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skippy the bush kangaroo

Monday, August 29, 2005

beam bin laden up, scotty mcclellan

hey..why don't we test it on awol. send him somewhere far, far away.

frustrated that terrorist kingpin osama bin laden is still on the loose nearly four years after the sept. 11 attacks, a few military types and their scientific advisers are pondering a "what if" solution straight out of tvs "star trek."

wouldn't it be neat, they ask, if we could nab bin laden via teleportation? in "star trek," the characters traveled between spaceship and planet by having their bodies dematerialized, then "beamed" to another locale -- hence, the characters' familiar request to the ship's engineer: "beam me up, scotty."

that's teleportation.

although many physicists think such ideas are claptrap, it would be ideal if the united states could teleport u.s. soldiers into "a cave, tap bin laden on the shoulder, and say: 'hey, let's go,' " said Ranney Adams, spokesperson for the air force research laboratory at edwards air force base in the southern california desert. "but we're not there (yet)."

not for want of trying, though. last year, the air force spent $25,000 on a report, titled "teleportation physics study," to examine possible ways to teleport humans and objects through space. - sfgate
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