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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, July 28, 2005

both sides now (my sincerest apologies to joni mitchell)...

baby at its mother's breast,
the lion and the lamb at rest,
one time was lost, but now am blessed --
i've looked at life that way.
but now, it's such a bloodless game --
they pierce your soul, they trash your name.
it makes you mean, but all the same,
you still know how to pray.
i've looked at faith from both sides now,
in flood and drought, and still somehow,
it's grand illusions i recall --
i really don't know faith
at all.

leave your long face at the door,
chin up, my son, and frown no more,
your ship will one day sail ashore --
i've looked at hope that way.
since then, i've spread my wings in flight
to chart my own course toward the light.
i could be wrong, but that's all right --
i'm flyin' come what may.
i've looked at hope from both sides now,
through bleak and bright, and still somehow,
it's disillusions i recall --
i really don't know hope
at all.

like a king without a queen.
a bridge above a steep ravine,
a ghost within a dead machine --
i've viewed my life that way.
my friends, they contemplate the cost.
they shake their heads, they say i'm lost.
well, even if my stars are crossed,
they've brightened up my way.
i've viewed my life from both sides now,
inside and out, and still somehow,
it's just illusions i recall --
i really don't know life
at all.

i've looked at life from both sides now,
worthless and dear, and still somehow,
it's all illusions i recall --
i really don't know life
at all...
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