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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

and ye shall know me

thanks to the heretik i've discovered which deity i am. it seems i'm "amun," king of the gods:

"79% erudite, 87% sensual, 58% martial, and 54% saturnine. being responsible for the creation of the world, it is not surprising that he was also the god of fertility, reproduction, and sexual power, and thus also the god of agriculture. with the combined powers of regeneration and royalty, amun became linked to the sun and the great god ra, becoming known as amun-ra, which pretty much consolidated his status as supreme god.

in spite of amun's political ascension, he also enjoyed popularity among the common people of egypt, who came to call him the vizier of the poor, the protector of the weak, and an upholder of justice."

this test is uncanny.

in other blog-roaming: printer paranoia (courtesy of crooks and liars) is truly creepy, i (rj) get even more spaced out than usual, and republic of dogs (courtesy of ezra, i think) takes on kos over generational politics.

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