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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

mixed emotions

mel brooks once defined "mixed emotions" as "watching your mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your new mercedes."

this is exactly how we feel at the news that
judith miller is going to jail for contempt of court in the valerie plame leak investigation.

of all the reporters in the world to be sentenced to jail, except for maybe michelle malkin (just on general principles), we couldn't be happier that it was judith "
no, really, iraq has wmd's!" miller who was tapped by the special prosecutor to serve time for contempt of court, when she refused to reveal her source.

but on the other hand, this does bring a chill to the concept of anonymous sources in journalism. but on the other other hand, if that anonymous source is someone slimy using journalism's precept of protecting such sources to commit treason, say, for instance, like karl rove (if you believe
lawrence o'donnell) outing cia operatives to get back at their anti-war husbands, where do we stand?

we stand confused, because we stand for the bill of rights, but we can't stand rove.

matt cooper
will not be spending any time in the martha stewart iron bar hotel, because he's singing like pink floyd at the live 8 concert. miller says his "source" gave him "permission." (also his "boss" already turned over his "notes" anyway).

but the idea that the first amendment exists to allow criminal activity to go unchecked is ludicrous. we just heard
sfchron's phil bronstein on msnbc compare miller & cooper's "source" (ie, karl rove committing treason) to mark felt deep throating woodward & bernstein, or the nytimes publishing the pentagon papers.

please! that's like comparing tim mcveigh to thomas jefferson. you can do it, but you sound crazy.

meanwhile, rove's lawyer is busy
parsing phrases (it all depends on what the definition of "is" is) by saying his client didn't "knowingly" reveal that valerie plame worked for the cia.

yeah, right. he just said she worked for some intelligence outfit with three initials, that started with "c" and ended with "a."
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