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Sunday, July 31, 2005

rigged...and we're not talking about diana

forget being innocent....it's now you're guilty and we'll make sure that you're guilty? and these are the "prosecuters" who are complaining the trials are rigged for conviction....

leaked emails from two former prosecutors claim the military commissions set up to try detainees at guantanamo bay are rigged, fraudulent, and thin on evidence against the accused.

two emails, which have been obtained by the abc, were sent to supervisors in the office of military commissions in march of last year - three months before australian detainee david hicks was charged and five months before his trial began. -
australian broacasting corporation
as the pentagon was making its final preparations to begin war crimes trials against four detainees at guantánamo bay, cuba, two senior prosecutors complained in confidential messages last year that the trial system had been secretly arranged to improve the chance of conviction and to deprive defendants of material that could prove their innocence. - nytimes
the commission process does away with any of the basic fundamental protections you would find either in a court martial or our civil criminal justice system.

"the system is set up and designed to only reach convictions." -
the australian
thanks to steven d's kos diary

and of course, guess who is already in the thick of this...
a federal appeals court ruled friday that the bush administration's plan to convene military tribunals to try terrorist detainees at the u.s. naval base on guantanamo bay is constitutional, a decision that promises to jump-start a controversial and historic process that has been waylaid for eight months by legal challenges.

...his tribunal was in its early pre-trial stages in guantanamo bay when it was suddenly halted last november after u.s. district court judge james robertson of washington ruled that tribunals were illegal and violated military law and the geneva convention.

it was robertson's ruling that was reversed by the three appellate judges -- stephen f. williams, a. raymond randolph, and john g. roberts.
(you know, that supreme court nominee...)

in addition to finding that the geneva convention did not apply, the three also determined that the tribunals were properly set up the white house, authorized by congress, and should go forward. - los angeles times via
detroit news
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say it ain't so, double o

diamonds are supposed to be forever.

it is a decision that will horrify his legion of worldwide fans and leave grown women in tears.

scottish screen legend sir sean connery has almost drawn the
curtain on his long and glittering career by revealing it would take a mafia-style "offer he couldn't refuse" to tempt him to make another film.

...in an interview with a new zealand newspaper, the actor says he has no time for the "idiots" now making films in hollywood. -
the scotsman

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our apologies

to the
green knight and patriside, two blogs that joined in the million hit march skippy-a-thon, but whom we failed to add to our blogroll (as promised) until today.

speaking of which, the
green knight has some excellent quotes from conservative british writers that question the wisdom of not questioning the wisdom of our fearless leaders.
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quote of the day

atrios, we find that major bob bateman puts it our problem with the natalie holloway story coverage so succinctly: no more one-person crimes elevated to a national issue...

just heard about this whole natalie holloway thing. apparently there are some benefits to being deployed in a theater of war. i am disappointed. i thought i'd noticed all of you making solemn vows here, over the years, "no more." no more pre-teen beauty queens, no more missing white women, no more one-person crimes elevated to a national issue.

there is a supreme court seat in play, a un nomination in stasis, death in the sudan, death in london, and a few things occurring in afghanistan and here, and our national news stations choose to run stories on the death of a privileged 18-year old? here's an idea, if these stations are so short of news: come here. send an additional 5-15 reporters and cameramen. we have plenty of 18, 19, 20...25, 35, and 45 year-olds dying every day or three. pick some. tell their stories to america. learn who they were before they came here. follow up on the latest developments in their units. see how their buddies are doing. interview (when they are ready, if they ever are ready) their parents, spouses, children. find out who killed them. (was it sunni extremists, former ba'ath party leaders, common criminals, syrian provocateurs, jihadists...) help america understand that we are, no kidding, at war.

and try to do it without geraldo this time, ok? please? from iraq, bob bateman.
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guano gets gooeyier for government guys

as the investigation tightens into the leak of the identity of covert cia operative valerie plame, sources tell time some white house officials may have learned she was married to former ambassador joseph wilson weeks before his july 6, 2003, op-ed piece criticizing the administration. that prospect increases the chances that white house official karl rove and others learned about plame from within the administration rather than from media contacts. rove has told investigators he believes he learned of her directly or indirectly from reporters, according to his lawyer. -
time and more at think progress
it was nothing more than an empty promise when president bush vowed to fire any white house staffer involved in the revenge outing of cia operative valerie plame. now that rove and vice president cheney's chief of staff, lewis "scooter" libby, have been ‘identified’ as the culprits, bush changed the standards he himself set by saying -- they must've "committed a crime." - aljeezera.com
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awolisms served up fresh

over at

inanities from commander cookoo bananas with appropriate visuals. refresh their page for a different one.
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a wealthy suburbanite's view of the war

it's all just a
game (quicktime video)

(you don't think that they would actually want to experience the real thing, now do you? that's just for the poor folk. its more fun this way)
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two jews walk into a bar...the town council buys it and tears it down under eminent domain

our buds at
resident bush send us this from mcsweeneys:

although i like a good george w. bush jokes as much as the next guy, some of them seem mean-spirited
  • q: how many telemarketers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    a: wouldn't a more relevant question be "how many pounds of cocaine has bush snorted?"

  • a doctor, a lawyer, and an accountant all die and go to heaven on the same day. when they get to the pearly gates, they are greeted by st. peter. st. peter says, "scott mcclellan is a lying sack of shit and i'd tell him so myself if he weren't going straight to hell when he dies."

  • q: what do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino?

    a: i'm not sure, but if the answer is "a cure for parkinson's disease," then bush will try to stop scientists from breeding them. because he likes it when people get parkinson's.

  • this guy walks into a bar carrying a small poodle in one hand and a bowling ball in the other. the guy says, "i'd like a glass of milk for me and a whiskey for my poodle." the bartender says, "yeah? well, i'd like an impartial and independent judiciary, but try telling that to bush, frist, and the rest of the gop!"

  • q: what do you get when you cross a giraffe and a monkey?

    a: i'm sorry, i can't think about that right now because i'm too busy wondering why congress hasn't launched an official investigation into bush lying to the american public about wmds and leading us into a war under false pretenses. tell you what—as soon as i solve that little riddle, i'll get to work on your little genetic experiment.

  • q: how many eggs does it take to make a good omelet?

    a: three. by the way, tom delay is a hypocrite of the highest order.

  • did you hear that bill clinton hired a new intern? it turns out that his old intern had to go home and spend time with her family after her brother was killed in iraq.

  • q: how many golf players does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    a: the answer may be locked away in the minutes of cheney's secret energy meetings. however, conventional wisdom says that the meetings were probably about finding a cabinet-level position for a pre-scandal ken lay or about doing business with the taliban.

  • knock-knock.

    who's there?

    under the patriot act, we don't have to tell you that.
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taking wing

we're pleased to add the lovely maryscott o'connor's newest community effort
my left wing to our blogroll.

speaking of the roll, in our recent
efforts to reach a million hits, several of you in blogtopia (and yes! we coined that phrase!) helped us out with links on your sites. many of you were old friends, and we can't thank you enough for your support.

but we were also surprised and quite pleased to find a number of new friends adding to the cause. we attempted to keep track of you all and add everyone of you who linked to our million hit march skippy-a-thon to our permanent blog roll.

however, if you were one of the copious number of blogs who joined our efforts with a link to our humble site, and we somehow failed to put your blog on our roll, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know.


skippy needs two million hits!
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the new mccarthyism continues - could you be an "excuse maker"?

condolleeza rice now joins
thomas friedman and bill o'reilly in practicing the new mcarthyism (yes! we coined that term!), as we can see from a video clip on crooks and liars. this new thought suppression program casts a broader net than its 1950's counterpart. you don't need to be a liberal to be a target. you only need to raise the self-evident fact that the war in iraq has increased the world's supply of terrorists, or wonder what else might be motivating terrorist attacks, and you are an "excuse maker" who is not much better than a terrorist yourself. it's ok to ask why serial killers kill, as larry king does from time to time, but it's treason to ask the same about terrorists.

(diatribe con'td
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say hello

to someone from across the aisle,
indepundit, and our old friend kid oakldand's own k/o, and the action northwest education fund, and the end of the world.
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an offline reading recommendation

blinded by the right - the conscience of an ex conservative" by david brock.

interesting and horrifying at the same time. a stark and quite frank look at one man's journey through the conservative trenches and his coming out, literally and figuratively, to see the destruction of his actions. it shows the underbelly of the far right conspiracy.

some interesting little tidbits on some conservative characters and their actions against the clinton administration....and interesting how they are still in the news today.

"in politics, as in life generally, a lot of what one does is oppose bad ideas," he told the new york times. "opposition is worthwhile for its own sake, good for the country." with the gop out of power, (bill) kristol had his major success with what he called "cheerful obstructionism" of the clinton health care plan. at a time when even senator dole was in agreement witht he clinton administration that the country faced a "health care crisis," the glib krostol coined a counterslogan" "there is nohealth care crisis" (hmmmm....and now the rethugs are slimming democrats with being "obstructionists" when they themselves relished in the idea?)
congressman randy cunningham compared a visit clinton made to moscow in 1969 while he was studying at oxford to the treasonous tokyo rose during world war ii. (for good measure, cunningham said the entire democratic congressional leadership "should be lined up and shot." (randy, randy, randy....and now you face the music of your own evil kickback scams. and haven't some current rethugs, like rep. peter king, call upon violence against democrats?)
sitting on an overstuffed sofa not far from me, (armstrong) williams had soemthing else besides strange justice on his mind. as he began to pepper me with graphic questions about wheather i was dominant or submissive in bed, i shuffled uncomfortably in my seat, looked away, and tried to change the subject. **some years later, williams was sued for sexucal harassment by his producer and former trainer, who charged that williams repeatedly kissed him on the mouth and grabbed his buttocks and genitals on business trips. the suit was settled out of court. (wow....that's leaving no child's behind)
my dinner mate john fund of the (wall street) journal's editorial page was a close political associate of gringrich, and similarly hypocritical. though he took positions aligned with those of the christian right, fund had not discouraged a young ex-girlfriend-the daughter of another fund ex-girlfriend-from seeking an abortion he offered to pay for. "i respect life, but i also make judments and i have different variations on that theme," fund told the young woman, according to a transcript of a telephone conversation she released to a reporter. (now mr. fund is frequently found on television being hypocritical)
a little online reading recommendation, too.
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Saturday, July 30, 2005

trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind of stupid...

not to make light of tragedy, but the
asspress has come out with an article about the recent disasters befalling the boy scouts in which several people echo our previous sentiments, ie, if there's anyone who knows about pitching tents safely, it should be leaders of the boy scouts.

scout officials say they are not ready to place blame and are still investigating the incidents. but several outside specialists said allowing tents to be placed near power lines and failing to keep scouts cool in searing heat were enormous oversights…

sam waltz jr., a crisis management specialist from wilmington, del., said organizers should have laid out a grid map in advance that clearly identified danger areas where power lines hang and planned for tents to be set up far away.

"if someone had gridded it out, then no one would have been putting a tent under that particular power line," he said.

the scouts also should have insisted on conducting a background check of the contractor, cambria said.

scouting teachings dictate that tents not be erected under trees or power lines, a jamboree spokesman said. and potential scout leaders go through rigorous safety training before they join the organization, said scout leader kevin rudden, 51, of mendon, mass.

"it's the most safety-conscious, risk-averse organization i've ever met in my life -- there's a policy for everything," rudden said. "that's why it's just surprising that this happened. i mean, it's just counterintuitive to all that you're trained. you can't explain it."

of course, the great thing is, we get to blame awol for the other tragedy at the jamboree...300 boy scouts falling ill with heat stroke:

on wednesday, 40,000 scouting enthusiasts waited hours in the stifling heat for an appearance by president bush, who ended up postponing his visit due to the threat of severe thunderstorms. sun-sick scouts began collapsing and more than 300 people were treated for heat-related illnesses…

what could have prevented the heat illnesses is another question.

"you'd like to say the cool heads should have recognized the potential for heat-related illness, but it's so extraordinary -- i suspect the president's security precautions really were the driver," waltz said.

indeed, white house security rules dictated that the scouts go through lengthy security checks and be waiting inside the arena two hours before the president's arrival, fairrer said.

"the white house security rules ... are certainly in place to make sure the president and his entourage are protected and we certainly respect that," she said. "but at some point, we have to say this just jeopardizes the health of the youth too much."

nonetheless, jamboree organizers should have known the weather was going to be hot during july in virginia, said robert smith, president of an event planning and public relations firm outside chicago. they could have struck a deal to have air-conditioned buses kept running for the scouts.

[phyllis cambria, an event planner from boca raton, fla., who has written several books on the subject] said several other key pieces of equipment could have helped:

water misters and large, outdoor fans

personalized fans for the children

tarps to shield the waiting scouts from the sun.

now they think of it!
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hackett v. schmidt in ohio

the debate
part one and part two.

presented by (sing it with us!)
wkrc in cincinnati...
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why don't we just send the brits to find osama

since they seem to be much better and faster at finding their most wanteds.

police believe they have caught four men suspected of trying to explode bombs on london's transport system last week after armed raids on friday in the british capital and an arrest in rome, a police source said.

"my belief is we have all four people we are seeking in custody," the source told reuters. - reuters canada

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summer reading

back in school, skippy never learned in history class, so he was doomed to repeat it.

(not true. we stretch the truth for a punchline. skippy loved history class, and in fact took his final exams on lsd. don't worry, he passed with flying colors).

bad jokes aside, which is where they should be, we have to thank samantha kopicko, the internet marketing coordinator of
holtzbrinck publishers, for sending us a copy of neil baldwin's latest examination of historic ideas "the american revalation."

we are looking forward to reading it. a capsulized report from publishers' weekly tells us:

baldwin ably investigates 10 key precepts of what might be called "fundamental americanism," while at the same time highlighting iconic americans who helped to define and articulate those precepts. here we have biographical sketches of early massachusetts governor john winthrop, who offered the idea of a "city on a hill"; thomas paine's common sense; pierre du simitière's notion of "e pluribus unum"; emerson's vision of self-reliance; john l. o'sullivan's concept of manifest destiny and, of more recent vintage, the enlightened generosity embodied in the post-wwii marshall plan.

sure, john o'sullivan was a great boxer, but who knew he invented manifest desitiny? [ed. note: i thought we were going to leave bad jokes aside!]

nick clooney (yes! george's father and rosemary's brother! and the dude who shows old black and white movies on that channel!) of the cincinatti post tells us:

mr. baldwin attempts to define 10 ideals that describe an essential american character. in the process, he introduces us to the 10 people he believes best articulated them. some of the 10 are world-famous, such as marshall and ralph waldo emerson. some are not. readers will agree or disagree with the author's choices, but not, i think, with the notion that americans have always believed themselves to be different from all other nations and cultures in the world. that there was at the core of our national character an idealism, a rage to believe that the world should be a better place for everyone and that practical ways must be found to make it so.

it should be an interesting read. we'll let you know how we like it.
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if they say there was no crime committed, then there was no crime committed

readers of this space know we have been following the story of the denver three, the american citizens ejected from a rally for awol in colorado, for no reason more than possibly being maybe someone who might obstensively could have been disagreeable, perhaps.

the upshot of a four-month long investigation by the secret service into who ejected alex young, karen bauer, and leslie weise from the public meeting is, wait for it: zero. the

federal prosecutors have declined to press charges of impersonating a secret service agent against a white house volunteer who ousted three people from a speech by president bush in denver on march 21.

the announcement was made friday in a letter to colorado sen. ken salazar and reps. mark udall and diana degette, all democrats, who had asked for a secret service investigation into the incident…

u.s. attorney william leone said the investigation was "thorough and complete."

"i am certain that the secret service would demand, and our office would aggressively prosecute, any person who was found to be impersonating a secret service agent if the facts warranted such a prosecution," leone said in a statement. "this is not such a case."

he added, "criminal law is not an appropriate tool to resolve this dispute. The normal give and take of the political system is the appropriate venue for a resolution."

normal give and take? sure. we give up our rights, awol takes us to the cleaners. (thanks to talkleft's comment on crooks and liars for the link!)
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from the recovering repubbbs dept.

thanks to
constantly amazed, yet never surprised, we find a republican congressional candidate in vermont calling for awol's impeachment:

dennis morrisseau, 62, of west pawlet, plans to seek the republican nomination to run for u.s. house of representatives. the seat is being vacated by rep. bernard sanders, i-vt., who plans a run for the u.s. senate.

a central part of his platform, morrisseau said, will be bringing articles of impeachment against bush…

morrisseau said he considers himself more of a republican than the president, and he thinks a lot of vermont republicans agree with him.

"this leadership isn't very republican and i don't think it's very popular with vermont republicans," he said. "republicans in this state tend to be mind-your-own-business people, keep taxes low and government small."

morrisseau held up former gov. deane davis as an example of a vermont republican.

"davis was the best environmentalist we had in this state," he said. "that's republicanism in vermont. we like small businesses. we're afraid of outsiders and large businesses. that's what i'm about."

while 38.8 percent of vermonters — and likely the lion's share of vermont republicans — voted for bush, morrisseau said he thinks there is enough anti-bush sentiment within republican circles for his message to find an audience.

"i think i've got a great shot," he said. "there's been movement since the election, if you track the polls. that's not just democrats, that's republicans, too. down in southern vermont, the man is reviled among republicans."

he's also reviled among blogtopians (and yes! we coined that phrase, too!)
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say hello

stumbleupon, who, apparently, likes us, really likes us (it's some sort of referral channelsurfing network, we guess, kind of like the lord of the rings ring).
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we've been evicted

from uzbekistan.

yeah...we're making friends and influencing people. hey...just wait until molton bolton starts verbally assulting people in the u.n. think of how many places we can be ousted out of then!
uzbekistan formally evicted the united states yesterday from a military base that has served as a hub for combat and humanitarian missions to afghanistan since shortly after the attacks of sept. 11, 2001, pentagon and state department officials said yesterday.

..the united states will face several logistical problems for its operations in afghanistan. scores of flights have used k2 monthly. it has been a landing base to transfer humanitarian goods that then are taken by road into northern afghanistan, particularly to mazar-e sharif -- with no alternative for a region difficult to reach in the winter. k2 is also a refueling base with a runway long enough for large military aircraft. the alternative is much costlier midair refueling.

...pentagon spokesman bryan whitman called access to the airfield "undeniably critical in supporting our combat operations" and humanitarian deliveries. -
just throw more american greenbacks at the war......this administration just doesn't care.
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let's eat part deux

not the most popular place in
sunland, ca
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Friday, July 29, 2005

let's eat!


thanks to a
comment by seesdifferent on dkos.

or if you prefer seafood:


from ronv on the same diary.

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there goes happy hour

after reading this, i'm going to need a drink....

it is a regular pastime for co-workers to chat during a coffee break, at a union hall, or over a beer about workplace issues, good grilling recipes, and celebrity gossip. yet a recent ruling by the national labor relations board (lnlb) allows employers to ban off-duty fraternizing among co-workers, severely weakening the rights of free association and speech, and violating basic standards of privacy for america's workers. - american rights at work
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well, this would explain a lot...

i went and took one of those blogthings tests again. this time, it was, "who were you in a past life?"

i was a diseased jester, i lived in cyprus, and i died by decapitation.

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get the feeling someone "upstairs"

doesn't like the boyscouts?
lightning struck a group of boy scouts taking shelter from a summer storm, killing the troop leader and a 13-year-old scout, according to a ranger and the boy's parents. - ap

the boy scouts marched onto the field singing, plopping down in the grass to wait for president bush. but hours later, the news that bush couldn't make it was drowned out by sirens and shouts as hundreds fell ill because of the blistering heat. - abc

the four adults killed yesterday at fort a.p. hill after a tent pole apparently touched an overhead electrical line included two scout leaders who were fathers of boys attending the jamboree, a spokesman said today. - richmond times dispatch
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let's open up the ol' skippy mailbag...

victoria of the church of the front porch recommends the gonzales and card bumper sticker from
cafe press;

rep. charles taylor wants us all to know he voted "no" on cafta, but his vote wasn't tabulated;

reader cait sends us some material from the
green institute suggesting condi was the leaker in l'affair plame;

john roberts.com still wants you to stop john roberts (they've got a petition to sign);

capitolbuzz has the latest on the firing of miami herald columnist jim defede;

our buddies at
resident bush and our friend from the california democratic party both send us this piece from prison planet about two nasa scientists who were told in 1987 about the government's own plot to start a world conflaguration by destroying the twin towers;

and the
resident bush gang also send the amprospect story musing that the four london bombers may not have known they were going to be suicide attackers;

and judd legum at
think progress points out that scott mcclellan is spinning out of control about the john bolton's involvement in l'affair plame.
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say hello

egeon: a (responsibly) liberal rant and the gazetteer and political fish tales and alternative hippo.
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something fishy is going on

and it does not bode swimmingly for the future
tuna, swordfish and other species favored by fishing fleets gather in "hotspots" across the world's oceans -- but these are in serious decline, according to a survey published on thursday.

...the hotspots -- off the east coasts of the united states, australia, and sri lanka; south of hawaii; and in the southeastern pacific -- seem to be linked to a type of zooplankton, the researchers found to their surprise. - reuters via
planet ark
half of all sea fish species have disappeared from the major fishing grounds of the world, according to a study that shows how ocean life has declined rapidly in the past 50 years.

the dramatic fall in the diversity of fish is blamed on overfishing rather than pollution or climate change, the scientists behind the study said yesterday. -
the independent
a combination of overfishing, habitat destruction and climate change has
narrowed the range of fish across the globe, wrote biologists boris worm and
ransom a. myers of dalhousie university in nova scotia and three other
scientists. in some areas, such as off northwest australia where a wide variety
of tuna and billfish used to thrive, diversity has declined precipitously -

lack of species diversity is a problem, dr. worm said, because ecosystems with fewer species are less robust in the face of environmental disruptions like climate change.

for example, he said, the world's tuna fishery today is largely a matter of yellowfin and skipjack tuna because bluefin, albacore and other species rarely appear on fishermen's lines.

"if the ocean changes in a way that doesn't favor these two species any more, we have very little to fall back on," he said. "Ii you have a rich portfolio of species, it's like a diverse stock portfolio. you are better off." - nytimes

the monterey bay aquarium and the seattle acquarium have great resources to learning about the types of fish you should not buy or order up at restaurants because of toxins or near extinction. check it out.
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what the republican culture is teaching

winning at all costs. get rid of those who stand in your way. money will buy anything. violence is ok.

a youth baseball coach on thursday was ordered to stand trial for allegedly paying one of his players $25 to hurt a 9-year-old mentally disabled teammate.

..."he told me if I would hit (the teammate) in the face, he would pay me $25," keith said.

...a motive for the beaning was not discussed in court thursday. but the injured boy's mother had told police that the coach looked for ways to keep her son out of games because he was not as good as other kids. -

makes learning about b.j.'s seem...so....quaint.
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who needs bombs?

when you got bugs?
a bug discovered in an operating system that runs the majority of the world's computer networks would, if exploited, allow an attacker to bring down the nation's critical infrastructure, a computer security researcher said wednesday against threat of a lawsuit.

...lynn closed his talk by directing the audience to his resume and asking if anyone could give him a job.

"in large part i had to quit to give this presentation because iss and cisco would rather the world be at risk, i guess," lynn said. "they had to do what's right for their shareholders; i understand that. but i figured i needed to do what's right for the country and for the national critical infrastructure." -

why do we even have countries anymore? it's seems to be "shareholder uber alles" anyway....why don't we just send them off to war.
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what can braun do to you?

a small part of blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) is hot on the trail of a mini-scandal in the hackett/schmidt race in ohio, which culminates with the election next tuesday.

seems that the
swing state project and annatopia have discovered that schmidt, who is running on a family values platform, has a campaign manager, joe braun, had an email address that was linked to a bdsm alternative lifestyle website.

bob bringham calls the play by play (and steve gilliard has the smoking screen shot!)...

here's how this whole thing came about. people who emailed the schmidt campaign had their email's bounce back. the details of the bounce back showed that the email joe@jeanschmidt.com actually went to deanofcorn@aol.com. this is important because it shows that schmidt campaign manager joe braun was using his aol account for campaign purposes.

people googled this aol account and apparently found that the same email account being used for the schmidt campaign was also being used for a profile on a bdsm (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism -- think of the pawn shop in pulp fiction) website used by freaks to meet other freaks.

the smoking gun appears to be the fact that this profile was removed within a couple of hours after it had been linked to joe braun on the blogs (screenshot here).

anna did the search/research to find the link.

steve updates, braun has denied he's into sado-masochism and threatened legal action against the swing state project:

i am an attorney who regularly lectures on libel and slander at a local school and am very aware of the current state of both ohio and federal law in this area. if you will not remove these outrageous statements and retract them as unfounded i will pursue all legal avenues available, including but not limited to, an injunction in the united states district court for the southern district of ohio seeking to have them removed and holding you libel for damages associated therewith.

we like the fact that braun is a self-proclaimed attorney that doesn't know the difference between "libel" and "liable." he's libel to screw up in court!

bob at swing state project removed the offending materials (ie, the screenshot of "deanofcorn's" bdsm profile (but steve still has it at the
news blog). this was after braun "resigned" as schmidt's campaign manager, then didn't resign, but pulled down the deanofcorn profile at collarme.com.

confused? you won't be, after watching tonight's episode of soap...
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the meaning of all that i believed before escapes me in this world of none...

badtux the snarky penguin declares, "i didn't leave the republican party, the republican party left me":

when a republican senator santorum talks about man-on-dog sex and insists there is no right to privacy but that there is a right to unreasonable search and seizure...

when a republican vice-president tells a senator, "go fuck yourself"...

when a president extends the middle finger to the press...

when the president's top henchman says that democrats are all traitors...

once upon a time, the republican party was the party of decorum and conservative thought, small government and balanced budgets. the democrats were goons who fixed elections via corrupt politicos, slandered fine upstanding men as crazed lunatics, spent other people's money like water, and otherwise behaved like a bunch of crooks from a batman comic. no longer. today's republicans are a coarse, crass bunch that the late barry goldwater would have been repulsed by, whose big government agenda has led to the largest increase in domestic spending since lbj's "great society" programs, whose borrow-and-spend fiscal policy has led to the largest fiscal deficits in this nation's history, whose henchmen traitorously expose cia secret agents for political gain, who like democrat woodrow wilson believe in foreign wars of aggression in order to "make the world safe for democracy" (which curiously seems to be more about making the world safe for funneling billions of dollars of taxpayer money to vice president halliburton's pocketbook)...

from one odd bird to another: beautifully written, badtux. beautifully written...

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

awol gives the "thumbs up"

hate to see where he thinks his pinky is.

onegoodmove's got the quicktime
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a blogging minstrel

having once played major general stanley in his college production of
the pirates of penzance (to rousing acclaim), skippy could not resist finishing the song that atrios has started more than once on his open threads...

with apologies to
gilbert and sullivan (and mad kane)...to the tune of "i am the very model of a modern major general"

i am a very model of a modern major thread-a-bot
i have the information on what did who when and who did what,

and reasons that the netroots and the grassroots need to pillory
the jerks like biden, and al from and liberman and hillary,

i'll tell exactly how the gop destroys your sanity
by spreading lies with talking points through coulter, rush and hannity,

and how repubbblican agendas will decrease your salary...

what rhymes with salary? ah! i've got it!

and karl rove and why he never should have mentioned valerie!

and karl rove and why he never should have mentioned valerie!
and karl rove and why he never should have mentioned valerie!
and karl rove and why he never should have mentioned valer, valer-eeee...

and vitaminic supplements in schwarzenegger's old bio
and all the coins that disappeared from pension plans in ohio,

in short if you need info on who did who when and what did what
just come and read the comments on the modern major thread-a-bot!


in short if you need info on what did who when and who did what
just come and read the comments on the modern major thread-a-bot!

(repeat, as cheney, the pirate king, enters)
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got our sojo workin'

in an astonishing yet inevitable acceleration of the republicans' desire to equate themselves with jesus, orrin hatch made an explicit comparison between john roberts - the corporate legal hack who lied about the federalist society - and the savior himself. from sojomail, the sojourners subscription service:
"It's a little bit like biblical pharisees, you know, who basically are always trying to undermine jesus christ.... You know, it goes on the same way. If they can catch him in something, they can then criticize and the outside groups will go berserk."

- sen. orrin g. hatch (r-utah), on fox news, describing the nature of potential democratic opposition to supreme court nominee judge john g. roberts jr.

they're assuming you know a little religious history, but in case you need a refresher, here it is:
The Sadducees were a Jewish religious sect that flourished from about 200 BC until the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70. A priestly and aristocratic group, the Sadducees owed their power to political alliance with the Romans, who ruled their land. They ... differed with the Pharisees on many theological tenets: for example, they did not believe in resurrection and the immortality of the soul. According to the New Testament, the Sadducees played a leading role in the trial and condemnation of Jesus.
sojo asks: "if the democrats are the pharisees, does that make the republicans the sadducees"? it's a great question, but we beg to differ. the saducees betrayed their own people and collaborated with an occupying force for personal gain. the republicans are the occupying force -- that is, the romans. or, as michael palin would say in "life of brian," the "woe-mens." you remember the character of "biggus dickus," don't you? that would be cheney.

the dlc are the sadducees.
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more gore?

matt yglesias is enthusiastic about a possible gore run in '08, and atrios said he "certainly wouldn't be upset" if big al jumped into the race. well, include me in. unlike any of the other candidates, he's proved he can get elected. plus, the stiff public gore is gone, and the new gore is a charismatic keeper with passion and integrity. he's more like the witty, brilliant guy we heard about who was tommy lee jones' roommate and pal at harvard.

gore's been a reliable spokesman for progressive causes since his 2000 victory. and as matt points out, he's been articulately and forcefully against the iraq war since the beginning. plus his candidacy promises some great bumper stickers, like:

more gore, less blood: vote democratic and bring our troops home

i also think the public has come to recognize that he got robbed, and the "fairness" vote might give him a little extra lift. now he just has to make sure that tipper stays out of that music-censoring silliness and I think he's got a real shot.

the only problem is that he seems like a nice guy. i wouldn't wish a presidential campaign on anybody - but if I did, I'd be thinking about al ...
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hillary hearts the dlc

but she may want to think twice about that...

thanks to
gary boatwright's comment on this mydd diary, we find bob brigham's evaluation of hillary's mis-steps by aligning herself with al "progressives suck" from and his gang:

this is an important lesson for politicians. the dlc is fundamentally unable to deliver in a post mccain-feingold world -- they are too lazy to walk and too few create a scalable fundraising system. yet look what you can do by staying true and raising money $50 a head online. and choosing the dlc over the netroots comes with a price, like this washington post story:

the most pointed critique of clinton came in one of the most influential blogs on the left, daily kos out of berkeley, calif., which called clinton's speech "truly disappointing" and said she should not provide cover for an organization that often has instigated conflict within the party.

"if she wanted to give a speech to a centrist organization truly interested in bringing the various factions of the party together, she could've worked with ndn," the blog said in a reference to the new democrat network, with which daily kos's markos moulitsas is associated. "instead, she plans on working with the dlc to come up with some common party message yadda yadda yadda. well, that effort is dead on arrival. the dlc is not a credible vehicle for such an effort. period."

anyone who supports the dlc is fair game, even hillary. and hillary fucked up big time with democrats:

roger hickey, co-director of the liberal campaign for america's future, said clinton had badly miscalculated the current politics inside the democratic party and argued that she could pay a price for her dlc association if she runs for president in 2008.

"there has been an activist resurgence in the democratic party in recent years, and hillary risks ensuring that there's a candidate to her left appealing to those activists who don't much like the dlc," he said.

not only is hillary losing netroots and grassroots support by aligning herself with al from and the dlc, but she is failing to change the dynamics.

read the whole article, as it quotes from the rockridge institute's "what is a swing voter?" piece, which gives great reasons to not change your political stance just to get more voters (because it never works).
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it takes a couple women senators

to listen to the national village. what would you ask judge roberts?
type in your question

(after all, it is our supreme court, too)
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sue da feds

better stock up for those sick days....

sales of cold medicines used to make methamphetamine would be restricted under a bill that cleared the senate judiciary committee thursday after lawmakers forged a compromise protecting state prerogatives.

...consumers would have to show a photo id, sign a log, and be limited to 7.5 grams — or about 250 30-milligram pills — in a 30-day period. computer tracking would prevent customers from exceeding the limit at other stores, according to the bipartisan bill co-sponsored by sens. dianne feinstein, d-calif.,(e. note - ok...i'm crossing her officially off the xmas card list) and jim talent, r-mo.

...after initial opposition to the bill, retailers had been won over with a series of compromises, including an exception for stores without a pharmacist on duty, such as convenience stores and some grocery chains. that exception allowed states to work with the drug enforcement administration to license certain employees who are not pharmacists to sell the medicines. -
so...there's an exemption for stores without a pharmacist? that's kinda silly. just another example of government keeping out of our private lives.
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graphs w/snark

yellow dog blog provides us with this chart of awol's approval level:

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both sides now (my sincerest apologies to joni mitchell)...

baby at its mother's breast,
the lion and the lamb at rest,
one time was lost, but now am blessed --
i've looked at life that way.
but now, it's such a bloodless game --
they pierce your soul, they trash your name.
it makes you mean, but all the same,
you still know how to pray.
i've looked at faith from both sides now,
in flood and drought, and still somehow,
it's grand illusions i recall --
i really don't know faith
at all.

leave your long face at the door,
chin up, my son, and frown no more,
your ship will one day sail ashore --
i've looked at hope that way.
since then, i've spread my wings in flight
to chart my own course toward the light.
i could be wrong, but that's all right --
i'm flyin' come what may.
i've looked at hope from both sides now,
through bleak and bright, and still somehow,
it's disillusions i recall --
i really don't know hope
at all.

like a king without a queen.
a bridge above a steep ravine,
a ghost within a dead machine --
i've viewed my life that way.
my friends, they contemplate the cost.
they shake their heads, they say i'm lost.
well, even if my stars are crossed,
they've brightened up my way.
i've viewed my life from both sides now,
inside and out, and still somehow,
it's just illusions i recall --
i really don't know life
at all.

i've looked at life from both sides now,
worthless and dear, and still somehow,
it's all illusions i recall --
i really don't know life
at all...
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discuss among yourselves

resolved: harvey korman as
hedley lamar in blazing saddles could well be the funniest screen performance by a male in the second half of the twentieth century.
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let's open up the ol' skippy mailbag...

blogactive wants your help in supporting tylenol against the wingnuts for the pain reliever's marketing to the gay and lesbian community;

rep. pete stark speaks out against cafta;

think progress reports that sen. biden wants to know if john "don't call me michael" bolton testified before the plame grand jury;

the yellow dog blog discusses
ohio strategy

madkane has another poem!
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hackett plans to return to iraq next year if he loses oh election

not something you hear a lot of red politicians say. of course, to be fair, they can’t return to serve in a theater of operations in which they’ve never served in the first place. no wonder they’re swift-boating the guy. if you think about his candidacy for more than five seconds the entire red meme that democrats and liberals are faggy, traitors falls apart. and if you think about it for 10 seconds, you start to wonder why all the red keyboarders are defending rove et al in treason-gate. it’s ugly when a meme collapses. to the swift-boats, red comrades! crooks & liars has the
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more white house plumbing problems

case of c.i.a. officer's leaked identity takes new turn - washington, july 26 - in the same week in july 2003 in which bush administration officials told a syndicated columnist and a time magazine reporter that a c.i.a. officer had initiated her husband's mission to niger, an administration official provided a washington post reporter with a similar account. [--snip--]

mr. pincus has not identified his source to the public. but a review of mr. pincus's own accounts and those of other people with detailed knowledge of the case strongly suggest that his source was neither karl rove, mr. bush's top political adviser, nor i. lewis libby, the chief of staff to vice president dick cheney, and was in fact a third administration official whose identity has not yet been publicly disclosed.
and just how did that attack poodle, defender of our democracy respond to the leak?

in his article in the summer 2005 issue of nieman reports, mr. pincus wrote that he did not write about ms. wilson when he first heard the account "because i did not believe it true that she had arranged" mr. wilson's trip.

mr. pincus first disclosed the july 12, 2003, conversation with an administration official in an oct. 12, 2003, article in the washington post, but did not mention in that article that he himself had been the recipient of the information. he wrote in nieman reports that he did not believe the person who spoke to him was committing a criminal act, but only practicing damage control by trying to get him to write about mr. wilson.

so our intrepid reporter knew the leaker was lying and trying to use him to attack wilson through wilson’s wife. but pincus didn’t write much about it because it was just ordinary damage control in red washington. also, no blue dress was discovered.
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has treason-gate thrown the dark lord off his game?

presidential visit to scouts jamboree is postponed -despite storm delay and heat stress, youths carry on with activities after deaths of 4 troop leaders fort a.p. hill, va., july 27 -- tens of thousands of boy scouts, hoping to get things back to normal at their national jamboree after four scout leaders were killed on opening day, endured more disappointment and hardship wednesday as they learned that president bush had delayed his visit and as hundreds of people were treated for heat-related conditions.

the announcement that severe storms prompted the president's postponement came after the scouts waited for more than two hours in the blazing sun in their dress uniforms, and was met with loud boos.

last night, officials announced on the boy scouts web site that about 300 people were treated yesterday for conditions due to excessive heat. the statement said that most were seen at an on-post medical facility and released. a small number were transported to hospitals, where they were reported to be in stable condition. scout officials declined further comment late last night.
dig the photo caption

a firetruck's spray helps cool boy scouts at the national jamboree, where several people were treated for heat-related problems and storms forced cancellation of evening events.
hosing down boy scouts who suffered from heat exhaustion while waiting on awol was probably not the photo-op rove intended. those poor kids have been through hell this week - and their parents must be furious. the only good news is there's a decent chance they won't grow up republican, anymore.
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culture of corruption news: republican city commisoner commits suicide

from cnn.com:
a former city commissioner recently indicted on corruption charges fatally shot himself in the lobby of the miami herald building the same day another newspaper published lurid accusations against him.
i suppose now the republicans will accuse the clenis of actually murdering teele.
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nice work if you can get it

subcontractor's story details post-9/11 chaos - new company had little oversight - three years ago, sunnye l. sims lived in a two-bedroom apartment north of san diego, paying $1,025 in monthly rent. then she landed a dream job, with $5.4 million in pay for nine months of work. [--snip--]

eclipse came out of nowhere, starting as a one-woman operation based in sims's apartment. she was hired in a hurry, through word of mouth, recommended by someone who did not review her background in detail. she had worked for more than a decade as an event planner for the four seasons hotels and resorts. but her company, eclipse, did not exist as a corporation until sims got the pearson subcontract; two weeks later, she filed incorporation papers. over the next several months, sims hired hundreds of freelance meeting planners, many of them sight unseen. [--snip--]

the auditors said $15 million in expenses submitted by eclipse could not be substantiated. for example, auditors were able to find supporting documents for only $326,873 of the $5.8 million that eclipse spent directly on accounting, administration, consulting, management and contract labor.

the auditors noted that sims not only paid herself $5.4 million in compensation as "president/owner" but also that she gave herself a $270,000 pension.

in addition to focusing on the direct eclipse expenses, auditors raised concerns about expenses eclipse employees charged to separate accounts at the hotels chosen by pearson. auditors highlighted scores of other expenses run up or approved by eclipse: hundreds of thousands of dollars for valet parking, unexplained cash advances, dry cleaning and other spending at the hotels, many of which were high-end or resort-style establishments.
church, the reds always end up in church.
kathy artandi worked with sullivan on the passenger-screener contract out of sullivan's florida home. she said sullivan now works as a youth mentor at a church and lives with her ailing mother. [--snip--]

today, sims helps run a program for recovering alcoholics and drug abusers at seacoast community church, an evangelical free church by a freeway in encinitas, calif. pastor dave simonson credits sims with changing the lives of some church members.
and you can get it, if you're red? we’re not sure if the sunnye sims and nita sullivan (eclipse’s vp) who donated to the republicans are the same women who run eclipse, but if they are – talk about cheap. you’d think for this kind of dough they’d donate at the limit.
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