s skippy the bush kangaroo

skippy the bush kangaroo

Monday, September 26, 2005

le monde

le monde n'est pas l'huître de bush. aucune merveille la haine mauvaise de bushies le français... ils les confrontent avec la vérité.
while authorizing its army to perpetrate what international law describes as "serious violations of the laws of the war," such as "torture" or "inhumane treatment" of prisoners ­ and "war crimes" in the case of executions - the united states placed itself in a position of illegality in the service of the cause that they allege to defend: freedom, justice and democracy faced with the "the madness of allah." but every time an afghan or iraqi is killed wrongly or tortured, and precisely because the united states is a democratic country, it is a defeat for america and all who defend the values and morals for which it claims to embody.

more pragmatically, the use of torture is one less chance for washington to win its wars, because for each martyred prisoner, for each image of abu ghraib or guantanamo, ten fighters rise against the united states.- le monde via watching america (kangaroo kudos to talkleft)
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