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Thursday, January 12, 2006

skippy looks at books

we're very happy to have received a copy of don davis's twisted salute to dr. seuss,
one state two state red state blue state.


don's book has been getting
great reviews. our own personal favorite political satirist, will durst, says "toss dr. seuss, mother goose and lenny bruce in a cuisinart, add a dash of ogden nash, the iconoclastic gall of mort sahl, and you get a tart but richly satisfying smorgasbord of don davis's irreverent verse."

an example of don's doggerel:

the exit polls say
values rule the day
and are closest to a red stater's heart
but what if the values they were talking about
were the two-for-one sales at wal-mart

very funny! we suggest you pick up a copy today!

and, while we're touting good reads, you also might want to check out
ordinary heroes by scott turow.


a departure from mr. turow's usual kindle county courtroom mysteries, heroes is the story of a man discorvering his father's personal struggle as a soldier during world war ii when he was wrongly court-martialed. we highly recommend it as a page-turner.

as usual, turow's writing is taut, exciting and to the point, with nonetheless penetrating character studies. if you ever saw the harrison ford film
presumed innocent, or the brian dennehy-hector elizando tv film presumed innocent, you have seen (and probably enjoyed) material nicely adapted from turow's writings.

ordinary heroes is published by
farrar, strau & giroux, a subsidiary of holtzbrinck publishers.
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