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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

summertime carols...the results!

the end of august may not be the end of summer officially (that's either labor day, for you working stiffs, or the autumnal equinox, for you astronomers), but we're happy to give you the results of our question to our readership:
name your favorite summertime song and/or movie.

the response was large, and varied. several bizarre songs and movies that don't call up feelings of summertime, except for the individuals that nominated them, were submitted. many various artists covering the same songs were named, and a lot of movies, some obvious, some not so, were also given. let's see what you said:

by and far the winner for best song was "summertime." but whether it was a cover of the
gershwin number from "porgy and bess" or the jamies' jumpin' harmony-laden tongue twister is a matter of debate.

to be frank, four folks specified the gerswhin number (including
mad kane, brian boru, esstoessorall, who nominated the joplin version, and richard dimatteo, who likes nina simone's rendition).

three others mentioned the jamies, including rose (who likes see's candy in the summer), steve b, and curtis e. flush. but several, among them
screwy hoolie and sailor, nominate summertime by any one of the artists who covered it.

a close second (and probably, an actual first, if we separate gershwin from the jamies, and you know how difficult that can be!) is
summertime blues, by a myriad of performers, including the blue cheer version nominated by maveline and steve audio, the who's rendition suggested by don quixote, and just the song, cited by tom of functional ambivalent and essaresstoall. thanks to redcane for pointing out that eddie cocharan did the original.

other songs mentioned: summer wind by sinatra, in the summertime by mungo jerry, nat king cole's lazy hazy crazy days of summer, hot town summer in the city by lovin' spoonful, and hot fun in the summertime.

here's some songs that evoke the feelings of the season without mentioning its name: under the boardwalk, afternoon delight, up on the roof, myrtle beach days, carolina girls, saturday night fish fry, palisades park, kodachrome, sugarcane and rock lobster, all fine songs.

movies nominated: dazed and confused, the goonies, caddyshack, suddenly last summer, the long hot summer, cat on a hot tin roof, the wicker man (takes place on summer isle, says decorticator), blue crush, and special mention goes to dr. zhivago, nominated by grace nearing, who says it makes her feel cooler.

we have no inclination to find out why some songs evoke summer to those who suggested them. drew likes tori amos' cornflake girl. karenm likes itchy globo blo by the cocteau twins. greg likes impossible love by ub40. and our personal favorite that we can't figure out, gd's choice of stairway to heaven.

kudos to those of you who said our original example of meatballs was impossible to top. and
patriside ran their own summertime song survey. and, if you need a authority figure to tell you what songs you should listen to in th esummer, here's the ball state university music department's choices.

finally, in case you were wondering, the
linkmeister tells us that summertime blues was recored by:

eddie cochran - 1958
blue cheer- 1968
the who - 1970
jim mundy - 1977
alan jackson - 1994
also recorded by: t-rex; beach boys; ian hunter; bobby fuller; heinz; robert gordon; the crickets; vipers skiffle group; stray cats; ritchie valens; bobby vee; the surfaris; the ventures.

thanks to everyone who participated! we're sorry summer is over, but we're looking forward to the fourth annual skippy christmas carol survey coming up in december!
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