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Friday, July 29, 2005

what can braun do to you?

a small part of blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) is hot on the trail of a mini-scandal in the hackett/schmidt race in ohio, which culminates with the election next tuesday.

seems that the
swing state project and annatopia have discovered that schmidt, who is running on a family values platform, has a campaign manager, joe braun, had an email address that was linked to a bdsm alternative lifestyle website.

bob bringham calls the play by play (and steve gilliard has the smoking screen shot!)...

here's how this whole thing came about. people who emailed the schmidt campaign had their email's bounce back. the details of the bounce back showed that the email joe@jeanschmidt.com actually went to deanofcorn@aol.com. this is important because it shows that schmidt campaign manager joe braun was using his aol account for campaign purposes.

people googled this aol account and apparently found that the same email account being used for the schmidt campaign was also being used for a profile on a bdsm (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism -- think of the pawn shop in pulp fiction) website used by freaks to meet other freaks.

the smoking gun appears to be the fact that this profile was removed within a couple of hours after it had been linked to joe braun on the blogs (screenshot here).

anna did the search/research to find the link.

steve updates, braun has denied he's into sado-masochism and threatened legal action against the swing state project:

i am an attorney who regularly lectures on libel and slander at a local school and am very aware of the current state of both ohio and federal law in this area. if you will not remove these outrageous statements and retract them as unfounded i will pursue all legal avenues available, including but not limited to, an injunction in the united states district court for the southern district of ohio seeking to have them removed and holding you libel for damages associated therewith.

we like the fact that braun is a self-proclaimed attorney that doesn't know the difference between "libel" and "liable." he's libel to screw up in court!

bob at swing state project removed the offending materials (ie, the screenshot of "deanofcorn's" bdsm profile (but steve still has it at the
news blog). this was after braun "resigned" as schmidt's campaign manager, then didn't resign, but pulled down the deanofcorn profile at collarme.com.

confused? you won't be, after watching tonight's episode of soap...
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