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Sunday, February 19, 2006

diebold, die!

you may or may not know that california sec. of state bruce mcpherson has approved the use of diebold voting machines in our state.

if you think this is a ludicrous idea, and you live in the golden state, ms. in la is urging you to make 5 calls to stop it.

the 5 calls (actually, 4 calls and an email, as sen. debra bowen asks you email her office) are to the members of the rules committee:

senator don perata (chair) d
(916) 651-4009
district office (510) 286-1333

senator jim battin (vice-chair) r
(916) 651-4037

senator roy ashburn r
(916) 651-4018

senator debra bowen d
email only debra@debrabowen.com - (ms. bowen is mounting this case and will be busy preparing, emails are welcomed)

senator gilbert cedillo d
(916) 651-4022
ms. in la reminds you to be polite yet firm. (and she invites us to visit her blog, who's counting)

we suggest you make those calls/emails today.
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