily.
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stupid is as stupid publishes

via athena at first draft, john scalzi at whatever introduces us to the stupidest person on the internet.
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news flash: no wmd's

bad attitude refers us to this weekend's 60 minutes on which tyler drumheller, head of cia covert ops in europe during the run up to the iraq invasion, pretty much spills the beans:

...the cia knew there were no “weapons of mass destruction” in iraq six months before the us invaded, and informed the white house.

“the (white house) group that was dealing with preparation for the iraq war came back and said they were no longer interested,” he was quoted as saying in interview excerpts released by cbs on friday.

“we said: ‘well, what about the intel?’ and they said: ‘well, this isn’t about intel anymore. this is about regime change’,” added drumheller, whose cia operation was assigned the task of debriefing the iraqi official.
but here’s the key paragraph.

cbs said the cia’s intelligence source was former iraqi foreign minister naji sabri and that former cia director george tenet delivered the information personally to us president george w bush, vice president dick cheney and other top white house officials in september 2002. they rebuffed the cia three days later.
why rebuffed? well, according to cbs,

they didn’t want any additional data from sabri because, says drumheller: “the policy was set. the war in iraq was coming and they were looking for intelligence to fit into the policy.”
as bad attitude says, if awol thinks his poll numbers are tanking now, he ain't seen nothing yet!
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send the kids to bed

we don't mention dr. menlo's sensual liberation army enough on this blog, because, well, for one thing, it carries content that most folks wouldn't want showing up on their work computers, or their kids seeing.

but if you like sex like we do, it's a pretty damn comprehensive site.
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it's funny because it's true

check out the poorman institute: the further adventures of the keyboard kommandos - the war against on our own troops.

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you take the blue pill, the story ends...

you take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. fixer of alternate brain wants to know how deep the rabbit hole goes:

the criminal-in-chief, his minions in congress, and the bought and paid for 'news media' are doing their damnedest to desensitize us to their crimes. they want us to come to the point where they'll drop a nuke on someplace in iran 'intelligence' tells them is a wmd site, and we'll all just shrug our shoulders, just as we did when they invaded iraq.

we've set up camps in eastern european nations for the sole purpose of torturing human beings, many innocent. we have secret courts in guantanamo and american citizens are detained for years without charges filed. shades of hitler and stalin but we just shrug our shoulders.

once was a time when americans could say, 'no, my country would never do that,' and be reasonably certain he was justified. not saying we're angels, but americans generally did the right thing. an allegation of torture (especislly torture of innocents) would shock us all and we'd demand congress get to the bottom of it. now, as long as it doesn't confront our sheltered lives, we don't much give a shit...

back in the 80s, i watched disturbing made-for-tv movies about what a nuclear war might do to civilization, movies like the day after and threads. i think now is a good time to re-air those movies, if only to get the following points across to people who still think awol is doing a splendid job:

* nuclear war means you can't drive to the mega-mall in your sport utility vehicle anymore.

* nuclear war means no more whoppers, slurpees, ben and jerry's ice cream, or all-you-can-eat buffets.

* nuclear war means you can't watch american idol, fox news, and south park reruns on the 72-inch television in the living room of your half-a-million-dollar home sitting on your precious little patch of pleasant valley sunday suburbia anymore.

* nuclear war means no more male bonding with your golfing buddies.

* nuclear war means no more prozac, xanax, ritalin, or nascar.

* nuclear war means you can't go to the hospital if you become seriously ill -- or, if you're about to give birth, you and your soon-to-be child are on your own, 'cause there ain't no hospital to go to.


* nuclear war means you had it made, you didn't appreciate it, you lost what you had, and you have no right to complain, never mind howl like a whipped cur to have it all back.

if this administration drops one nuke on iran, that's it, we've crossed the point of no return. there will be no such thing as "homeland security" after that -- awol and co. will have forfeited it. if you wonder bread republicans want to hold onto your stock portfolios, monday night football, deer camp, cuban cigars, and personal porn collections, then start raising hell...
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silicon valley welcomes aWol

unfortunately, they were confined to a free speech zone. asspress:

more than 500 protesters beat drums and called for president bush's resignation friday as the president prepared to speak to silicon valley leaders at the sprawling cisco systems inc. headquarters here.

police restricted the demonstration to a few blocks from where the president was going to appear, meaning the motorcade would not see the colorful banners calling him everything from a criminal to a liar to a murderer.

the noisy, but peaceful protesters said they were not discouraged and pressed to get their messages across as they took aim at everything from indian health care funding cuts to the war in iraq.

"ken's voice has been silenced, but mine hasn't," said karen meredith, a mountain view woman whose son, ken ballard, was killed two years ago in iraq. "today is a day we unwelcome bush to san jose."
we hope he noticed.

addendum: eli of left i on the news gives us his eye-witness report (w/pics!), and knight errant links us to the political cortex report of the event.
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Friday, April 21, 2006

crashing the book signing party

tonight skippy enjoyed a wonderful hour or so with his fellow progressives in santa monica who came to hear jerome armstrong and markos moulitsas hawk their book, their tour, their politics and their bad jokes at the crashing the gate book signing party at club 310.

the event was sponsored by the clean money campaign, which is working towards 100% publicly-funded political campaigns (tho jerome quipped that then the public would wind up paying the poltical consultants). we're not sure, but we'd guess there were about 50 folks who showed up to hear jerome and markos speak. the two were warmly received, and traded the microphone to expound on blogs, working inside and outside of the system, ned lamont, the dem establishment, the netroots, and the tough work of visiting 30 cities in 40 days.

markos opened with a great joke, saying that to get to the book signing, they went to the right address, only in los angeles and not santa monica; when they saw that all the signs were in korean, they knew they were in the wrong place (it's an la joke). they took a few questions after their respective talks, and then signed some copies of crashing the gate for their fans groupies peers. they then had to take off earlier than scheduled, because somebody had arranged another signing at book soup, about 5 miles away, which in los angeles at 7 pm takes 4 hours to drive.

both gentlemen were very happy to see skippy, as skippy has been blogging on their respective sites since the jurassic period of blogs. in fact, markos used the word "blogtopia" in his autograph in skippy's copy of ctg (because he obviously knows that yes! we coined that phrase!), and both authors mentioned that they are looking forward to seeing skippy at the yearlykos convention in vegas in june.

all in all it was a rousing santa monica welcome for two of blogtopia's (y!wctp!) biggest stars, who are quite down-to-earth, approachable and sincere.

we hope cookie jill can make it to their santa barbara signing tomorrow!
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friday cockatiel blogging


clicky in front, big boy and angelina in back
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say hello

to chris valentine's video site.
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my apologies in advance

i can repost it all here or just provide this handy link to my blog...
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oh i wish i were a harriet miers wiener

swopa over at needlenose points out how cartoony josh bolton's alleged shake-up of the white house staff actually it:

from the new york times this morning:

joshua b. bolten, the new white house chief of staff, has raised the possibility of moving harriet e. miers from her job as president bush's counsel as part of a continuing shake-up of the west wing, an influential republican with close ties to mr. bolten said thursday…

mr. bolten's thinking about ms. miers, however tentative, provided an insight into the scale of his ambitions for overhauling the white house staff and, should he proceed, could amount to a test of how far he would be able to go in bringing about change.
there it is, in a nutshell. that a battle is shaping up over the epic question of whether to replace a lightweight functionary in a non-policy role (one who became a national laughingstock for her vapid subservience, no less) is indeed a revealing sign of just how big a "shake-up" or "overhaul" we're talking about here.

i hear through well-connected sources that bolten is considering a daring, no-holds-barred assault on the staffers who empty the wastebaskets in the oval office, too.
we say the whole move is "cartoony," because, after all, this whole shake-up is just the illusion of movement.
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out of touch and their minds, to boot!

brad blog analyzes the latest faux news poll and discovers that repubbbs are...wait for it...out of touch with america:

a review of the 13 questions asked in the survey where republican majority responses differed completely from democratic majority responses to the same question, finds that those identifying themselves as independents agreed with the democratic majority opinion nearly 100% of the time.

for example, on the question "do you think it is appropriate for retired military generals to openly criticize secretary of defense donald rumsfeld during wartime or not?," 71% of democratic respondents said yes and just 24% said no.

on the other hand, republicans had the opposite opinion - yes: 36% and no: 62%.

breaking the tie then, were those identified as independents who agreed with the democrats on the matter by answering yes: 64% and no: 32%.

in virtually every single case where republican majority opinion disagreed with democratic majority opinion, the independents agreed with the democrats -- suggesting that republican voters, even in (or especially in) a fox "news" poll are completely out of touch and out of step with mainstream america.
what a surprise.
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we'd like to welcome a couple of new blogs to our permanent blogroll. in honor of the vidiot's successful brain operation, we're putting vidiot speak on the roll, and the delightful satirical political report in the humorous blogs category.
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Let's all sing like the birdies sing
tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet

In honor of our own Skippster, Mimus Pauly, we note that May 13 will be for the birds...for The World Series of Birding, that is!

What is The World Series of Birding? In a nutshell (and I don't mean a nuthatch), teams of bird-watchers start in the same place and fan out across the countryside, trying to spot the largest number of different bird species in a 24-hour period. Last year, fifty-seven teams competed. The winning team, Nikon / DVOC Lagerhead Shrikes, spotting 222 different species, a tribute both to the team's skill and to the diversity of habitat and species found in the Garden State.

The WSB is the most exciting event in all of bird-watching, and this year should prove to be no exception. The competition leaves the nest at the Cape May Bird Observatory at 12:00:01 AM on May 13 and ends at the Observatory on May 13 at 11:59:59 PM. This will be the 23rd World Series of Birding, an annual New Jersey event.

It makes a bird proud to be from New Jersey.

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who needs body armor when you've got the gop?

bring it on! tells us the repubbbs have once again voted to reduce funds for body armor for our boys and girls overseas.
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surgery update for vidiot

we get this missive from sailor, the co-blogger of the vidiot (of vidiot speak), who went in for brain surgery a couple days ago:

[mr. vidiot] called me around 2:45 yesterday afternoon to say that the doctors had told them that the operation went as well, if not better, than they had hoped. they were going in to see her in a little while.

that’s pretty much all i got but sounds good to me.

thanks and i’ll send on any additional updates i get.

thanks for your good wishes,

great news! speedy recovery, vidiot!
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i wish i knew how to post my own photos on the net...

there's a mild thunderstorm in progress here in richmond. maybe it's just me, but i think my neighborhood is at its most beautiful when the sky is gray, the rain is falling, and the trees are so green you think you're living in a rainforest. i could do without the thunder and lightning, though. i do most of my travel on foot, and i've been caught in many a thunderstorm -- lightning ain't cool when you're walking down a road several miles from your home and you hear the blast half a second after seeing the flash. truth is, i wasn't scared of lightning until i moved to richmond. they don't have many storms like this in new england. up there it mainly rains a lot. it will drizzle or rain lightly for a day or two during the spring, but there isn't much thunder and lightning. summertime in richmond, though? dark clouds have a way of moving from the horizon to the zenith in a hurry. the day i started settling in here -- i even remember the date, april 8, 1998 -- was one such day, only the clouds and rain were accompanied by tornado warnings and hail. hail in april as far south as richmond! i think i've seen hail here three times since then, all three times during winter. but i've seen lightning hit the apartment complex i was living in a couple times. thank goodness for closets...
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baby punk on the way

plucky punk is pregnant! (try saying that 3 times fast)
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hot pants

the snafu principle points to the many ways that awol's pants are on fire.
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

we are the walrus

next monday a producer is going to televise a pay-per-view seance in an attempt to contact the spirit of the late john lennon. bosherald:

starcast productions will have psychics, spirit readers and gurus outside the dakota building in new york city where lennon was gunned down in 1980, in central park’s strawberry fields, outside the capitol records building in hollywood, and in india.

executive paul sharratt told the media last month that the lennon seances were “a natural follow-up” to the princess di seances.

the tv special’s site, www.spiritoflennon.com, notes at the bottom of the page in italics: “not authorized by or connected to the estate of john lennon.”
we couldn't help ourselves, this one wrote itself...channeling mad kane, to the tune of...well, you know what tune:

pay per view beatle! beatle! beatle!

dear sir or madam if you watch tv
there’s a famous dead guy that you oughtta see
said he’s bigger once than our lord christ
but he’s really dead now so you pay a price for pay per view beatle
pay per view beatle!

it’s a grisly story of a psychic man
who will make some money with his ghastly plan
he’ll charge the public of their own accord
just to watch him fool with a ouija board, pay per view beatle
pay per view beatle!

pay per view beatle! beatle! beatle!

it’s a real winner of a tv show
there’s a lotta suckers with a lot of dough
and they’ll pay to hear from a man who’s gone
you can bet this deadman’s gonna turn them on: pay per view beatle!
pay per view beatle!

so next monday night lots more ghosts will come
than you see on patty arquette’s medium
in spite of doubts our psychic’s gonna forge
but i hope we don’t wind up with only george, pay per view beatle
pay per view beatle!

pay per view beatle! beatle! beatle!

pay per view beatle! pay per view beatle!
pay per view beatle! pay per view beatle!
pay per view beatle! pay per view beatle!
pay per view beatle! pay per view beatle! (ad naseum)
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you know things are bad when fox viewers hate aWol

how low can he go? how about to 33% at faux news:

president bush’s job approval rating slipped this week and stands at a new low of 33 percent approve, down from 36 percent two weeks ago and 39 percent in mid-march. a year ago this time, 47 percent approved and two years ago 50 percent approved (april 2004).

approval among republicans is below 70 percent for the first time of bush’s presidency. two-thirds (66 percent) approve of bush’s job performance today, down almost 20 percentage points from this time last year when 84 percent of republicans approved. among democrats, 11 percent approve today, while 14 percent approved last april.
yow! he was right! he is a uniter, not a divider! everyone agrees, he sucks!
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skippy looks at books

we were happy to receive our complimentary copy of one nation, under george by z.m. wagner, and published by infinity publishing.

the book promises to be a political satire set in the future, in which a liberal-turned-conservative looks back at the administration of you-know-who:

the narrator, a sincere conservative-convert, details why he decided to support programs like mandatory dress code inschool and natioanl id cards with gps devices...adults and children of the future are only allowed to watch tv and use the ocmputer once an adult swipes their id card, thus tracking programming and internet choices. at first hesitant to lose personal civil liberties, the narrator eventually "comes around" to the republican way of thinking through intimidation and the threat of potential terrorism.
also on skippy's reading list, the number one best seller american theocracy by kevin phillips.

mr. phillips, himself a former repubbblican strategist, writes about the dangers of the rapture cultists' hold on contemporary politics. from the nytimes review of his book:

phillips is especially passionate in his discussion of the second great force that he sees shaping contemporary american life — radical christianity and its growing intrusion into government and politics. the political rise of evangelical christian groups is hardly a secret to most americans after the 2004 election, but phillips brings together an enormous range of information from scholars and journalists and presents a remarkably comprehensive and chilling picture of the goals and achievements of the religious right.

...on the far right is a still obscure but, phillips says, rapidly growing group of "christian reconstructionists" who believe in a "taliban-like" reversal of women's rights, who describe the separation of church and state as a "myth" and who call openly for a theocratic government shaped by christian doctrine. a much larger group of protestants, perhaps as many as a third of the population, claims to believe in the supposed biblical prophecies of an imminent "rapture" — the return of jesus to the world and the elevation of believers to heaven.

prophetic christians, phillips writes, often shape their view of politics and the world around signs that charlatan biblical scholars have identified as predictors of the apocalypse — among them a war in iraq, the jewish settlement of the whole of biblical israel, even the rise of terrorism. he convincingly demonstrates that the bush administration has calculatedly reached out to such believers and encouraged them to see the president's policies as a response to premillennialist thought. he also suggests that the president and other members of his administration may actually believe these things themselves, that religious belief is the basis of policy, not just a tactic for selling it to the public...
both books look worth checking out. and one book we're sure to be discussing tomorrow night will be crashing the gate, when we attend the markos & jerome book signing at club 310 (and perhaps the later book soup soiree as well).
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