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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, December 31, 2005

we write letters

dear senator collins,

we write in regard to media accounts that the department of justice has launched an inquiry into the identity of government employees who leaked the existence of an executive branch directive to the n.s.a. to monitor the electronic communications of u.s. citizens without a warrant. according to the the president, disclosure of the program’s existence has threatened our national security.

we applaud the newly forged republican desire to investigate leaks of national security information, but remain concerned that the doj’s probe is far too limited. the same news stories that report both the administration’s program to spy on citizens without a warrant and the doj inquiry into the leak about the program, note that the administration has known that the new york times had the story for over a year.

in other words, some official or officials in the white house and nsa knew about a leak which, in the president’s opinion, threatened the security of this country, but did nothing to investigate that very leak for over a year. surely such malfeasance has threatened our safety. as any fan of c.s.i. or law and order knows, leads grow stale with the passage of time. if it weren't for the president's assurances that disclosure of his program to spy on american citizens without a warrant threatened our security, we might be inclined to think that the doj probe was, in fact, an effort to harrass the media. but, thanks to the president's assurances, we know that the proper question is not "should the doj retaliate against the press for disclosure of efforts by the administration to spy on citizens without a warrant." instead, the proper question is, "why has the probe been delayed for so long?" which reckless (at best) official determined that america could rest safe while those who had the temerity to expose executive branch warrantless spying walked undetected and undeterred for more than a year?

we urge you, in your capacity as chair of the senate committee charged with overseeing homeland security and governmental affairs to immediately begin an investigation into this failure by the administration to protect us from the horror of knowing that our government spies on citizens without a warrant.

while you’re at it, you might want to look into that nsa program itself. we recall something in the bill of rights that ensures the security of citizens against warrantless government searches and seizures. it appears that the president has violated it.


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