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Monday, September 26, 2005

2 lively crew

citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington (crew) have published their
list of the 13 most corrupt members of congress (tom delay excluded, but he is in the title of the report: beyond delay).

there are several democratic members on the list, including la's own maxine waters. we are not surprised about ms. waters, nor of democrats being corrupt in general (tho there are more repubbbs than dems).

the idea here at skippy is that corruption, cronyism and graft is evil, no matter what party the offending member affiliates with, and should be stamped out like so many cockroaches in a tex avery cartoon for raid.

the 13 (via the

  • sen. bill frist: the report accuses him of violating federal campaign finance laws in how he disclosed a campaign loan. it also calls for an inquiry over his recent sale of stock in hca inc., his family's hospital corporation. the sale has raised questions about possible insider dealing. frist aides confirmed friday that the sec was investigating. they have denied claims of campaign finance violations.

  • rep. roy blunt: the report criticizes him for trying to insert provisions into bills that would have benefited, in one case, a client of his lobbyist son and in another case, the employer of his lobbyist girlfriend, now his wife.

  • sen. conrad burns: the report says that questions arose over $3 million in appropriations he earmarked for an indian tribe in michigan that was a client of lobbyist abramoff. the senator received substantial campaign contributions from abramoff and various clients…

  • rep. bob ney: the report says the chairman of the house administration committee went on a golf outing to scotland in 2002, arranged by abramoff, at a time when the congressman was trying to insert a provision into legislation to benefit one of abramoff's tribal clients…

  • rep. tom feeney: the report says he incorrectly reported that a golf trip to scotland with abramoff in 2003 was paid for by the national center for public policy research, which denied it. a feeney aide said the congressman had been misled. questions also have arisen about two other privately funded trips.

  • rep. richard w. pombo: he paid his wife and brother $357,325 in campaign funds in the last four years, the report says. he also supported the wind-power industry before the department of interior without disclosing that his parents received hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from wind-power turbines on their ranch…

  • rep. maxine waters: the report cites a december 2004 los angeles times investigation disclosing how members of the congresswoman's family have made more than $1 million in the last eight years by doing business with companies, candidates and causes that waters has helped. before publication of the times investigation last year, waters declined to be interviewed, but said of her family members: "they do their business, and i do mine."

  • sen. rick santorum (r-pa.): the report says he encountered controversy over disclosures that pennsylvania taxpayers paid for his children's schooling while they lived in virginia. santorum maintained he did nothing wrong, and has pulled his children out of the school, according to reports.

  • reps. randy "duke" cunningham and william j. jefferson: both congressional veterans are under federal investigation...

  • rep. charles h. taylor (r-n.c.): the report says that questions have been raised about his private business interests, including a savings and loan in asheville, n.c., and personal business interests in russia.

  • rep. marilyn n. musgrave (r-colo.) and rep. rick renzi (r-ariz.): both second-term house members encountered criticisms tied to campaign activities, the report says.
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