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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, June 09, 2005

the article the right is all abuzz about

they label this story a cautionary tale of "hillary care" but the cautionary tale is what would happen if people could just order up spare organs from a third world country on the internet.
now 61, baruch has advanced kidney disease caused by diabetes. he undergoes dialysis four times a week at the jewish general hospital. His health is rapidly deteriorating.

...they found one, shree dhar, through a website that connects live persons willing to donate an organ - without compensation - to strangers.

but montreal's royal victoria hospital refuses to do the transplant for what it claims are "ethical" reasons.

dr. douglas keith, head of the hospital's living donor transplant program, says the hospital could not be sure there is no "quid pro quo" agreement between tegegne and dhar. he also says the donation looks suspicious because the donor is from the third world and contact was made on the internet. - jewish world

they point out that with socialized medicine, this is the horrible scenario...

few americans realize the corrosive effect the canadian system has on the quality of healthcare provided - or not - to canada's citizens. inordinately long wait-times and rationing of services are the norm. canadians wait months for coronary bypass surgery. Some die waiting. a needed mri can require a six-month wait. and many cutting-edge procedures, drugs and treatments are simply not prescribed because they are not included in the basket of benefits canadian's receive.
these ultraright whackos don't realize that millions of americans can't even get coronary bypass surgery, or mri's or even drugs because they simply aren't covered by insurance and have no means to pay for them. so, yes, some canadians may die waiting for services, but i'm sure that more americans die from lack of health insurance and lack of access to basic health care. and they call that ethical?
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