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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, December 31, 2005

a wild and crazy falafel

steve martin channels bill o'reilly at
the huffington post (via georgia10's dkos diary):

"this year's leap second is an assault on the american public," says commentator bill o'reilly. "the reason the leap second is even being proposed is because of america haters, because of iraqi hate mongers, and let's be honest, shiites. why would you add a second to the year unless you're an anti-american hate monger?..

"i am so so so so upset with these people, who actually believe their ideas, yet, i have no hate in my heart. i am a simple guy, who only has my own true beliefs and a few products that are my cornerstone to fight against the leap second poobah. let me say it aloud: leap second, leap second, leap second. doesn't it sound ugly?

"please, don't let these darwinian leap-seconders, who believe that the planets revolve around the sun, who believe that rocks are sedimentary, igneous and stalactites, who are innocent dim-wit believers in a faith bordering on hating everything religious like trees and fruitcake, yet, who don't believe in john 7:12:45:67:89, have their say.

go read it. it's a scream.
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