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skippy the bush kangaroo

Monday, October 03, 2005

'cuz harriet miers has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a

while it seems the
new supreme court nominee apparently has her head so far up awol's ass that she's been getting second-hand hangovers lately, markos at the dkos seems to think that other than that, she's just what the doctor ordered:

i reserve the right to change my mind, but miers' biggest sin, at this early juncture, is her allegiance to bush. that her appointment is an act of cronyism is without a doubt, but if that's the price of admission to another souter or moderate justice, i'm willing to pay it.

more immediately, this is the sort of pick that can have real-world repercussions in 2006, with a demoralized republican right refusing to do the heavy lifting needed to stem big losses. that bush went this route rather than throwing his base the red meat they craved is nothing less than a sign of weakness. for whatever reason, rove and co. decided they weren't in position to wage a filibuster fight with democrats on a supreme court justice and instead sold out their base.

we'll have several months to pick through miers' record, as well as highlight her role in any number of bush scandals (like georgia10

but my early sense is that this is already a victory -- both politically and judicially -- for democrats. in fact, it should be great fun watching conservatives go after bush. he may actually break that 39-40 floor in the polls, given he's just pissed off the very people who have propped up his failed presidency.

as usual, we defer to kos. as he points out, instapundit is linking to a veritable bevvy of conservative bloggers who are none too happy at this nomination.
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