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skippy the bush kangaroo

Friday, November 18, 2005

you think if we say that the missing aruba girl

is being held hostage by rendon and chilabi in iraq, the corporate media might actually cover this story?
the road to war in iraq led through many unlikely places. one of them was a chic hotel nestled among the strip bars and brothels that cater to foreigners in the town of pattaya, on the gulf of thailand.

on december 17th, 2001, in a small room within the sound of the crashing tide, a cia officer attached metal electrodes to the ring and index fingers of a man sitting pensively in a padded chair. the officer then stretched a black rubber tube, pleated like an accordion, around the man's chest and another across his abdomen. finally, he slipped a thick cuff over the man's brachial artery, on the inside of his upper arm.

...it was damning stuff -- just the kind of evidence the bush administration was looking for. if the charges were true, they would offer the white house a compelling reason to invade iraq and depose saddam. that's why the pentagon had flown a cia polygraph expert to pattaya: to question al-haideri and confirm, once and for all, that saddam was secretly stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.

there was only one problem: it was all a lie. after a review of the sharp peaks and deep valleys on the polygraph chart, the intelligence officer concluded that al-haideri had made up the entire story, apparently in the hopes of securing a visa.

the fabrication might have ended there, the tale of another political refugee trying to scheme his way to a better life. but just because the story wasn't true didn't mean it couldn't be put to good use. al-haideri, in fact, was the product of a clandestine operation -- part espionage, part pr campaign -- that had been set up and funded by the cia and the pentagon for the express purpose of selling the world a war. and the man who had long been in charge of the marketing was a secretive and mysterious creature of the washington establishment named john rendon

...although rendon denies any direct involvement with al-haideri, the defector was the latest salvo in a secret media war set in motion by rendon. in an operation directed by ahmad chalabi -- the man rendon helped install as leader of the inc -- the defector had been brought to thailand, where he huddled in a hotel room for days with the group's spokesman, zaab sethna. the inc routinely coached defectors on their stories, prepping them for polygraph exams, and Sethna was certainly up to the task -- he got his training in the art of propaganda on the payroll of the rendon group. according to francis brooke, the inc's man in washington and himself a former rendon employee, the goal of the al-haideri operation was simple: pressure the united states to attack iraq and overthrow saddam hussein.

as the cia official flew back to washington with failed lie-detector charts in his briefcase, chalabi and sethna didn't hesitate. they picked up the phone, called two journalists who had a long history of helping the inc promote its cause and offered them an exclusive on saddam's terrifying cache of wmds.- rolling stone

give you one guess as to who one of those journalists was.
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