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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, September 22, 2005

take a bottle, drink it down, pass it around*...

there's a rumor going around that awol's started drinking again. can't say i blame him if he is -- he's just now finding out that he's the worst president america's ever had, and you know that's gotta suck. i wish i could get the secret service to drop awol off at my place for a while so i can serve him all the drinks he wants. my treat. get him buzzed, strike up a conversation with him, keep the booze flowin', and just let all those disturbing thoughts and negative emotions he's kept in a bottle (ooooo, awful pun, i'm very sorry about that) for goodness knows how long just take flight. he needs the therapy.

sure, i'll most likely be found sprawled out with the shattered end of a whiskey bottle lodged in my chest, but this isn't about me. the economy continues its slow hemorrhaging; parts of america's infrastructure have been demolished (the twin towers four years ago and oil refining capabilities in the gulf region this year, to name two); the military is being bled white between the war in iraq and the cuts in soldiers' benefits; and osama bin laden is now officially in his second term -- we can't keep doing these things.

and we can't afford to be led by a president who talks like this during q & a sessions, either:

the president: ...bianca. nobody named bianca? well, sorry bianca's not here. i'll be glad to answer her question.

q: i'll follow up.

the president: no, that's fine. (laughter.) thank you, appreciate it. just trying to spread around the joy of asking a question.


q: mr. president, could we talk more about --

the president: are you bianca?

q: no, i'm not. anita -- fox news.

the president: okay.

q: just a quick question --

the president: okay, i was looking for bianca. i'm sorry...

maybe he meant he was looking for binaca, who knows...

(one source-credit hop for pam's house blend [the first link], and one for the heretik [the second]...

*: pearl jam, "crazy mary"...)
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