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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, September 08, 2005

nuffin' says luffin' like coffee and a muffin

we had a great time with our good blogger friend jane of
firedoglake (and her dog kobe) yesterday sipping latte and watching kobe eat a muffin in brentwood.

we enjoy actually talking face-to-face with the folks we know online, and jane is one of the more erudite and witty ones. aside from her passion (the administration "committed genocide" by ignoring katrina), her grasp of fun facts (john roberts has only been a judge for two years, and they want him to be head of the highest court in the land???), and her pithy analysis (special prosecutor fitzpatrick is the reason awol's team is "off their game") she's just a bundle of fun to break muffin with.

but it's kobe we want to draw your attention to. jane's purebred standard poodle is a bundle of curiosity and big wet kisses for anyone willing to stop and pet him. and he and his brothers and sisters are especially upset that beloved pets in n'awlins are being forcibly abandoned by fema resuce workers (which is against the law, according to peta). kobe and his littermates want you to sign this petition to protect the animal victims of katrina.

and if you haven't taken the skippy challenge yet, we recommend donating to noah's wish or the humane society's relief fund.

and have a muffin for kobe!
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