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Friday, February 24, 2006

oh really?

redheadedwoman's dkos diary tells us bill "falafel" o'reilly has started a petition to get msnbc to replace keith olbermann with phil donahue.

we are glad that mr. o'reilly is so concerned with phil's fate (his was the highest-rated msnbc show when it was yanked off the air in a fit of patriotic let's-go-to-iraq frenzy...and we all know how well that worked out).

but we wonder if there isn't another agenda to mr. o'reilly's demands to remove keith o.

as media matters points out, keith has already mentioned on air (jan. 31) the fact that o'reilly's ratings went down last year, while his ratings have gone up:

in the cable ratings for the year 2005, usa network, owned by nbc, finished three full places ahead of fox news. and as to msnbc, since february of 2005, our respective ratings tell a very interesting story. in what was described today by news corp. as quote "the money demo," countdown's ratings are up 34 percent, but o'reilly's have shriveled by 21 percent. bill's obviously among our new viewers.

hm, start a petition to get the people taking your viewers fired? great idea!

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