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Saturday, February 25, 2006

fighting terrism's hard -- it's hard work...

not long after the 9/11 attacks, awol told all of america, "you're either with us or you're with the terrorists." that's what's known as a "false dichotomy" -- awol basically reduced the newly launched war on terror to two mutually exclusive positions and discredited the one he opposed, a cheap but effective way of forcing those who were listening to accept his position. with the other side debunked, he didn't really have to defend his own. it's an old but devious little mental trick, one which he's invoked in multiple variations on many occasions during his presidency.

but the trick doesn't work if the dichotomy isn't accepted. when awol said what he said, those images of the jet plowing into the world trade center were still hot and fresh in our minds. that was an advantage for awol -- we were quite willing to share his black-and-white views of the world. since then, the world has gotten a whole lot grayer, while awol's mindset remains as black-and-white as ever. millions of us eventually saw that we were being conned, and no one likes being conned -- and this was before the nsa's domestic eavesdropping program entered the public realm.

now awol has the damn gall to insist that we have to trust him. like hell! i'll never trust him again. when trust is gone, it's f*%k&#g gone, ladies and gentlemen -- demanding it back won't ever restore it.

(warning: reading james risen's state of war may lead to blogwhoring...)
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