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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the skippy challenge highlighted on cnn!

our smile is as wide as the gap between awol and real americans, because the indefatigable abbi tatton chose to mention
the skippy challenge, along with the pledge drives of instapundit and truth laid bear, on her online reporting segment of cnn's "the" situation room today:

but it's not all politics out there, it's not all outrage. people are also acting online. what we've seen over the last week is the blogosphere really coming together left and right to raise money. truthlaidbear.com got together some 1,800 bloggers to fund raise. they did a drive over the weekend that ended yesterday that raised over a million dollars.

some bloggers like skippy here at xenergy.blogspot.com (ph) was weighing in on barbara bush, but at the same time urging all his readers to donate as much money as possible. a personal drive there raising $10,000. someone like instapundit.com, many, many more readers, $319,000. so action as well as commentary, wolf, in the blogosphere.

we know that it was some transcriber at cnn who mangled our url, but when you think about it, that's kind of catchy: "x-energy.blogspot.com"! too bad that won't take you anywhere in blogtopia (even though yes! we coined that phrase)!

thank you, abbi tatton! we love you! and we love that all of you readers are responding so well to our challenge! and now, to update katrina, the relief bat:

jim shirk of
entartete kunst gave $25 to the mercy corps, and $25 to joanna of blondesense, who traveling down to n'awlins to volunteer supplies and time;

rook's rant gave $10.01 to the red cross, in spite of having to file for bankruptcy (now that's generous!);

no blood for hubris gave $50.01 to noah's wish;

and we are both happy and sad to report the following: sad because it proves we are not the math whizzes we thought we were (we're firing the guys in accounting... again), and happy because we grossly under-estimated our previous tallies, and have collected far more in pledges than we thought...

as of now, katrina the relief bat has collected a total of $10,525.62!!!

skippy needs a million bucks...to go to katrina relief!
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