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Saturday, July 30, 2005

if they say there was no crime committed, then there was no crime committed

readers of this space know we have been following the story of the denver three, the american citizens ejected from a rally for awol in colorado, for no reason more than possibly being maybe someone who might obstensively could have been disagreeable, perhaps.

the upshot of a four-month long investigation by the secret service into who ejected alex young, karen bauer, and leslie weise from the public meeting is, wait for it: zero. the

federal prosecutors have declined to press charges of impersonating a secret service agent against a white house volunteer who ousted three people from a speech by president bush in denver on march 21.

the announcement was made friday in a letter to colorado sen. ken salazar and reps. mark udall and diana degette, all democrats, who had asked for a secret service investigation into the incident…

u.s. attorney william leone said the investigation was "thorough and complete."

"i am certain that the secret service would demand, and our office would aggressively prosecute, any person who was found to be impersonating a secret service agent if the facts warranted such a prosecution," leone said in a statement. "this is not such a case."

he added, "criminal law is not an appropriate tool to resolve this dispute. The normal give and take of the political system is the appropriate venue for a resolution."

normal give and take? sure. we give up our rights, awol takes us to the cleaners. (thanks to talkleft's comment on crooks and liars for the link!)
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