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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

from the people who thought deborah howell was an ombudsman...

via atrios, the washpost has hired (as in, paying money to) ben domenech, former bush appointee and red state cofounder, to write their "red america" blog. tom edsall, in the post politics hour, suggests that you write jim brady if you want to suggest they hire someone to write a liberal blog.

addendum: while researching this post, we accidentally read the blog red america, and already found a factual error.

(we graciously ignored remarks like "smart democrats read this kind of rhetoric ['crashing the gates' by markos and jerome] and recognize that if they continue to be the party of howard dean, the floor may be nonexistent." we try to rise above pointing out obviously mean-spirited oratory.)

we stumbled upon this "fact" about that same book:

an odd publication when one considers that dkos endorsed candidates are 0-19 in elections.
excuse us for remembering so correctly, but dkos endorsed, supported, and stood behind current office holder rep. stephanie herseth in south dakota.

so apparently ben domenech is 0-1 in his representation of reality.

you might want to mention that obvious mistake in your letter to jim brady.

double addendum: the maven at booman tribune reminds us kos also endorsed now u.s. representative ben chandler of kentucky; and reddan at dkos mentions kos-endorsed virginia gov. tim kaine, senator barak obama of illinois, sen. ken salazar of colorado, "and a number of other candidates."
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