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Thursday, June 02, 2005

write your own juvenile joke about "cox"

awol today appointed rep. christopher cox, a noted anti-consumer activist and all-around business whore, to replace william donaldson as chairman of the sec. donaldson's reign was marred by troublesome attacks of ethics and cojones, during which he would actually seek to bring corporate wrongdoers to justice. or, as the associated press puts it,
cox, a conservative 15-year veteran of the house, would replace william donaldson, a republican who turned out to be a firm regulator and often clashed with g.o.p. business allies during his 2 1/2 years at the helm.

wow. "cox" and "firm regulator" in one piece, and i still haven't written a juvenile joke.

"business groups ... welcomed cox's nomination," according to the ap. yeah, i bet. cox was a major backer of the recent bankruptcy bill, which gives creditors the right to rape and pillage those who fail to pay their debt at 35% interest, on the credit cards that were issued to their 2 year old child and their dog as "new introductory offers."

heard about those credit cards with "hello kitty" and "usher" on them? now you're thinkin'! let's get the lunchbox set into debt, then throw them into indentured servitude while they've still got a whole productive work life ahead of them. now that we've got cox in our pocket, it should be easy!

before joining the political wing of the dark side, cox was a "corporate finance lawyer" in private practice.

in a related story, bloggista "rj" of the famed "skippy the hussein kangaroo" blog managed to write an entire post on this subject without resorting to adolescent humor (i think).

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