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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

a golden oldie

not sure why we got a visitor hit from
this post on gamer's nook from 2 years ago, but we thought it was as funny (and relevant) today as back then:

top 10 reasons dorothy was greeted as a liberator ...and our army wasn't

10. the wicked witch of the east actually had weapons of mass destruction.

9. rebuilding contracts awarded locally to lullaby league and lollipop guild.

8. dorothy apologized.

7. evil oppressor legally verified as "really most sincerely dead" rather than "maybe dead."

6. dorothy got it that she wasn't in kansas any more.

5. did not install toto as interim governor of munchkinland.

4. went home as soon as possible.

3. no interest in munchkinland's natural resources.

2. dorothy wasn't taking orders from the one with no brain.

1. no collateral damage.

plus, we agree with scott's assessment of wicked by gregory maguire.
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