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Friday, March 31, 2006

friday cockatiel blogging


squiggles on the table with her family (in the back)
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happy 2nd blogiversary*

to mydd! tho, as chris tells us, mydd has been around for two years:

...its history, i believe, stretches back to even before 2001, when i believe it had nothing to do with politics at all. jerome started using the site to cover elections in 2001, and by 2002 comments were added. before long, it became the nexus of the netroots for the dean campaign, and the highest trafficked progressive political blog in the country. later on, mathew gross was recruited to write for the site, but by the summer of 2003 jerome put the site on hiatus.

today is the second anniversary of mydd scoop. content-wise, since the scoop relaunch there have been 4,546 front-page posts and 12,053 diaries. there are now around 14,000 registered users, and who knows how many comments. traffic wise, there have been around 12.6 million visits since the relaunch, and around 19.6 million page views.
good going, guys! keep up the great work!

*yes! talkleft coined that phrase!
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"vote for me, i fixed the cah tax"

gov. ah-nold trots out his first campaign ad for re-election:

sacramento - gov. arnold schwarzenegger's political team on monday debuted its first re-election ad of 2006, focusing mostly on the governor's accomplishments of two years ago…

the 30-second ad, called ``tomorrow,'' appears to be a montage of san francisco cityscapes and stock footage from the 2003 recall election. a narrator cites schwarzenegger's early-term successes in cutting the deficit, overhauling the worker's compensation system and reducing california's vehicle license fees. it closes with a shot of schwarzenegger's face and says his ``leadership is making california work again.''
we have seen this ad, several times, and the problem with it is simple: after two years of leading california, there's little for him to crow about.

the ad asks us to remember back in the days before ah-nold took office. remember the car tax tripled? yes, we do. remember the deficits? uh, no. we don't actually deal with the deficits, so, no, we don't remember them. remember california being literally in the dark? yes, remember some blackouts, but we also remember the enron trial (can you say "market manipulation"?) currently going on.

the ad asks states that ah-nold lowered the car tax and reduced the defincits, and created 400,000 new jobs.

we remember the car tax. the deficits, well, we'll take his word on that. the 400,000 new jobs? in a state of over 35,800,000 people, that's a wee bit over 1%.

ok, let's review. he lowered the car tax. and...uh...he gave 1% of california a job.

the problem with ah-nold's new ad is that, at least for skippy international, when it asks us to remember the last two years, we remember a special election that cost the state over 50 million dollars, and which the california voters used to soundly defeat every one of ah-nold's propositions.

we remember that ah-nold, who ran on a campaign that painted incumbent gray davis as a serial fund-raiser, has raised more money while in office than any previous california governor.

we remember ah-nold trying to force the nurses of this state to take on a ratio of 6 patients to nurse, more than the state law currently allows, for patient safety reasons.

and the car tax. we remember the car tax.

the only viable, tangible thing that ah-nold can point to is that he lowered the car tax. and, as intoned by the overly sincerely, intense narrator in the commerical, it seems even more inconsequential. so trivial, in fact, that we would swear the ad was an snl parody.

although something seems to be working, as the latest public policy institute poll finds ah-nold with a significant lead over his two rivals, state treasurer phil angelides, and steve wesley, the favorite of mrs. skippy:

gov. arnold schwarzenegger holds a solid lead over either of his democratic challengers in a head-to-head battle in the november election, at least among those who have a preference, but 30 percent of likely voters remain undecided, according to a non-partisan poll released today...

one-on-one, schwarzenegger holds an eight percentage point advantage over former ebay executive and current state controller steve westly and a 12-point lead over treasurer phil angelides.
if gov. ah-nold's re-election team came to us for advice, we'd tell them, hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. but do something about that silly tv ad.

addendum: speaking of last year's special election ("speical" in the same sense, apparently, as in "special olympics"), a california court has ruled that gov. ah-nold's campaign committee broke the law in the run up to the big day:

the 3rd district court of appeal's decision said schwarzenegger's california recovery team -- used to promote his four failed ballot initiatives last fall -- violated campaign finance rules by not reporting expenditures within 24 hours in the campaign's last three months.

that led the union-backed alliance for a better california to file a complaint thursday with the state's campaign watchdog, the fair political practices commission.

under state law, the commission has 120 days to file a civil lawsuit seeking penalties up to $25 million -- the estimated amount of the improperly reported expenditures. or it could seek smaller administrative penalties of $5,000 per violation.
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ted barlow disease strikes again

goodbye, blogtopus, and thanks for all the posts.
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not tortured enough for their tastes

the heretik has various takes on reporter jill carroll's release from captivity in iraq, the majority of which seems to be suspicion on the part of the hardly-ever-right because she wasn't beat up enough for them:

while certain groups will claim carroll is being used by certain iraqis for political purposes, how far off we are from someone claiming jill carroll was a willing agent in her own kidnapping is probably just the click of a mouse away.
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say hello

to the third path, which has a great encapsulation of the famous chef returns episode of south park.
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wsj = dommie darko?

more plagarism of blogtopia* by corporate top-down media: talkleft reports that the walls treat journo failed to credit raw story with breaking the scanlon-miller-delay fiasco:

i did a lexis search and found that jason's article was the first to report the scanlon-miller story. jason is understandably miffed. he writes by e-mail:

three months ago, i broke a big story in the jack abramoff lobbying scandal. i reported that abramoff's ex-partner michael scanlon was implicated in the scandal by his jilted lover and former fiancee, emily miller, who met scanlon when the two worked as press aides for congressman tom delay. i spent four months fleshing out this story. i spoke to a dozen people in washington who told me how this went down. in the end, i discovered that miller spoke to the fbi after scanlon broke off their engagement and started dating another woman. it was an important story. it had all the makings of a hollywood thriller. my story was published on the internet magazine, raw story. it received some play on the net and in indpendent media circles. some mainstream publication reporters acknowledged the good work in private emails to my editor, john byrne. however, it was never picked up or republished by any of the traditional publications.

today, the wall street journal published a front-page "exclusive" that basically recycled my story from january without mentioning that it was first reported by me or that i broke the story wide open. i spoke to two journal editors in new york. they acknowledged this morning that they read my story and assigned a reporter to follow it up. but they refuse to credit me for first reporting it.
the asspress was caught plagarizing raw story two weeks ago, and the wjs has already been caught lifting from blogs without credit.. we knew the msm was lazy, but now they're just blatant about it!

*yes! we coined that phrase!
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the king of all internets

the guys at bluegrassroots radio has posted the podcast of the interview with skippy!

they spoke at length about numerous topics, all political or medial, including a shout-out to our co-bloggers.

we must apologize, tho, to rj eskow, whom skippy forgot to mention. sorry, rj! don't take it personal! nobody told skippy he was going to have to memorize all your names!
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roo's yer daddy?

the kids at bring it on! saw this and thought about us.

they also wish al gore a happy birthday!
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color commentary

christy hardin smith gives the blow-by-blow account of today's censure hearings, part i and ii, over at fdl.
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shorter sadly, no!

the national review is stupid.
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Blogger delivers informative interview: the corporate media doesn't have this one

Kirk Bloodsworth spent years on death row for a crime he did not commit. He became the first person on death row to ever be exonerated by DNA evidence. Jay Lassiter of Bluejersey.net and Lassiter Space interviewed Bloodsworth, and you can listen to that interview via podcast. Click the link to open the interview directly, or subscribe to all of the Bluejersey.net podcasts via iTunes.

(Cross-posted at Blanton's and Ashton's)
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testing my psychic powers

of course when i read that an earthquake has killed many people, my first reaction is to be sad - sad for those whose lives were ended suddenly and quite possibly painfully, and sad for those left behind to mourn the ones they lost. i am sad for those whose homes are destroyed, or damaged to an extent that causes financial distress.

nowadays, though, now that i follow the news so closely and have come to realize just what kind of people really populate the forefront of america's media, i have an almost immediate second reaction: the snarky predictions.

from this iranian earthquake i predict the following:

1) pat robertson will say something idiotic about the iranians being punished by god
2) the picture on the msnbc site of a little girl on a blanket will be featured everywhere by the end of today.
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Not Just Another Pretty Face

Naomi Campbell working hard at that terribly difficult job, the one where you hear model's complaining all the time about what hard work it is

Nope, Naomi Campbell is not just another pretty face; she's also got a wicked throwing arm. Fashion model Naomi Campbell was arrested for assault on Thursday for hurling a cell phone at her housekeeper's head. The cell phone struck home and the housekeeper reportedly required four staples to close the wound.

There is no report as the whether the model was horrified at the prospect of staples because she avoids things like bread and rice. (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

The press may characterize this as a temper tantrum by some over-privileged person who became rich for walking in clothes and was abusing a working person, but that would be unfair to...um...never mind.

Campbell's lawyer is saying the assault charge was in retaliation for Campbell firing the housekeeper earlier that morning. He also claims the wound to the back of the housekeeper's head was self-inflicted.

Heh. Lawyers, ya know?
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Thursday, March 30, 2006


obama may heart joe, but apparently he was about the only one in the room who did. the stamford advocate:

lieberman became obama's mentor when obama was sworn into the senate in 2005. they stayed close at thursday night's event, too, entering the room together and working the crowd in tandem.

despite the camaraderie between the two, the crowd was clearly more receptive to obama's remarks than lieberman's speech about party unity and the potential for democratic victories at the ballot box this fall.

in fact, scattered boos greeted lieberman when he took the podium, and he had to stop three times during his remarks to shush the crowd so he could deliver key points...

some democrats at thursday's event said lieberman's support of the iraq war is still a sore point with them. in fact, the democratic town committees in windsor and manchester both recently passed resolutions condemning lieberman's stance.

"those of us who've been on the shooting end of the war gallery aren't happy at all about what's going on," said warren packer, a manchester democratic town committee member and military veteran. "i think he's done some good things for the state, but he has to answer for the war."
tough room.

(thanks and a tip of the bush kangaroo hat to kos for the link)
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y? kos we like you

yearlykos (which we plugged the hell out of on bluegrassroots radio today) has announced a great panel for the bloggers' meetup in vegas this june (8-10):

l'affaire plame, starring valerie's hubby ambassador joe wilson, our own coffe & muffins buddy jane hamsher and her firedoglake co-blogger christy hardin smith, plus dan "liberal blogger" froomkin of the washpost, and some other guy (and gal), promises to be the second most exciting panel at the 3 day conference (call us science geeks, but we're looking forward to meeting dr. p.z. myers at the anti-creationist roundtable).

if you haven't registered for yearlykos, and are on the left side of the country, we strongly suggest you do it, and especially before the price goes up on april 1!!

we also don't have the details yet, but the lovable skippy the bush kangaroo will be taking on hosting duties for one of the weekend's events. which means we'd better start writing material now. let's see, is "rove" spelled with one asshole, or two?
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To Arms! To Arms! Well, to Phones at least...

Liz over at Blondesense is calling on people to call on their Senators to join in the censure petition, sooooooo...

CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW TOLL-FREE: 888-355-3588 or 800-828-0498

Here's what Liz has to say about it (and she's right):
Why does George Bush feel he can just laugh off the laws passed by Congress and even the Constitution itself? He did it AGAIN by attaching a so-called signing statement to the renewal of the Patriot Act, reserving the right to DISREGARD even the minimal reporting requirements that Congress had the temerity to impose. Who is going to challenge him? He's not just laughing at the legislature. If you do not speak out now, he is laughing at YOU.
I, for one, will not let George Bush laugh at me because I like laughing at him too damned much, and this ain't no quid pro quo.
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live on radiotopia

skippy just finished a wonderful hour of discussion with ben and alex of bluegrassroots radio over on wrfl-fm, the voice of the u. of k.

amongst the topics were the recent fec decision about blogs, jack abramoff's sentencing, the dissaray of the gop, the dissaray of the dems, immigration as a wedge issue, who coined the term blogtopia, impeachment, our lovely co-bloggers, ted barlow disease and the excitement of yearlykos.

the archives should be posted in a couple of days so anyone who missed it (probably all of you) will be able to listen to the podcast.

on a personal note, we'd like to wish ben and alex a big congratulations on their graduation, and great good luck to their post-collegial life.

keep fighting the good fight, boys!
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why did he do it?

this may be the worst video i have ever seen: david hasselhoff singing "hooked on a feeling."

damned heretik...
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there's more than one way to impeach a lawless lame duck...

montpelier, vt. -- leading democrats in vermont plan to decide in april whether to urge state lawmakers to petition for president bush's impeachment using a little-known provision in the rules of the u.s. house.

democratic committees in at least half of the state's 14 counties have passed resolutions calling for impeachment, citing a rule in "jefferson's manual," a book of parliamentary guideslines written by thomas jefferson that supplements u.s. house rules.

the anti-bush movement is "genuinely bubbling up from the grass roots," said jon copans, the state party's executive director.

the state democratic committee is scheduled to decide the issue in a special meeting april 8... [ap/washpost]

i don't expect vermont democrats to have any more success with their efforts than either rep. conyers or senator feingold have had to date with theirs. but the more pols who call for awol to be held accountable for his illegal acts and stubborn recklessness, the more likely it's going to happen. awol is the poster boy for arrested development; he simply cannot be reached, never mind rehabilitated. he can, however, be thrown out of office. it can't happen too soon in my opinion.

(big hop for the bulldog manifesto...)
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


skippy will be guesting on bluegrassroots radio tomorrow on wrfl-fm, the voice of the u. of kentucky at 2 pm eastern, 11 pm real time.

for those of you without receivers powerful enough to get that station, just wait a couple of days and the archives should be posted on bluegrassroots.
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count every vote

we are in the middle of watching the very compelling dvd invisible ballots, sent to us by the ib lending library and the very gracious joan brunwasser.


joan is the voting integrity editor for oped news, and manages the lending library (in conjunction with count every vote and citizens for election reform), and will mail a copy of the dvd to you. all she asks is $11 to cover postage & handling, and that you mail it back when you are done.

we think it's well worth the $11, and especially if you have a group or club, or just a bloggers meetup, we suggest you pass the hat and collect the money, get the dvd and show it at your next meeting.

among the experts interviewed on the dvd is bev harris, author of black box voting; dr. rebecca mercuri, research fellow at harvard university’s kennedy school of government; dr. david dill, professor of computer science at stanford university; dr. avi rubin, technical director of the information security institute at johns hopkins university; and kim alexander, founder of the california voter foundation.

it's very watchable, and very frightening. if you thought diebold and its ilk were beginnig to lose its grip on america, you'll think again after watching this dvd.

email joan for information about getting a copy from the lending library.
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separated at birth?

awol, and

mortimer snerd?
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up the river

abramoff is going to the big house, for six years.
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Cheney hearts Shelley

Cross posted at Panhandle (WV) Grassroots for Democracy

From Shelley Moore Capito's web site:

"Shelley Moore Capito answers to no one except the people she represents. The President and I need people of Shelley's caliber to help us keep our nation prosperous. ..."
Vice President Dick Cheney.

Her caliber?

Capito was the largest recipient of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's ARMPAC campaign contributions. DeLay is being prosecuted on charges of felony money laundering of campaign finances and conspiracy to launder money. To date, Capito has not offered to return any of the $48,500 she received.


According to federal prosecutors, Capito's name appears in e-mails that suggest her former chief of staff was trying to help lobbyist Jack Abramoff secure a GSA lease for land for a religious school. However, Capito denies knowledge of the action and her former chief of staff claims that he did not bring the issue to her attention.

I'll skip the obvious joke of Dick "Reckless Shooter" Cheney using caliber in a sentence.
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look in the dictionary under irony and you find garance franke-ruta's cv

garance franke ruta is asking for readers to list their blogs in the comment section on tapped.

highly ironic, considering her new policy of not linking to anyone who writes pseudonymously.
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skippy wins

as does all of blogtopia, and we are still alive to be able to say yes, we coined that phrase!

thanks to what kos calls an "incredibly responsive" federal elections commission, the internets will not be regulated out of existence. adamb on kos:

there was much talk on the hill yesterday that house republicans might continue to push for h.r. 1606, the online freedom of speech act, which had been rendered both unnecessary and politically less justifiable as a result of the fec's actions. in short, it's one thing to support a broad exemption in the face of not knowing what the fec might do; it's another to push for the bill after the fec has acted strongly to protect online free speech, such that the primary practical effect would have been to deregulate paid political advertising online. such a move would have put those of us on the pro-speech side in a tricky rhetorical position, while risking the inclusion of all sorts of amendments and problems along the way.

via krempasky, we have now learned that house republicans have taken the wise course of putting h.r. 1606 "back in the holster", as it were. as mike notes, we can always bring it back if necessary: "if the so-called 'reformers' sue - pass the bill. if the regulations turn out to be unworkable for any reason - pass the bill."

here's the statement from majority leader boehner:

"both rep. jeb hensarling and house administration committee chairman vernon ehlers deserve great credit for bringing the issue of online freedom of speech to the forefront of public debate and for spurring the fec to take what appears to be a hands-off approach to the internet.

"the recent action by the fec, leaving virtually all political activity on the internet free of regulation, ensures that those engaging in politics online can continue to do so safe in the knowledge that they will not run afoul of our campaign finance laws. in light of this good faith effort by the fec, and after discussions with the bill's sponsor, we have postponed floor action on the bill at this time.

"the house will closely monitor the implementation of the new rule to ensure it protects bloggers and others engaging in politics online. if the new rule does not offer the appropriate protection, of if there are efforts to expand its regulatory scope, the house will resume plans to consider the hensarling bill in order to guarantee freedom of speech on the internet."
for the record, we ourselves have no problem with regulating paid political ads on blogs. but we are in agreement with kos, atrios, redstate and everyone else (except, apparently, garance franke-ruta), that to regulate blogs as political pacs without dealing with fox news and limbaugh is the height of hypocrisy and the depths of repression.
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say hello and arrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh

to howardempoweredpeople.
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a couple proposals...

jonathan larsen thinks journalists ought to start reporting on religion and the politicians, religious leaders, and believers who promote it the way journalists report on everything else (or are supposed to, anyway): in depth and at length. to that end, he offers journalists ten commandments of covering religion.

and while they're absorbing larsen's idea, i have one for the irs: just as an experiment, start collecting taxes at a flat rate from every christian house of worship in this country, no exceptions. let's say, ten percent -- a tithe. render unto caesar what is caesar's, and all that jazz. the larger churches should be able to foot the tithe with little difficulty. and if the smaller ones start running into financial trouble because a flat tax is inherently unfair to the poorer institutions, well, there's always the power of prayer, right?

and if it turns out the flat tax is viable, let's apply it to all the american synagogues, mosques, temples, and whatever's left, too. we can use all that money to pay down the deficit.

i know what'll happen. this will do to the smaller places what wal-mart's been doing to small businesses for years. worshippers will gradually abandon the poorer houses and flock to the megachurches advertising heavenly deals at earthbound prices. any megachurch will do (if you've been to one wal-mart, you've been to all of them), and when the day's done, the salvation shoppers will all be spiritually poorer for their efforts. in other words, a flat tax on religion won't change a damn thing -- except to reduce the enormity of the deficit.

just suggesting...
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


to the tune of "gary, indiana" from "the music man"...

garance franke ruta
garance franke ruta
garance franke ruta
pseudononymous is out

garance franke ruta
garance franke ruta
garance franke ruta
that is what she's all about

if you'd like to have a logical explanation
why she favors blogs with government regulation
we could hide behind unknown identification
she might think it crass
she can kiss our ass

garance franke ruta
garance franke ruta
not bill shakespeare, goethe, menken, stein, twain, or camus

but garance franke ruta
garance franke ruta
garance franke ruta
we say ...who???
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"did i say black? i meant, white..."

holden at first draft thinks joe-mentum liberman is getting nervous with ned lamont nipping at his heels...he's suddenly sounding like a democrat!
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good advice

john, over at a lie a day, follows his grandmother's advice upon the deaths of casper weinberger and lyn nozfiger.
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some housekeeping

we are pleased as a platypus to add the very funny and fine just ain't right to our permanent blogroll. helen wheels, who writes it, also contributes to little green fascists, and suggests we visit her sister blog, betty jo's white world.

and now, we are full of mixed emotions as we announce that we have deleted three blogs from our roll. we shan't tell you which ones, but we have a policy here at skippy international to list only blogs that link back to us.

these three blogs, very large, established, important blogs, at one time (we thought) did link to us. they no longer do. even worse, when we wrote emails asking them why skippy was no longer on their blogrolls, 2 of the 3 didn't even bother to write back. the bastards! (and, in one case, the bitches!)

if these blogwriters change their minds and decide to put us on their rolls, we'll be happy to reinstate them on ours. but, much like garance franke ruta, we have made an arbitrary decision based less on content and more on our own ego. of course, this means we won't be linking to the federalist papers, either, or garance franke ruta, for that matter, but rules is rules.

we now return you to our regularly scheduled blogging.
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medicare d(isaster)

nyeve's dkos diary documents her encounter with a pharmacy cashier when she went to buy her mother's lipitor:

cashier: "so who's paying today?"

me: i'm paying.

cashier: "is this for you?"

me: "no, for my mother."

cashier: "does she have medicare d?"

me: "no. we're too scared."

cashier: "i don't blame you. it's awful, the poor seniors. it's changing already."

me: "what do you mean, changing?"

cashier: "everyday something changes. the co-pays are going up, the drug lists change. it started at one price, the prices are inching up. they think no one will notice."

me: "what do you mean inching up?"

cashier: "it's some sort of bait and switch."

me: "come on! i thought it was supposed to be stable for one year."

cashier: "isn't bait and switch when you buy one thing and get something different? no one knows anything. seniors start to cry at the window. what should i say to them? we can't follow it. there are hundreds of plans, they keep changing."

me: it sounds really bad.

cashier: it's a disaster. the doctors give them samples, if they can't get what they need. it's crazy. why does the government go after seniors who need medicine and have only a little money?"

me: ask mr. bush.

cashier: "that's what i tell them. we need a new government. the seniors will tell mr. bush in november. you were smart to wait. hopefully they'll do a new plan. this one cannot survive. it's not working."
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this land is your land, this land is my land

in response to la's gigantic protest march last weekend, linkmeister quotes woody guthrie.
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Are you addicted?

I suspect we all know the answer to No. 5.
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the national debt clock keeps on ticking while our country's future keeps on taking a licking....

the national debt clock, as it is known, is a big clock. a spot-check last week showed a readout of 8.3 trillion -- or more precisely 8,310,200,545,702 -- dollars ... and counting.

but it's not big enough.

sometime in the next two years, the total amount of us government borrowing is going to break through the 10-trillion-dollar mark and, lacking space for the extra digit such a figure would require, the clock is in danger of running itself into obsolescence. - afp

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who are the better people for the u.s.?

those who enter the country illegally and take jobs caring for our society shunned elderly and disabled, cleaning homes and offices, picking and harvesting our food, slicing, sauteing and serving famished foodies, caring and nurturing the kids of the well to do but don't want to do it's.....all the while paying their taxes?


those who only work hard illegally hiding their money offshore so it won't be used to give u.s. soldiers body armor and healthcare?
a former kpmg llp tax partner pleaded guilty monday, saying he helped wealthy investors dodge millions of dollars in taxes with fraudulent documents, sham companies and phony tax shelters.

...he was among 19 defendants charged with conspiracy last year in a tax scheme that the government alleges helped affluent kpmg clients escape $2.5 billion in taxes.- ap
who really are the ones "taking" from our country?
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Monday, March 27, 2006

rip buck owens

country star, honky tonk legend and entrepeneur buck owens died on saturday at the age of 76.

buck, co-host of 'hee haw,' and singer of 'act naturally,' was performing onstage at his nightclub, the crystal palace in bakersfield, california, just hours before his death, sez the latimes:

"he had come to the club early and had a chicken-fried steak dinner and bragged that it's his favorite meal,"[family spokesperson jim] shaw said. after dinner, owens told band members he didn't feel up to performing and decided to drive home. on his way to his car, fans on their way in told him that they had come from bend, ore., and that they were really looking forward to hearing him sing. owens turned around and did the show.

"he mentioned that onstage: 'if somebody's come all that way, i'm gonna do the show and give it my best shot. i might groan and squeak, but i'll see what i can do,' " shaw said. "he died in his sleep — they figure it was about 4:30 [a.m.] — probably of heart failure. so he had his favorite meal, played a show and died in his sleep. we thought, that's not too bad."
mr. and mrs. skippy had the pleasure of seeing buck perform at the crystal palace more than once, as it was one of their favorite spots to commemorate their anniversay. buck would encourage the audience to send up to the stage notes telling who was celebrating what, and he would give everyone a shout-out during the show.

the skippy's were pleased when buck used their 20th anniversary as a straight line for a joke, something along the lines of marriage being longer and more boring than the show that night.

the shows that the skippy's saw were never bad...buck owens and the buckaroos always gave their best, and the audiences were always up on their feet, dancing along with one of the greatest country singers ever to strum a pedal guitair.

they're gonna put me in the movies
they're gonna make a big star out of me
we'll make a film about a man who's sad and lonely
and all i gotta do is act naturally.
thanks for all the great music, buckaroo.
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say hello

to antagony & ecstasy and a brooklyn bridge.
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we don't care, "tapped" never linked to us anyway

how do we know that garance franke rupta is her real name?
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maximum donations

stephanie mcmillan's recent minimum security comic with bill napoli's home phone numbers has been getting so much attention lately, that stephanie is auctioning off the original drawing on ebay. she will donate half the proceeds to the planned parenthood organizations of minnesota, and north and dakota, and the other half to the oglala sioux indian tribe (which promises to open a women's health clinic on their sovereign land).
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what the hell is a "success fee?"

when you lie and cheat while investigating liars and cheats?
the turnaround expert who led enron corp. through its bankruptcy engaged in unacceptable billing practices and has agreed to cut in half the $25 million he has been seeking as a "success fee," the justice department said monday. - ap
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care to do some homework?

listening to the ed schultz show at lunch today, he had a caller who called up and said that he had some friends who worked at the irs in a certain section that dealt with quarterly business returns and that they specifically tracked illegal usage of social security numbers. these folks alerted businesses to " bad ss numbers" and gave them a certain period of time to resolve the issues.

according to the caller, during the clinton administration these folks found hundreds of thousands of bad ss numbers and were doing a good job of tracking down folks using them. and, also, according to the caller, the u.s. chamber of commerce asked the bush administration to dismantle this "group" because it didn't want businesses to be in the "policing" business.

anyone hear this show and heard of this group of irs agents?
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julia, elayne, gavin, and a host of others are announcing the release of and they cook, too, a cookbook of favorite recipes by your favorite bloggers, benefitting doctors without borders.

we wonder if they include recipes for humble pie and crow, something the other side should be eating right about now.
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impeachment on the march

bob fertik and david swanson send us this piece from impeachpac detailing the various cities that have passed impeachment resolutions.
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toons for peace

ava at peace takes courage links us to their new animation 3 years.
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goodbye, mr. cheats

red state has issued a formal "goodbye, mr. cheats" for dommie darko...apparently he will spend some time to "wander in the wilderness" for a while, "as he rightly should":

all of the leadership of redstate has struggled mightily over the past few days, and have tried at every step to take the right course of action. now that the story is complete, we can move on.
[ed. note: you wish! ]

if you, as many have done, dedicate thousands of man-hours to scrutinizing of his life's work, you'll find two things: first, you'll find several instances of this behavior, some attributable to youth, and some not. second, you'll find an amazingly talented writer, a man of principle, and an earnest young activist seeking not to advance himself -- though advance he did -- but the things he believed in.
[ed. note: or, you'll find an opportunistic shallow-thinking son of a crony too lazy to do his own work. you decide]

certainly it may seem strange today to describe him as a "man of principle."
[ed. note: this one is shooting fish in a barrel. insert your own joke here]

but those who know ben -- and all of us on the rs leadership team do -- know that he is passionate in his beliefs. they also know that he is human. it was ignoring this humanity that led to our earlier posts about the situation...
[ed. note: also, ignoring reality]

and for his failing, his career is in ruins, and his public reputation is in tatters. it is a long road back for ben domenech...and you know what? he'll take the time to wander in the wilderness as he rightly should. he'll walk that road.
[ed. note: cue the music: when you walk, through a storm, keep your head up high...]

the least the rest of us can do is be waiting for him at its end. so today, the world thinks ill of ben domenech. but perhaps it should step back a bit. his crime was not mortal, and his character is not irredeemable. indeed, most of his friends believe this episode a deviation from a core character that is fundamentally good. he is my friend. he is our friend and will remain so. he needs some time away from this - and he'll get it in the form of a leave of absence.
[ed. note:wow. how often do you hear about someone getting fired from a blog?]

putting aside the charge for which ben has been pilloried and you're left with is a particular group of critics.
[ed. note: aside from the fact that it's no longer a charge, but an admitted crime of ethics, that's rather like saying, "putting aside the whole raping and pillaging thing, genghis kahn was a pretty decent chap."]

unlike ben, there is far less hope for their redemption. you see - before they settled on the attacks on his writing - they spent three days proving that they are the lowest of the low. charges of racism were born of poor reading comprehension.
[ed. note: oh, we see, "coretta scott king was a communist" makes fun of communists, not negros!]

threats of violence. obscene commentary about his mother, his sister, his father.
[ed. note: yeh, "his father was a bush appointee, who liaisoned with jack abramoff." that is obscene...]

loathesome, vile, and disgusting - their contempt for civil behavior surpassed only by the emptiness of their own souls. these are a people that see a man who gives up drinking in the middle of his life for the sake of his family, and respond by creating rumors of cocaine addiction.
[ed. note: first we've heard of it, but we'll happily pass it on. did you know dommie darko had a cocaine addiction?]

these are ignoramuses that think portraying an african-american politician as sambo is appropriate, as long as the critics are liberal and the target is a republican.
[ed. note: huh??]

our critics can raise their glasses and toast to what they think is success - tearing down a flawed conservative. but therein lies their greatest weakness: destroying a conservative is not to destroy conservatism.
[ed. note: if he was a real conservative, we wouldn't have a problem with him. it's the chickenhawk plagarist thing that got us.]

and while they put all their energy and venom into this campaign, it is worth remembering that for all the noise - they have yet to present a real alternative to an america that rests on the foundation of freedom, free markets and family.
[ed. note: here's one: how about, the constitution?]

against that, the only answer they have is yet another personal attack.
[ed. note: f*ck you!]

addendum: the nytimes says pj o'roarke denies he ever gave dommie permission to use his words under dommie's byline:

contacted at his home in new hampshire, mr. o'rourke said that he had never heard of mr. domenech and did not recall meeting him.
"i wouldn't want to swear in a court of law that i never met the guy, mr. o'rourke said of mr. domenech, "but i didn't give him permission to use my words under his byline, no."
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hardly-ever-right blunders in saying lara logan blunders

we're grateful to get hits from any source, but following one link back this morning, we came upon the gateway pundit, who tried to prove that lara logan's piece on realiable sources yesterday was not trustworthy, because she implied that there was a quagmire, when in fact, there were only 4 deaths:

liberal blogs and their fans were atwitter on sunday to hear cnn reporter lara logan defending her company's gloomy defeatist reporting on iraq.

the liberals love that bad news from iraq but sadly the segment itself was only an added piece of evidence to the original argument…

but, the most incriminating statement by lara logan was this comment about...
"all the american soldiers that died this week that you didn't see on our screens".
uh,... it looks like there were four, lara.

four fatalities does not a quagmire make!
we read gateway pundit's piece, and wondered aloud to ourselves, where did lara make the statement that dead american soldiers are the watermark defining a quagmire? in fact, reading through the transcript, we tried to find where lara used the word quagmire in the first place? uh, the answer is...nowhere. she said "who says things aren't falling apart in iraq?"

[ed. note: apparently gateway pundit says, as well as strategy page]

our point is that gateway set up a strawman, ascribing a point to lara that she didn't make or even imply, and then tore it down. what lara did say was:

...our own editors back in new york are asking us the same things. they read the same comments. you know, are there positive stories? can't you find them? you don't think that i haven't been to the u.s. military and the state department and the embassy and asked them over and over again, let's see the good stories, show us some of the good things that are going on? oh, sorry, we can't take to you that school project, because if you put that on tv, they're going to be attacked about, the teachers are going to be killed, the children might be victims of attack.
[emphasis ours]

that situation, we believe, is what lara was talking about when she said "who said things weren't falling apart in iraq?" this, along with 40 dead today by suicide bomber, 69 dead yesterday, a cache of headless bodies found north of baghdad, etc. etc. etc. is what lara was referring to.

it's fine to try to make the case that things aren't falling apart in iraq. but to aruge the validity of only one reason, when the original statement included several different points of why things are going badly, is incomplete at best, and disengenuous, at worst.

one other note about gateway pundit's piece: we ourselves checked the icasualty site to find the 4 dead soldiers that the pundit insists does not make a quagmire, and found something interesting. there were not 4 casualties, but 7.

there was no week in march, no matter how you configure it (even with artificial parameters, ie, tuesday through tuesday) in which there were 4 or fewer american casualites.

this is not a big point, but we relish the irony that the hardly-ever-right wing makes something as simple as a counting error in their attempt to discredit lara logan's reporting.

that, along with the newly-minted neocon meme accusing reporters of working "on a balcony" (hey, guys, if a reporting working on a balcony in baghdad is cowardly, don't you find it telling that you're on a whole different continent?) undermines the whole premise.

in other words, if your piece has the headline that says someone else made a blunder in reporting, don't make a blunder in reporting.

addendum: we didn't even notice this one till our 8th or 9th reading of this post. gateway pundit starts out by saying

liberal blogs and their fans were atwitter on sunday to hear cnn reporter lara logan defending her company's gloomy defeatist reporting on iraq.
except, gp, lara works for cbs. tell us again about how she blunders?
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

no biting comments about brits dental plans

their teeth may be crooked....but americans' teeth are simply falling out due to lack of dental attention.

from the chicago tribune:
dental care for the needy remains painfully scarce in the chicago area, leaving tens of thousands of people with untreated cavities, toothaches and bleeding gums.

the ailments are distressing in themselves, but research also has linked them to serious conditions such as heart disease and premature birth, and they can worsen the effects of diabetes.

...stroger hospital, the centerpiece of the county's system, gets 7,000 calls a month from people who want to see a dentist, but its clinic has only 777 monthly appointments, he said. even then, in-demand services such as dentures simply aren't available.

of 24 community-based health clinics run by the county in chicago and its suburbs, eight offer dental care. finding community resources for patients is "extremely hard," thomas said.

the outlook isn't any better with the city's public health system: just two medical clinics offer general adult dental services, in englewood and on the lower west side.
hey...but we've got the best medical care in the world they tell us. This includes getting your teeth cleaned by a great dental hygienist. But, apparently, it's just for those who can afford it.
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oh, the humanity!

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it's about time

the "mainstream u.s. media" finally gets a clue about the downing street memos....

but behind closed doors, the president was certain that war was inevitable. during a private two-hour meeting in the oval office on jan. 31, 2003, he made clear to prime minister tony blair of britain that he was determined to invade iraq without the second resolution, or even if international arms inspectors failed to find unconventional weapons, said a confidential memo about the meeting written by mr. blair's top foreign policy adviser and reviewed by the new york times.

"our diplomatic strategy had to be arranged around the military planning," david manning, mr. blair's chief foreign policy adviser at the time, wrote in the memo that summarized the discussion between mr. bush, mr. blair and six of their top aides. - nytimes 27 march 2006

c reported on his recent talks in washington. there was a perceptible shift in attitude. military action was now seen as inevitable. bush wanted to remove saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and wmd. but the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. the nsc had no patience with the un route, and no enthusiasm for publishing material on the iraqi regime's record. there was little discussion in washington of the aftermath after military action. - the times online - 1 may 2005

now if we could get awol to go sleep with someone other than laura so that politicians and the american public will pay attention.

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not that we're bitter

the koufax awards voting closes tonight.

since we don't have a 'roo in this fight, we don't endorse any of the nominees, as they are all fine writers of fine blogs.

not as fine as ours, but, who said life was fair?

we will tell you that we ourselves voted for talkleft in the single issue blog category, and we have had lunch with jane hamsher of firedoglake, but beyond that, we have no preference.

we're going to sit in the corner and pout now. don't mind us. it's not like we coined any phrases or anything.
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say hello

to little thom's blog.
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television without pity

fdl informs us of two great segments we missed on tv today (because we chose to go see "find me guilty" with vin diesel. vin's a nice guy but he hogged the popcorn).

first, fdl informs us we missed markos moulitsas on reliable sources discussing our role (in the broadest sense of the word "our," meaning all of the left side of blogtopia*; that is to say, skippy had only a little to do with it) in l'affaire dommie darko.

secondly, on the same program, cbs reporter lara logan "kicks some kurtz bootay," as fdl puts it, on the subject of why the media doesn't report "good news" from iraq.

our good blog buddy john has both segments up at c&l: here's kos and here's lara.

*and yes, we coined that phrase...
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say hello

to loci5.
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skippy writes a letter

our letter to the editors of the albuquerque tribune concerning their editorial stop impeach talk, dems, and just win:

ladies and gentlemen:

you make a remark in your march 23 editorial "stop impeach talk, dems, and just win":

clearly, the democrats need to focus on restoring political accountability and competence in the white house and congress - whether the issue is the war in iraq or the dismal response to hurricane katrina.

the way to do that is not to pass in-your- face, meaningless resolutions that do not have broad public support.
unfortunately, for you, that is, according to zogby polling, 51% of americans favor impeachment. at least that's what the washington post reports:

a zogby international poll showed that 51 percent of respondents agreed that bush should be impeached if he lied about iraq, a far greater percentage than believed president bill clinton should be impeached during the monica s. lewinsky scandal.
we submit that (a) 51% is a majority, and the concept of "majority" is an important watermark in democracies; and (b) if impeachment was good enough for bill clinton, who himself was fighting the same "war on terror" we are engaged in today, then it's certainly a legitimate consideration for george w. bush.

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fun with google

it's easy to do!

it's even being discussed in the washpost!

"the value of a powerful idea, like impeachment of the president for criminal acts, is that it has a long shelf life and opens a debate," said bill goodman of the center for constitutional rights, which represents guantanamo bay detainees.

the san francisco board of supervisors voted last month to urge congress to impeach bush, as have state democratic parties, including those of new mexico, nevada, north carolina and wisconsin. a zogby international poll showed that 51 percent of respondents agreed that bush should be impeached if he lied about iraq, a far greater percentage than believed president bill clinton should be impeached during the monica s. lewinsky scandal.

and harper's magazine this month ran a cover piece titled "the case for impeachment: why we can no longer afford george w. bush."
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the march continues...

via the agonist, brattleboro becomes the 6th vermont town to pass an impeachment resolution.
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or roughly the entire population of the city of cleveland, ohio, (the 33rd most populace city in the country) shows up in downtown los angeles to show support of immigrant's rights.

apparently the u.s. army has a few jobs that u.s. citizens won't do, either. think this administration wants to trade citizenship for live bodies for their little "wars for pleasure?"
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my hero of the week

cecilia fire thunder of the oglala sioux tribe of south dakota.
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meet little antonio and little ed.
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ports aren't the only things we're selling

to the highest bidder from the arab world.

livers, sans the onions, are on the bidding block, too....
st. vincent conceded in september that its doctors had improperly arranged for a liver transplant to a saudi national, bypassing 50 people on a regional waiting list whose conditions were more dire, and that hospital staff falsified records to hide the arrangement. the saudi embassy paid $339,000 for the operation, as much as 30% more than the hospital would have received from the government or insurance. - latte times
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damn it

tom burka nails it:
in major white house shakeup, bush to replace rove and cheney with rove and cheney
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say hello

to gideon starorewski and one man's opinion.
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

why do you think we call them wing "nuts"?

file this under "a vote for me is a vote for napolean xiv": the nypost reports that repubbblican katherine mcfarland, hoping to run against hillary clinton for senator from new york, has accused the former first lady of literally spying on her:

former reagan-era pentagon official kathleen "kt" mcfarland stunned a crowd of suffolk county republicans on thursday by saying:

“hillary clinton is really worried about me, and is so worried, in fact, that she had helicopters flying over my house in southampton today taking pictures," according to a prominent gop activist who was at the event.

she wasn't joking, she was very, very serious, and she also claimed that clinton's people were taking pictures across the street from her house in manhattan, taking pictures from an apartment across the street from her bedroom," added the eyewitness, who is not involved in the senate race.

suffolk county republican chairman harry withers, who hosted the reception in east islip, confirmed mcfarland's paranoid statements.

"yes, she said that," withers told the post.
the hillary camp, for their part, were gracious and snarky at the same time.

clinton campaign spokesman howard wolfson denied any spying was going on.

"we at the hillary campaign wish ms. mcfarland the best and hope she gets the rest she needs," he said.
addendum: dependable renegade found the perfect theme song for ms. mcfarland.
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only brown m&m's

in the spirit of recently revealed hotel necessities for "dead-eye" dick cheney's travel arrangements, don davis at the satirical political report gives us bush's top ten hotel demands.
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say hello

to what the futch?
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credit where credit is due

and the nytimes credits the daily kos with providing evidence that lead to dommie darko's resignation:

but by late thursday, the bloggers had found instances of what appeared to be plagiarism, including an article by mr. domenech in the new york press that contained passages resembling an article that ran on the front page of the washington post.

evidence of one instance of plagiarism first surfaced on the liberal blog daily kos on thursday. a comment posted on the blog said a passage from an article by mr. domenech was nearly identical to a chapter from p. j. o'rourke's book, "modern manners: an etiquette book for rude people."
and, in a delicious dash of salt added to dommie darko's wound, the nytimes actually got ahold of mr. o'roarke for a comment:

[domenech] explained the passage that appeared to be copied from mr. o'rourke's book by saying that mr. o'rourke gave him permission.

contacted at his home in new hampshire, mr. o'rourke said that he had never heard of mr. domenech and did not recall meeting him.

"i wouldn't want to swear in a court of law that i never met the guy, mr. o'rourke said of mr. domenech, "but i didn't give him permission to use my words under his byline, no."
oh, that's gotta hurt!
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say, don't you know me, i'm your native son...

from a distance, the world looks blue and green,
and the snow-capped mountains white.
from a distance, the ocean meets the stream,
and the eagle takes to flight.
from a distance, there is harmony,
and it echoes through the land.
it's the voice of hope, it's the voice of peace,
it's the voice of every man.

from a distance, we all have enough,
and no one is in need.
there are no guns, no bombs, no diseases,
no hungry mouths to feed.
from a distance, we are instruments
marching in a common band.
playing songs of hope, playing songs of peace,
they're the songs of every man.

god is watching us, god is watching us,
god is watching us from a distance.

from a distance, you look like my friend,
even though we are at war.
from a distance, i cannot comprehend
what all the fighting is for.
from a distance, there is harmony,
and it echoes through the land.
it's the hope of hopes, it's the love of loves,
it's the heart of every man.

god is watching us, god is watching us,
god is watching us from a distance...

("from a distance" -- written by julie gold...)
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we've already tried the "guest worker" program

and it was described by members of our own government and the director of the program himself as "legalized slavery"... but perhaps that is exactly what this administration wants.

the bracero program was, in fact, beneficial to the american agricultural industry, but the struggles of mexican migrant workers have been greatly downplayed. the mexican migrant workers went through what the director of the program, labor officer lee g. williams, described as "legalized slavery." the migrant workers labored in horrid conditions, sometimes in excess of 10 hours a day, while grossly unscrupulous bosses profited immensely. the program was finally halted in 1964, not only because of the intoduction of mechanized harvesting, but because of reports of human rights abuses. the program, for the most part from a humanitarian standpoint, was deemed a complete and utter failure. - wikipedia

participation in the bracero program was limited to agricultural workers, and not open to urban dwellers. prospective braceros often were asked to show their calloused hands to prove that they were experienced farm laborers. workers were fingerprinted as part of the processing procedure, and were fumigated with ddt before being allowed to enter the united states.- america on the move

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Friday, March 24, 2006

you'd think that somebody who is in charge of content on the internets would know how to use them

salon reports that jim brady insists the washpost did a thorough background check before hiring dommie darko.

"we obviously did plenty of background checks" on domenech, brady said. he explained that post editors read "basically everything he'd written" during the past few years and spoke to many people who had previously worked with domenech -- "both people he referred us to and people we found on our own," brady said. plagiarism, though, is not an easy thing to spot, brady suggested. "we did a lot of vetting but that's a difficult thing to catch someone on."

just how difficult can it be, jim? there's a new thing, jim, it's called 'google'...
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the horses are gone! quick! close those barn doors!

the national review is getting around to checking dommie darko's work. and howie kurtz (kind of) admits things got out of hand.
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goodbye and thanks for all the fish

or at least, thanks for all the links.

today was bill beutler's last day writing the national journal's hotline blogometer blog.

bill linked to us on more than one occasion, and we must say, was always bipartisan in his approach, truly finding balance in the blogs he posted to, and letting the reader decide for him/herself. for example, peruse his overview of the dommie darko fiasco (posted right before dommie resigned).

we'll miss bill's wit and thoroughness, and we wish him luck in his future career with a pr firm in virginia. (well, there goes the bipartisanship! j/k, bill!)
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blatant self-promo

If you read this in the next 45 minutes, I'll be on "The Young Turks" with Cenk Uyger, debating his post "No Tolerance for Islam," and my response, "Why Cenk Is Wrong - Let's Nurture Enlightened Islam."

It's on the Sirius Radio Network at 7 pm EST. Be there or be [].
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right handed compliment?

we must congratulate mr. domenech on the beginning of what we suspect will be a long and prominent career in republican politics. just as founder’s stock in a failed start-up has become a derigour line on a silicon valley resume, utter failure and proven mendacity has for this generation’s republicans become the litmus test of ideological purity – consider aWol. mark our words, we’ll be seeing the red state diaper baby’s name on a ballot before too long.

but as he entires the wilderness years of his political life, we must pause to thank ms. malkin for her vote of gratitude to the bloggers who did what the washington post fishwrap, inc.,* could not – check ben’s resume. when ms. malkin decided to dump young ben, she wrote the following:
i cheered for ben, the editor of my last book at regnery, when he announced his new position. i criticized unhinged bloggers on the left who leveled vicious ad hominem attacks against him. it's clear, as the good folks at red state (which ben co-founded) note, that his detractors were on a search-and-destroy mission from the get-go.

she cheered for ben, the erstwhile editor of her latest book? for our part, we’d be going through the galleys with a magnifying glass, if we had just found out that our editor was a serial plagiarist. michelle must expect almost as much from her editors as national review online or fishwrap, inc., ben’s most recent editors, expect from their writers. what do they pay editors at regnery anyway? – because it sure doesn’t look like the work’s too hard.

but now the determined moonbat hordes have exposed multiple instances of what clearly appear to me to be blatant lifting of entire, unique passages by ben from other writers.

funny how the moonbat hordes and unhinged bloggers on the left were the ones who did the work to discover the…what’s the word?facts. or not so funny, when we recognize that michelle had never thought to check out ben’s bonafides – nor had anyone else in the land of truthiness, – including fishwrap, inc.,

[--snip--] then, the left should cease its sick gloating and leave him and his family alone.

ah well, michelle, don’t you know, we in the reality-based community would have to eschew the examples of blog-triumphalism that the reds have gilded for us the last few years to leave little ben alone. and if we did, how would you be able to say, “he’s paid for his mistakes,” when you dry him off and run him back at us again (just like you did for aWol, back in the day)? oh, we suppose some reds will say he's paid his dues, anyway, no matter whether blue bloggers let ben down gently or not. after all, it's ok if you're a republican.

*no disrespect to fishwrap intended
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friday bird blogging


big boy in his cage.
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say hello

to gnostocosmosis: musings of a neophyte.
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Whiny Ass Titty Ben resigns

Serial plagiarist and ethically challenged Whiny Ass Titty Ben resigned in disgrace from WaPo. I guess alleged media critic Howie Kurtz's attempt at defending him wasn't enough.

An investigation into these allegations was ongoing, and in the interim, Domenech has resigned, effective immediately.

When we hired Domenech, we were not aware of any allegations that he had plagiarized any of his past writings. In any cases where allegations such as these are made, we will continue to investigate those charges thoroughly in order to maintain our journalistic integrity.

The above is from WaPo.com executive editor Jim Brady. It's laughable because Brady ain't got no journalistic integrity left. This sad episode is just the latest in a long series, that includes the scurrilous attacks on Dan Froomkin by partisan hack/"ombudsman" Debbie "Truthiness" Howell.

So when is Brady resigning?

And now that Whiny Ass Titty Ben is unemployed, the chickenhawk chickenshit is free to enlist to fight in the war he claims to support.
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bye bye dommie darko

success! in less than a week!

dommie resigns!! jim brady in the washpost:

in the past 24 hours, we learned of allegations that ben domenech plagiarized material that appeared under his byline in various publications prior to washingtonpost.com contracting with him to write a blog that launched tuesday.

an investigation into these allegations was ongoing, and in the interim, domenech has resigned, effective immediately.

when we hired domenech, we were not aware of any allegations that he had plagiarized any of his past writings. in any cases where allegations such as these are made, we will continue to investigate those charges thoroughly in order to maintain our journalistic integrity.

plagiarism is perhaps the most serious offense that a writer can commit or be accused of. washingtonpost.com will do everything in its power to verify that its news and opinion content is sourced completely and accurately at all times.

we appreciate the speed and thoroughness with which our readers and media outlets surfaced these allegations. despite the turn this has taken, we believe this event, among other things, testifies to the positive and powerful role that the internet can play in the the practice of journalism.

we also remain committed to representing a broad spectrum of ideas and ideologies in our opinions area.
[ed. note: for a real hoot, be sure to read the comments to mr. brady's post]

two points:

first, nyah nyah ne nyah nyah! score one for the liberal side of blogtopia, and (all together, now:) yes! we coined that phrase!!!

but secondly, and less snarkily, we would not mind (as we have said elsewhere) if washpost.com hired a conservative blogger as long as it was someone reputable with credentials. why didn't they give the job to prof. reynolds, or eugene volokh, or our buddy stephen green, or the watchful babbler, or even bill quick? you know, someone who actually writes their own stuff?

which brings us back to our first point...nyah nyah ne nyah nyah!

addendum: in said comments to jim brady's announcment, this fine vindication of our buddy jane hamsher:

wow! brady you've gotta feel pretty dumb hiring him, yeah? especially after you trashed jane hamsher and other liberal bloggers for all the sins a guy in your organization just comitted. that's gotta sting a little. can we get a little apology?

posted by: baby snooks | march 24, 2006 01:44 pm
double addendum: ok, this is the last one, we swear, but it's too good to pass up. another comment:

hey! that letter he wrote you: he copied the one i wrote to the times! copyright infringement!

posted by: jayson blair | march 24, 2006 01:48 pm
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dommie darko steals actual news reports

heretofor confined to stealing book reviews, dommie darko outdid finally himself, as your logo here finds.
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dommie darko

joe conason weighs in on the washpost's newest blogger.
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Thursday, March 23, 2006

when clinton was dealing with hutchison whampoa ltd.

the rethugs warned of a "nuclear pearl harbor"
in 1999, just before the chinese company hutchison whampoa took control of the shipping yards that line the panama canal, retired u.s. admiral and former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff thomas h. moorer warned the clinton administration of a "nuclear pearl harbor." - faux news
where is their "outrage" now?
the administration acknowledges the no-bid contract with hutchison whampoa ltd. represents the first time a foreign company will be involved in running a sophisticated u.s. radiation detector at an overseas port without american customs agents present. - minn.star tribune

and a u.s. military intelligence report, once marked "secret," cited hutchison in 1999 as a potential risk for smuggling arms and other prohibited materials into the united states from the bahamas.

hutchison's port operations in the bahamas and panama "could provide a conduit for illegal shipments of technology or prohibited items from the west to the prc (people's republic of china), or facilitate the movement of arms and other prohibited items into the americas," the now-declassified assessment said. - ap
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say hello

to ziggy's lounge.
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the b*tch and her brood

former first lady barbara bush donated an undisclosed amount of money to the bush-clinton katrina fund with specific instructions that the money be spent with an educational software company owned by her son neil. - houston chronicle via the huffpost
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best healthcare in the world?

for many months, los angeles city officials have complained that regional hospitals are dropping off their indigent patients in the city's tough skid row area. on wednesday, officials at a homeless shelter released a videotape that allegedly catches one hospital in the act. the incident has become part of an ongoing investigation that could result in criminal or civil penalties. npr "all things considered"and this modern world

americans are getting less charity care from doctors. the number of physicians providing charity care has remained relatively stable. but the number of uninsured people has gone up over the past decade. npr "morning edition"

first 6,000 calls to california uninsured help line underscore need for better access to medi-cal and other public health programs. yahoo finance

when an uninsured neighbor had to take a second mortgage and borrow from relatives to pay his $106,000 hospital bill, state sen. robert ford says he learned that uninsured patients are charged three to six times more than those with insurance for the same service. greenville oneline.

in 2003, u.s. healthcare cost $1.7 trillion, or $6,400 for every american. within 10 years, spending is expected to reach $11,000 per person, said steven witz, regenstrief center director.

even then, he said, american adults get, on average, only 55 percent of the health care recommended for them. journal and courier
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Post OK with plagarism?

Right wing political tool and Washington Post (alleged) media critic Howie Kurtz buries the lead when it comes to plagarism in his piece on Whiny Ass Titty Ben.

Late yesterday, the liberal Web sites Daily Kos and Atrios posted examples of what appeared to be instances of plagiarism from Domenech's writing at the William & Mary student paper. Three sentences of a 1999 Domenech review of a Martin Scorsese film were identical to a review in Salon magazine, and several sentences in Domenech's piece on a James Bond movie closely resembled one in the Internet Movie Database. Domenech said he needed to research the examples but that he never used material without attribution and had complained about a college editor improperly adding language to some of his articles.

Numerous examples of plagarism by Whiny Ass Titty Ben on his college newspaper and his work with The National Review and Kurtz buries it in the ninth graph. And he doesn't even ask Jim Brady, executive editor of WaPo.com for a comment? What's next for WaPo.com, hiring Jayson Blair or Stephen Glass? Speaking of whiny ass titty babies, Brady will probably go crying to his friends in the right wing blogtopia, the same ones that hate The Post for being part of the "liberal media,"
like he did when people complained about Debbie "Truthiness" Howell.
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remember when ketchup was a vegetable?

now the rethugs trying to consider many things as "highways"


Adopted in 1866, a year after the end of the Civil War, Revised Statute 2477 (RS 2477) was originally intended to ensure that local governments could invest in highway construction across public lands without fear of being labeled trespassers. In 1976, Congress repealed RS 2477 and replaced it with an updated process to determine reasonable access to public lands.

But some states and counties across the West have been claiming that abandoned roads, off-road vehicle routes, cattle paths, and streambeds are technically highways under RS 2477, and in recent years the administration has been trying to figure out how to legitimize these claims. Now it appears that Department of the Interior staff are poised to adopt a streamlined process for effectively surrendering control of thousands of federally owned Jeep tracks, cow paths, and little-used trails across public lands throughout the West to local and state governments. Under the new guidance, these routes could be viewed as highways, and could be maintained as such.

Removing federal protections from these routes could have major consequences throughout the West. National parks, wildlife refuges, national monuments, national forests, conservation areas, and other sensitive federal lands could see more road development and damaging off-road vehicle use under the new scheme. For example:

· In Utah’s Canyonlands National Park, San Juan County is claiming that a streambed called Salt Creek is a highway under the loophole. The National Park Service considers the area rich in cultural artifacts and an important water source for the region.

· The state of Utah submitted a map to the Interior Department in 2000, claiming that 100,000 miles of routes, including every hiking trail in Zion National Park and routes across every designated wilderness in the state, are highways under RS 2477.

· In California, San Bernardino County has claimed that more than 2,500 miles of highways crisscross the Mojave National Preserve, including more than 700 miles within designated wilderness. The great majority of these routes are ranch trails, cow paths, and other faint non-highway routes.

· Moffat County, Colorado has claimed that 240 miles of trails through Dinosaur National Monument, including part of the Yampa River itself, are highways.

· The state of Alaska has asserted 164 separate routes through 14 Alaska national parks, totaling almost 3,000 miles. More than half of those miles are in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, America's largest park. A 1993 National Park Service report concluded that the impact of these claims "could be devastating." The state also claims more than 3,700 miles of potential roads and trails through 15 national wildlife refuges, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Many of these routes are nothing more than dog sled trails or old horse paths.

get angry....take action....here

and please say hello to all hat no cattle
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A lesson on plagarism to WATBen

Turns out Whiny Ass Titty Ben is a serial plagarist. Since he is probably as crooked as the rest of the hacks in the Republican Party, he probably doesn't see the theft of the writing of others as a problem.

*Two clarifications for the many folks who have risen up in force to attack the existence of this blog (I appreciate the attention, by the way).

Some people have taken issue with an old two-line comment of mine on skippy the bush kangaroo where I referred to Ben as a Whiny Ass Titty Ben on the day before he was fired from WaPo.com. Whiny Ass Titty Ben was many things, and his most significant contribution was the unflagging support of the right wingnuts in his own noble work to bring inequality to all Americans.*

My above parody* of Whiny Ass Titty Ben's writing is the only time anyone will steal his words. The quality of his writing makes intellectual theft from him an impossibility.

If WaPo fires him, will he finally enlist to fight in the war he claims to support or will he continue to be a chickenhawk chickenshit like the vast majority of Young Republicans?
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and now a word from, and about, our sponsors

about a month ago we began running blogads on our site. we had a fine conversation with kevin drum at the last blogger social about blogads, and came away convinced that it might be a good way to defray some of the costs that were piling up while we maintained the mega-corporation that is skippy international.

our good blog buddy pen-elayne expressed dismay that we would deem to run ads on skippy. we can see why. we had previously stated our position that asking for money from readers was pretty much beneath us. we can see how this might be confusing, as our rant was pretty adamant:

so to us, it's a bit like asking people to pay to watch our pick-up game of basket ball so we can buy better sneakers to play in.

if you want to write for a living, then do it the hard way...write and submit and get rejected and write some more and get rejected some more and keep writing because you have a burning desire to share your point of view until finally some schmuck with a checkbook likes what you do and then pays you for it. (ps, then you can write off your computer and monthly on-line browser fee on your taxes!)
let us try to refine our position: we are against asking for contributions from the reading public.

but, we are not above asking our reading public to click on blogads, to consider the products and services being offered. that's all. we're not saying you have to buy anything, just please click and consider.

that's the free market system, right, repubbblicans? see, lefties aren't all commie pinko socialists! some of us do believe in working for a living. and we think if we can scrap a few dimes together from the blogads system, more's the better for it.

but here's the real truth: skippy spends far more hours in the day blogging than mrs. skippy would like. the only way skippy can convince his lovely wife that it's worth his time is to bring home whatever paltry sums of money he can. and thusly, we have instigated blogads onto our humble site.

rest assured we would not advertise any product or service which we thought was unworthy of your consideration.

which brings us to our point. please welcome our newest advertiser, every best gift, from gorgia press. every best gift is a "meticulously researched, virtuoso work of literary fiction that subjects the underpinnings of religious fundamentalism to a long-overdue, ruthless examination."

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tangent: while getting a link for pen-elayne, we found her silly site o' the day: geoffrey chaucer hath a blog.
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