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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

awol and congress

need to come clean with the folks of new orleans and let them know why this administration didn't want to give them money to shore up their levees. (read here)

it's a little late to do that now.
a large section of the vital 17th street canal levee, where it connects to the brand new "hurricane proof" old hammond highway bridge, gave way late monday morning in bucktown after katrina's fiercest winds were well north. the breach sent a churning sea of water from lake pontchartrain coursing across lakeview and into mid-city, carrollton, gentilly, city park and neighborhoods farther south and east. - the

a few updates on what is happening in nawhlins now:

martial law is being declared in the big easy.

hospitals with no power and rising waters are bringing patients to the superdome. (wwltv)

times-picayune evacuating it's offices in downtown n.o.

governor blanco - "worse than our worst fears."

a spokeswoman describes jefferson parish as a "very dangerous" place. jackie bauer says there's gas leaks everywhere, water needs to be boiled, there's no commercial power, no pumping stations and the water's toxic. and there's still some deep water in some neighborhoods. bauer says there are other dangers -- snakes in the water, other vermin, loose dogs and cats everywhere. she says -- quoting now -- "we kind of have to fight for survival with them."
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