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Sunday, September 18, 2005

so they think women are animals, eh?

that might explain some republicans fixation with beastiality. but as tim grieve over at salon puts it "we're not saying there's a connection here, but we're not saying there isn't, either."

commander cookoo banana's (aka awol) administration sent out a press release on friday saying that they had appointed norris alderson to be the acting director for the office of women's health to fill the position that was vacated when susan wood quit in protest. the press release was picked up by ms magazine, planned parenthood

and anderson's primary expertise? he's into "animal husbandry".

soon after that, the press release "disappeared" **poof**from the government site and a new press release showed that a theresa toigo had been made the acting director. grieve provided the google cache link to the original press release, but when you look at it now, it had been turned into an advisory on buying drugs on the internet. then pacific views found another link that showed anderson with his new title in the office of women's health.

magpie captured the original before it could be changed. (pictured below)

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things that make you go....w.t.f. guess it'll be a little different "spin" on things when i hear "now, go ahead and put your feet in the stirrups"

thank you left coaster, pacific views, magpie and echidne of the snakes.

**update** apparently there is a real need for veterinarians at women's health.

u.s. food and drug administration (fda) commissioner dr. lester m. crawford announced today(23 august 2005) the appointment of rear admiral linda r. tollefson to the position of assistant commissioner for science. most recently, radm tollefson served as deputy director of the center for veterinary medicine (cvm). in her new position, she will also serve as coordinator for commissioned corps affairs at fda and direct fda's offices of women's health and orphan products development. (pdf file of fda press release)

guess it helps when the "boss" at fda is a veterinarian...
dr. lester crawford, commissioner of the u.s. food and drug administraiton, will speak at 11:30 a.m. oct.6 at the fall conference for veterinarians at oklahoma state university. crawford, a veterinarian, will speak on "drug use, approval and regulation in veterinary medicine."for more information on the conference, visit www.cvm.okstate.edu or call (405) 744-7672per newsok.com (reg.req.)

dr. crawford received his doctor of veterinary medicine (dvm) from auburn university, his phd in pharmacology from the university of georgia, and his honorary doctorate (mdv) from budapest university. (official bio)
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