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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, November 03, 2005

calling all college republicans

civilian contractors in iraq dying at faster rate as insurgency grows
- as the violence of the protracted war continues and some 75,000 civilian employees struggle to rebuild the war-torn nation and support the military, contractor casualties mount. their deaths have more than tripled in the past 13 months.

as of monday, 428 civilian contractors had been killed in iraq and another 3,963 were injured, according to department of labor insurance-claims statistics obtained by knight ridder.

those statistics, which experts said were the most comprehensive listing available on the toll of the war, are far from complete: two of the biggest contractors in iraq said their casualties were higher than the figures the labor department had for them.

none of the citizens who oppose the war (a majority of the population) want to sign up for the military. a few more stories like these, and no matter how high the pay scale, the mercenary recruitment figures are going to drop like a rock. then who's going to fight in awol's excellent adventure in iraq?
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