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Monday, August 29, 2005

all the blues that's fit to print

i saw this and asked myself, "why is anna wintour going to prison?"

the new york times continues to drink deep from the cup of whiny entitlement, and to paint the propagandist judy miller as a martyr to freedom of speech. this freedom must be a new cause for the paper that chided columbia university for being insufficiently zealous in its investigation of academic speech, and that allowed thomas friedman to publish brutish mccarthyite threats against those who publicly explore the social and economic roots of terrorism.

the paper calls as witnesses for the defense the same french and german intellectual elites whose judgement on iraq judith miller sought to override through the use of false neoconservative propaganda. (remember "i was proved fucking right"??) via atrios, this self-pity orgy from the times:

... miller has now been in jail longer for refusing to testify than any reporter working for a newspaper in america .... with each dismal milestone, it becomes more apparent that having her in jail is an embarrassment to a country that is supposed to be revered around the world for its freedoms ...

Last week a paris-based journalists' organization ... sent around an impressive petition in support of ms. miller. It was signed by prominent european writers, journalists and thinkers including günter grass, bernard-henri lévy, the french philosopher, and pedro almodóvar, the spanish filmmaker ...

It's time for the authorities ... to recognize that continued incarceration is not going to sway a reporter who believes she is making a principled sacrifice.

mmm ... on the other hand, it wouldn't sway a criminal concealing a crime, either, would it? levy is an aggressive self-marketer with fashionably retro long hair and shirts unbuttoned nearly to the waist, who has staked out a position as america's (and its administration's) most prominent defender among the european intelligentsia.

the statement he and others signed displayed no knowledge of the facts in the miller case - that unlike, say, jacobo timmermann, she didn't fight the lies of an government suppressing the truth, but aided it in that effort. the crime under investigation, and in which she may have collaborated, is that of punishing the expressing of free speech by ruining a career and exposing a public servant to physical danger. had they understood that, I don't believe they would have signed the petition. (except maybe levy - it is publicity, after all.)

this editorial isn't really about freedom of the press or, for that matter, of supporting the government's position either. it's about an snobbish press that has traded its rights and obligations for the pampered and priveliged life of an overpaid elite. now that faustian compact appears to have been broken - which raises the question: what if you sell out and people stop buying?

(UPDATE: arianna has a great post on this editorial.)

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