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Thursday, June 16, 2005

happy blogiversary to talkleft

today is talkleft's third blogiversary, and we want to wish jeralyn and tchris all the best in their efforts to bring truth and insight to the stories that the mtm ignores.

jeralyn merritt, aside from being one of the premiere defense attorneys (fighting for your constitutional rights) in the country, and often being the lone voice of reason on the screeching heads cable rant fests, is an astute, snark-free and focused writer, coring the issues, getting the to meat of any matter, and honing her laser-like analysis on the heart of the problem.

the op-ed writers of america could learn a thing or two from her about writing succinctly, directly, and clearly.

talkleft has also been one of skippy international's biggest supporters from the very beginning, and we, no hyperbole here, would certainly not be as well-known in blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) were it not for her encouragement, gracious linkage and cyber bonhommie.

we do not hold the fact that she's won more koufax awards (3) than we have (in fact, any body who has won any koufax award has won more than we have, but that's another story), as she is deserving of all the accolades blogtopia (y!wctp!) has to offer.

congratulations on a great three years, talkleft! may you have another 33 of excellence in blogging!
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