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Thursday, February 23, 2006

how are the creationists going to explain this one?

not one, but two blogs, media needle and pharyngula, tell us that scientists have found the fossils of an extinct animal that was heretofore unknown.

media needle, who calls the animal a beavottopus:

scientist have found a fossil of a mammal, part beaver, part ottter, part platypus that lived in china 164 million years ago.

but scientists are reporting today that they have uncovered fossils of a swimming, fish-eating mammal that lived in china fully 164 million years ago, well before it was thought that some mammals could have spent much of their lives in water.

pharyngula, who calls it the jurassic beaver, has a diagram of the creature's skeleton and a cladogram showing its rightful place in the various phyla. we personally never even heard of the word "cladogram" but we impress ourselves by remembering how to correctly use "phyla."
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