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Friday, March 31, 2006

wsj = dommie darko?

more plagarism of blogtopia* by corporate top-down media: talkleft reports that the walls treat journo failed to credit raw story with breaking the scanlon-miller-delay fiasco:

i did a lexis search and found that jason's article was the first to report the scanlon-miller story. jason is understandably miffed. he writes by e-mail:

three months ago, i broke a big story in the jack abramoff lobbying scandal. i reported that abramoff's ex-partner michael scanlon was implicated in the scandal by his jilted lover and former fiancee, emily miller, who met scanlon when the two worked as press aides for congressman tom delay. i spent four months fleshing out this story. i spoke to a dozen people in washington who told me how this went down. in the end, i discovered that miller spoke to the fbi after scanlon broke off their engagement and started dating another woman. it was an important story. it had all the makings of a hollywood thriller. my story was published on the internet magazine, raw story. it received some play on the net and in indpendent media circles. some mainstream publication reporters acknowledged the good work in private emails to my editor, john byrne. however, it was never picked up or republished by any of the traditional publications.

today, the wall street journal published a front-page "exclusive" that basically recycled my story from january without mentioning that it was first reported by me or that i broke the story wide open. i spoke to two journal editors in new york. they acknowledged this morning that they read my story and assigned a reporter to follow it up. but they refuse to credit me for first reporting it.
the asspress was caught plagarizing raw story two weeks ago, and the wjs has already been caught lifting from blogs without credit.. we knew the msm was lazy, but now they're just blatant about it!

*yes! we coined that phrase!
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