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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

an open letter to sen. mccain

a must read for the nation
...some do not see the need for this work. some argue that since our actions are not as horrifying as al qaeda's, we should not be concerned. when did al qaeda become any type of standard by which we measure the morality of the united states? we are america, and our actions should be held to a higher standard, the ideals expressed in documents such as the declaration of independence and the constitution.

others argue that clear standards will limit the president's ability to wage the war on terror. since clear standards only limit interrogation techniques, it is reasonable for me to assume that supporters of this argument desire to use coercion to acquire information from detainees. this is morally inconsistent with the constitution and justice in war. it is unacceptable.

both of these arguments stem from the larger question, the most important question that this generation will answer. do we sacrifice our ideals in order to preserve security? terrorism inspires fear and suppresses ideals like freedom and individual rights. overcoming the fear posed by terrorist threats is a tremendous test of our courage. will we confront danger and adversity in order to preserve our ideals, or will our courage and commitment to individual rights wither at the prospect of sacrifice? my response is simple. if we abandon our ideals in the face of adversity and aggression, then those ideals were never really in our possession. i would rather die fighting than give up even the smallest part of the idea that is "america."

capt. ian fishback
1st battalion,504th parachute infantry regiment, 82nd airborne division, fort bragg, north carolina
read the full letter at wapo and read more about captain fishback at the latimes.

captain fishback...we salute you.
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