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skippy the bush kangaroo

Friday, July 15, 2005

happy 3rd blogiversary*...

no, not to us, but to our good friend dave johnson of seeing the forest.

3 years ago in 2002, there was a plethoria, nay, a veritable cornucopia, of new lefty blogs starting up. besides atrios and talkleft and dailykos (and ourselves), dave johnson began seeing the forest, a brilliant and succint blog which dispenses with the vitriol and snark (though not the humor) and gets to the meat of the issues at hand.

dave (like ourselves) has added some great co-bloggers to help with his workload as of late, making seeing the forest all the more insightful.

stop by and give them a read today! tell 'em skippy sent ya!

(*yes! talkleft coined that phrase!)
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