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Sunday, September 25, 2005

the day before yesterday

readers of this space know that the skippy's are big fans of netflix. and skippy has had the weather-themed disaster flick
the day after tomorrow on his netflix queue for some time.

but in light of the recent twin hurricane calamities, skippy moved the dennis quad-jake gyllenhaal vehicle up to the top of his netflix viewing list.

we would suggest everyone do the same. the similarities to reality are beyond eerie and enter into frightening. (anyone remember the china syndrome landing in theaters a month before three mile island?)

for example:

early on in
tdat, the vice president (veteran character actor kenneth welsh, looking like a slimmed-down cheney) ignores advice from scientist quaid that weather disasters are approaching, due to global warming. just like reality! eerie!

quaid then remarks that his son knows more science than the vice president. again, just like reality! eerie.

the president, when asked to make a decision, asks the vice president what to do. too much like reality for our taste. rully, rully, eerie!

when the seas begin to rise, manhattan is flooded, and all skippy could do was say to mrs. skippy, "this is just like new orleans." too close to reality to make a joke about.

the second half of the movie ventures into regular action-thriller-will-the-hero-save-the-day sort of stuff, and is pretty boilerplate. and the scientific premise, that the melting ice caps dissapate the gulf stream, cooling down the oceans and creating an ice age, could probably be argued into the corner, if not out the door.

but the underlying theme, that mankind's unbridled savaging of the earth will create irreversible climate changes cannot be ignored, especially in light of this month's two monster storms.

and the end of the movie is not at all happy: the entire earth's (surviving) population moves to the third world. most of america winds up in a refugee camp in the snowy mexican desert. yikes!

we at skippy international thought we were being really original when we thought of writing a piece about how that dennis quaid/sela ward flick predicted violent storms that the country recently suffered through.
we were wrong.

but we recommend everyone rent the movie and watch at least the first half.

and be afraid. be very afraid.
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