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Friday, October 14, 2005

grover thinks colorado is his next bathtub

his organization has been "robo-calling" residents. thanks to some investigative work by the bloggers on soapbox colorado and colorado luis the denver post has picked up on the story.

grover norquist, the influential leader of the national anti-tax movement in washington, d.c., is "robo-calling" thousands of colorado voters this month after saying in august he would not be spending money in the campaign over referendums c and d.

norquist, a vocal opponent of the proposed suspension of taxpayer's bill of rights refunds, said then that he was putting away his checkbook because "the case for the tax increase is so weak that i'm less concerned that it will pass."

but now, norquist's americans for tax reform is calling thousands of colorado voters, spokesman chris butler said thursday.

...norquist and gov. bill owens, meanwhile, traded a new round of letters thursday about terms of a possible debate on the referendums. owens, a one-time political ally of norquist, is a key supporter of the ballot measures. in their latest exchange, norquist accused owens of "planning to loot colorado citizens." owens fired back by accusing norquist of "hiding behind recorded phone messages." - denver post

and it only gets more interesting....we pick up the story from pacified's daily kos diary

calls have been coming in from the number (571) 522-1180. which, if you do a public reverse phone number look up on you get the following results:

fecr, street address not available, braddock, va 22302 (571) 522-1180
and ccabiz, street address not available, braddock, va 22302 (571) 522-1180

we learned from an ambitious blogger named a curious stranger @ colorado luis' blog that this "ccabiz" is in fact ccadvertising.

....this all started with a push poll. but what ccadvertising is doing is hardly a poll.

...if residents stuck with the call and spoke "yes" or "no" in a voice clear enough for the computer to understand, they learned that three local candidates had paid for the "survey."

what they weren't told is that this was no ordinary public opinion poll, where individual responses are pooled for statistical purposes and no single person's private thoughts recorded in a way that could later identify them.

as the computer gathered the answers, it stored each one individually, making it possible to retrieve them later by phone number, household name or address for other purposes. (i.e., tracking you without your knowing and selling your information to others)

go read the entire post....(also xposed over at my left wing) see if you have any information to aid them in the "blogvestigation"

i already noticed that grover's little rubberduckie brigade has their fingers in the upcoming california elections with the so-called "paycheck protection" measure which really is the "shut the unions up because arnold and his bullies don't want to hear them" bill.
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