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skippy the bush kangaroo

Friday, February 24, 2006

come on get happy

ever since the passing of billy cowsill, we have had this tune running in our head, dedicated to our favorite blog named after an ancient element of the universe, a domesticated mammal, and a body of water (with apologies to mad kane):

you click a blog called the “daily kos”
and you keep on coastin' till you’re surfin’ past tapped now
on past woolcott and tbogg and then digby and ntodd
and the world o’crap now
you’ll see reddhedd and jane,
loren feelin’ your pain and a muffin lovin’ dog named kobe

stop and click a few links, have a laugh, have a think
about the dumb gop
(doo-wop de do do do
doo-wop de do do
doo-wop de do do
doo-wop de do do)

firedoglake is a scene you should make
in blogtopia
just keep it in mind if you’re looking to find
a lib'ral cornucopia
learn about fitz, or how bush is a ditz
or leave a comment or two
at firedoglake you’ll be able to make
the way the firedog do.

[ed. note: no, we don't understand it, either. but look for our next great hit, "berube got back"]
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